Fresh Coat: 10 All-Natural House Paints

Make your living room green—even if it’s blue—by choosing an all-natural, eco-friendly house paint. Here are 10 of the best.

  1. Old Fashioned Milk Paint

    Milk Paint

    Milk paint, as the name implies, is made from milk and comes in a powder (you know, just like Carnation). Simply mix it with water and a pigment, then grab a brush. While it works best on porous surfaces, such as bare wood and raw masonry, you can use it to cover metal and glass by stirring Old Fashioned’s Milk Paint Extra-Bond into a first coat. Oh yeah, it smells like milk too, so make sure you keep some 2 percent on hand to satisfy any sudden dairy cravings.

  2. Yolo Colorhouse

    Yolo Paint

    You only live once (yolo!), so indulge yourself with a natural paint that’s eco-friendly right down to the 70 percent recycled plastic container. Yolo paints are free of hazardous air pollutants, ozone-depleting compounds, and formaldehyde. That makes them very low odor and great for people with a particularly sensitive schnoz. Pick and choose from over 92 different hues.

  3. Harmony by Sherwin-Williams

    Sherwin Williams Harmony

    Harmony is quite the technologically sophisticated natural paint. It works in tandem with the air to keep a room smelling fresh all the time. And not only is the paint itself free from odors, but it also acts like a carbon filter, soaking up strong scents from pets, cooking, and smoke. This certainly ain’t your grandpa’s paint. Finally, say goodbye to those cries of “What's that smell!”

  4. Green Planet Paints

    Green Planet Paint

    Not that you’d want to, but Green Planet paints are so natural, the company boasts that you can bathe in them. That’s because they’re made from soy, not acrylic or latex. Take your pick of an eggshell, flat, or semi-gloss finish, and up to 120 all-natural colors. If you can’t find the color you’re looking for, Green Planet will custom create it for you. That alone makes it a perfect paint on my palette.

  5. Anna Sova Healthy Paint

    Healthy Paint

    Have you ever accidentally splattered some tomato sauce on the wall? Maybe you had the right idea. Healthy Paint is made from 90 percent food-grade ingredients. It also meets California’s Prop 65 standards, which means it contains none of the chemicals known to cause cancer or birth defects. That makes it a particularly excellent choice for any toddler’s room. Besides, those tots are probably going to paint food on the wall anyhow.

  6. Auro USA Paints

    Auro Paint

    Expect to emit a powerful aura in rooms painted with natural Auro USA paints. They’re made from 99 percent natural raw materials, contain zippo petrochemicals, and are manufactured using sustainable practices. Multiple varieties cater to both indoor and outdoor surfaces. It’s also biodegradable, in case you ever need to discard leftover amounts. What a colorful compost pile that will make!

  7. Safecoat Paint

    Safe Paint

    Safecoat paints are so safe that doctors recommend them to people with supersensitive allergies. The paints are regularly used in schools, hospitals, and nursing home facilities. Several unique blends are available for wood, wallboard, metal, and more. None of the varieties include harmful ingredients like formaldehyde, ammonia, or heavy metals; there aren't even added fragrances. So throw on your painter's coat and brush on a safecoat.

  8. Bioshield Clay Paints

    Clay Paint

    Clay is the main ingredient in this natural indoor paint. Its earthy colors and gritty texture lend any room a classic Southwestern feel. Apply it to drywall, plaster, and masonry. You can even ditch the dehumidifier, because clay paints regulate indoor moisture levels and reduce moldy odors. It’s like the walls are breathing!

  9. Eco Spec Paint by Benjamin Moore


    You can stay loyal to a brand you trust and still go natural. Eco Spec by Benjamin Moore is an interior latex paint made from 100 percent acrylic. It’s completely free of VOCs, and even has an LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. Translation? That’s one doggone environmentally sound house paint.

  10. Make It Yourself

    DIY Paint

    Feeling a bit more DIY than usual? Then how about making your very own natural paint? Like most DIY projects, it’s cheaper than buying, and you can have the satisfaction of claiming a paint as your very own. One popular recipe calls for flour, water, clay, and mica, but you'll find an abundance of other recipes online. Sample a few and find one that works best for you. Once you do, you’ll have a great paint to rely on, and also a splendid housewarming gift to give.

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