How to Decorate With Farmhouse Beads

Try out the boho trend by decorating your home with a chic set of wooden beads. Your mantel, coffee table, and vase will thank you later!

The Farmhouse Bead Trend

Farmhouse beads (ivory) against a wooden background with flowers to the left and right

Farmhouse beads have become a staple in many homes, from modern to boho and everything in between. The wooden beads are like jewelry for your living space, accenting everything from a coffee table to fresh flowers in a glass jug. They come in different colors, lengths, and large or small beads. We’ve rounded up 10 ways to accessorize your home with them.

Wrapped Around a Demijohn

Wooden beads on a table in front of a green vase

Large glass jugs, or demijohns, look gorgeous when placed on a roomy coffee table. Add an element of warmth to the demijohn by dressing it with greenery or pampas grass, then wrapping some farmhouse beads around the neck. Available on Amazon; $25.95

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Doorknob Hanger

Beads hanging on a doorknob; green door.

Doorknobs take the brunt for holding grocery bags, purses, or even strappy clothing. Keep your knobs and levers clean of clutter while adding a little style by tying a set of farmhouse beads around them to dress up your door. Available on Etsy; $9.89

Draped in a Tray on a Table or Ottoman

Beads hanging over a white tray with a vase in the background

Decorating your coffee table or ottoman with a tray allows you to keep small items like coasters, remote controls and books nicely organized. Adding in a small vase with flowers, or a pile of farmhouse beads adds a touch of style. Available on Etsy; $15

Draped on a Decorative Ladder

Beads hanging off a gray decorative ladder

A decorative ladder leaned against a bare wall makes for minimalist, rustic decor all on its own. If you don’t want to take away from the style by covering it with throw blankets or trinkets, try a simple string of farmhouse beads to accent the look. Available on Etsy; $30

Used as a Garland for the Mantel

Beads on a white mantel

Farmhouse beads work with any season. For a timeless garland, add a long string or even multiple sets of beads from the mantel that adds a relaxed look to the space. Adding greenery along the top of the mantel will enhance the vibe even more. Available on Etsy; $42

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Wood Garland with Clips for Hanging Photos

Beads hanging on a gray wall holding up a photograph of an ocean

Whether for displaying Christmas cards, candid Polaroids, or even sweet notes, a garland made of farmhouse beads is a trendy way to display sentimental items. This wood garland comes with clips to allow you to hang it over a doorway, on a mantel or anywhere you see fit! Available on VivaTerra; $99

As a Plant Hanger

String of beads holding up a plant in a white pot outside

Whether you want to DIY your own plant hanger or find one ready-made, farmhouse beads make the perfect sturdy base for displaying your houseplants. Cream-colored beads will soften your vibrant plants. Available on Etsy; $55

Wrapped Around a Candle

Beads wrapped around a white candle in a black candle holder

A chunky pillar candle holder is begging for a set of farmhouse beads to rest on it! Try these hand painted, washed gray beads. They’ll offer a modern-meets-relaxed look for accenting your home. Available on Wayfair; $39.99

Surrounding a Stack of Books

White farmhouse beads cascading down a pile of books with light brown covers

Coffee table books are meant to stir allure. Dress them up with a string of farmhouse beads by draping them over and around closed books, or open up a coffee table book and use the beads like a bookmark. Each of these beads is handmade with clay. Available on Wayfair; $76.99

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Used as a Curtain Tieback

Beige beads holding a gray/white flowered curtain back off a white framed windo

Step outside the box and tie back your curtains with a little texture. The farmhouse beads add a trendy boho look that’s also functional. These tiebacks feature looped ends for ease of use when hooking to walls. You can also use them to cinch a panel in the middle. Available on Target; $24.99

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