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Kids Crammed In? 10 Great Ideas for Your Kids’ Shared Bedroom

Wondering how to fit three or more kids into one bedroom? Between beds, toys, books, and clothes, finding room for everything can be a challenge. Take a look at these creative options for cramming lots of kids (and their stuff) into one room. You just might find the right solution to your own kid-space conundrum.

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Hanging Around

Three boys can share this bedroom comfortably due to the fun hanging beds. Made from basic lumber and heavy rope, the beds hang at different levels to make the most of the tiny space. A small table and lamp fit in the corner, with room for sliding baskets under both the table and the lowest bunk, if necessary.

Step-Up Bunks for Four

This cozy kids’ room has space for four thanks to custom built-in bunks in a sleeping alcove. Separated by center stairs that access the top bunks, each bed has its own reading light and recessed cubby for special treasures. Storage under bottom bunks and under the window frees up floor space for playtime.

Corner Bunks

Here’s another option for four kids in a room—a corner bunk setup. This alpine-themed room uses box-style beds with end-of-bunk ladders to make the most of the small space. Recessed can lights and spot lights for each bed brighten things up, and the blue, red, and green palette complements the heavy, dark wood to keep things cheery.

Up, Up, and Away!

If simple and bright is more your style, build these basic trilevel bunk beds to squeeze three young kids into one room. Using just one mattress per bed keeps the bunks low enough to fit comfortably in a room with eight-foot ceilings. Staggering the middle bunk gives adequate headroom for each and opens up space to slide in an upcycled filing cabinet for clothing or toy storage.

Line 'Em Up

If you have the space, line up three or more beds dormitory-style, as shown in this pleasant little girls’ room. Each bed is flanked by a table with drawers for storage. Horizontal-striped bedding makes the room appear larger, while the colors in the rug coordinate well with the matching headboards.

Six Kids in One Room!

How’s this for a superefficient bedroom for six children? Two bunk beds with pull-out trundle beds turn this cramped space into a well-organized, kid-pleasing retreat. The plain white metal bunks and simple gray coverlets give a clean, neat look, while two shelf-and-bin storage units hide kids’ stuff.

Back to Back

Trying to squeeze more than one child into a long, narrow room? Instead of placing beds side by side, try setting them up back to back. In this smart design, they’re separated with a narrow chest of drawers and made up like daybeds. Extra storage under the bed and on floating shelves maximizes space around the beds, while the opposite wall houses a worktable and floor-to-ceiling cupboards, keeping this small room tidy.

Magical Murphy Beds

Sometimes a room is just too small to house a sleeping area, workspace, and play area for multiple kids. The solution? Choose two (or more) Murphy beds, which pull down from the wall for sleep and store upright inside the wall when not in use. The beds in this pretty girls’ room even provide a handy blackboard space!

Bunk Beds and Beyond

If a room’s dimensions don’t allow for separate beds, bookshelves, dressers, and toy storage, try a multifunctional approach. This bunk bed cleverly combines all of these elements into a single corner unit, leaving the middle of the room free for creative play.

Keeping It Light

Although built-in furniture can be a great, space-saving option, you can also create a functional, efficient layout by using individual pieces. This delightful room for four girls makes good use of two Ikea bunk beds with underbed storage, separated by a six-drawer dresser. If your space is small, stick with white, open-slat bunk beds and lightly colored bedding to keep the room feeling bright and airy.

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