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Living Like The Flintstones: 10 Modern “Stone Age” Dwellings

People have lived in caves since time began, but today's rock dwellings are anything but a hole in the wall.

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Cave House—Missouri

At 15,000 square feet, this luxurious cave home near St. Louis, Missouri, gained attention when it was put up for auction on eBay. Carved out of the surrounding sandstone, this modern gem is kept cozy by geothermal heating.

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Quarry Cave Home—France

This multilevel quarry cave home in Saumur, France, stays bright and airy with multiple windows and recessed lighting. Its present owner bought the abandoned limestone quarry and built the home to fit his needs.

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Cave Palace Ranch—Utah

In this sprawling red rock cave dwelling in Monticello, Utah, four natural alcoves have been transformed into a rustic but refined home. The solar-powered Cave Palace Ranch also enjoys a private underground water source, a definite benefit in the desert.

Cave Homes—Turkey

The cave dwellings of Cappadocia, Turkey, have housed families for hundreds of years, although the rocks’ appearance has changed over time due to erosion. The area has many villages with caves used for shops and hotels as well as private homes.

Chulo Canyon Cave House—Arizona

Polished wood countertops and cabinets, as well as stone and mortar, enhance the natural feel of the Chulo Canyon Cave House in Bisbee, Arizona. This home also enjoys water from a wall seep that produces 20 to 25 gallons of water a day for drinking and cooking. 

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La Palma Cave Homes—Spain

The beautiful Canary Islands contain a number of tiny cave homes, many of which have been inhabited for centuries. The temperate climate and naturally occurring alcoves appeal to people from all over the world who want to experience a simple, off-grid lifestyle.

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Columbarium Cave Apartment—Israel

Visitors to Shefek, Israel, enjoy renting this cozy 2-bedroom, 592-square-foot cave apartment. Natural stone walls keep visitors cool in the hot summers, and a fireplace warms weary travelers in winter.

Kinver Edge Cave Dwellings—England

Staffordshire, England, is yet another region popular with cave-loving homeowners. The dwellings here, carved out of the local sandstone, were likely an inspiration for the cave-like homes in Tolkein’s The Hobbit.

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Coober Pedy Cave Homes—Australia


This opal mining area of Australia is another region with multiple cave homes. Inhabitants enjoy all the amenities of modern living and keep cool underground in the sweltering Australian summers.

Beckham Creek Cave Lodge—Arkansas

If you’re considering living in a cave, why not try one out first? Book a couple of nights at Beckham Creek Cave Lodge in Parthenon, Arkansas. This moss-draped 5-bedroom haven is a great base to explore other nearby caves as well.