Man, Oh Man! 7 Unbelievable Guy Spaces

So you want a man cave? Check out these over-the-top lairs from around the country.

The Man Cave

Man Cave

They’re sanctuaries of seriousness where Big Thoughts are pondered and Big Plans are made. They’re warrens of wisdom where ancestral secrets are shared between brothers and buddies and fathers and sons. Check out these extraordinary man caves and learn how you can enter to win a $25,000 garage makeover all your own.  

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Ace in the Hole

Man Cave Ideas

The dude who once hosted "The Man Show" on Comedy Central should know a thing or two about creating a man cave, and it seems he does. The red banquette and stools lend the space a vintage feel while playing cards draw focus to the ceiling. The real eye candy, though, comes through the portholes behind the bar that look directly into the swimming pool. / Ethan Pines

Golf Anyone?

DIY Man Cave

Man caves don't always have to be about sloth and suds. This modern take on the man cave not only features a multi-function gym, but a dart board and golf simulator that the occupant can take advantage of between lifting sets.

Boat House Makeover

Man Cave Decor

This may look like a neighborhood bar, but to get admitted here, you'd have to know the owner (some lucky guy in Brooksville, ME). Made from a converted boat house, it's got a full kitchen and pool table too, making it a man cave you never need to leave.

Zillow Digs home in Brooksville, ME

Video Game Obsessed

Adult Video Games

Every man's got a little boy in him that still loves toys, and for children of the '80s those toys took on the ultimate form: video games! This basement paradise has literally dozens of classic video games like Joust and Mario Brothers plus some truly old-school amusements like foosball. Can we come over and play?

The Collector

Ultimate Man Cave

Vintage signs and a collection of vintage cars (both real and model) adorn this man cave/garage/workshop. Ample work surfaces create lots of room to work, although considering how clean they look, we think this might be a better place to think about work than to actually do any!

Game Night

Man Cave Games

Sports bars are great but they have one problem—sitting on those wooden bar stools for all those instant replays can be a real pain. Problem solved in this cozy man cave that features luxurious recliners set in front of a wall of TV screens. Recessed and pendant lighting makes the space particularly warm and won't interfere with what's on the screens.

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