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Move Out: 10 Ways to Expand into Your Garage

Plenty of homeowners wish they had more room. It's possible these cramped-feeling dreamers have overlooked a golden opportunity: garage conversion. Renovating the garage is a wonderful way to add living space, whether you have a practical need—did someone say home office?—or just want to have a little fun with a kids' playroom, fitness gym, or man cave. There's no limit to what's possible, as these ten projects amply show. Click through now for great ideas on how to approach your own dramatic garage conversion!

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Single-Car Studio

This 1920s single-car garage was transformed into a stunning studio apartment, featuring a living area, small kitchen, bathroom and loft bed.

Pumping Iron

The open plan of a typical garage is the ideal backdrop for a home gym. Exposed ceiling beams are great for hanging equipment, and because the garage is separate from the rest of the house, noise isn’t the issue it would be otherwise.

Chic Cottage

Yes, a freestanding garage can become its own tiny house. Artist Michelle de la Vega has all the comforts of a modern residence—including a working fireplace!—in her delightfully renovated garage-turned-home.

Half-Pipe Dreams

Boys often take over the garage with their toys, so why not help them do it with style? This BMX enthusiast built an amazing showspace for his bikes and gear—and even put in a half-pipe!

Room with a View

Here, a corrugated aluminum exterior distinguishes the converted garage from the rest of the house. The addition of a sliding glass door opened the space to the outside, creating both a physical and visual connection to the yard. Inside, there’s an abundance of natural light, which must please the homeowner who uses the space as a home office. 

Plenty of Cooks in the Kitchen

Even homeowners with large kitchens probably pine for an even bigger one. Expanding the kitchen into the garage can make that desire a reality. With an intelligently planned and thorough renovation, encompassing everything from plumbing to insulation to flooring, it’s possible to create a room that blends seamlessly with the main house.

Toy Cars Only

Not every family can dedicate a room in the house as a playroom. Where space is at a premium, expanding into the garage is one of the best (and only) ways to provides children with space to play (and store their endless toys).

Life in a Box

A French architecture firm gutted this tiny garage and made it a standalone home, complete with modern styling and ultra energy-efficient features. The heart of the space is a multifunctional “box” unit, containing a bathroom within, a loft bed above, and a desk and sofa along its side.

Retro Man Cave

A massive two-story garage was transformed into a 1950s diner-themed man cave, boasting neon lights, a gas pump, and a classic car on display.

Craft Cave

Everyone’s heard of a man cave, but this “woman cave” garage conversion carves out a space especially for crafting. Carpet squares make the room more homey, and an expansive worktable offers plenty of shelves for storing supplies.