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22 Laundry Room Ideas That May Make This Your Favorite Spot in the House

If you consider the laundry room a place for utility, it’s time to reevaluate how you think of this space. Check out these laundry room ideas to transform an area of practicality to a stylish and usable space in your home.
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laundry room ideas

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When you’re not excited about your laundry room, it’s definitely time to upgrade. Rather than shut the door to hide the state of the laundry room, invest a little time and money into this space to make it as inviting as the smell of clean laundry.

Whether tucked away in the basement or in a small nook, the laundry room is a place you’ll spend a lot of time over the years. According to ENERGY STAR, the average American family does about 300 loads of laundry per year—you might as well enjoy the time you spend there.

Here are 22 laundry room ideas to create a charming and practical space that makes doing laundry feel less like a chore.

1. Give Everything a Place

laundry room ideas

There are many things that go in a laundry room. From hampers, detergent, dryer sheets, the iron, and storage for cleaning supplies, the laundry room can play host to a lot of stuff. Rather than cram it all into the space and hope you can find what you need, laundry room organization is key to upgrading the space. Put up some shelving, get some baskets, and install drawers—whatever you need to make this place functional and look tidy.

2. All-in-One Laundry Machine

laundry room ideas

Short on space? That’s not a problem when you merge two big machines into one high-efficiency device. A washer dryer combo (or compact washer and dryer) gives you extra room to install a shelving unit or small table, giving you more options to outfit your laundry room. A combo machine offers another big perk for those who often forget to switch loads from the washer to the dryer—it automatically switches to a dryer cycle when washing is complete. We like this washer dryer combo available from The Home Depot.

3. Hidden Drying Racks

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Dryers can cause heat damage to some garments and delicate fabrics. For clothes that need to hang dry after a wash, typical drying racks can be cumbersome and take up a lot of space that you may not have. Hidden drying racks can be incorporated seamlessly into your laundry room. They can be hidden in what looks like a drawer, or fold out from a cabinet, making them available when needed.

4. Foldable Drying Rack

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When a hidden drying rack doesn’t work for a small space, a folding drying rack is a helpful option. They can compress down very well, which makes for easy storage in a closet, or tucked beside a table or washing machine. A drying rack is a wonderful investment, it saves electricity, and it can be set up indoors or out. One of our favorite small laundry room ideas  is this drying rack, available on Amazon.

5. Flat Surface for Folding

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The trick to folding your clothes neatly is having a flat surface nearby, so you can fold items while they’re fresh from the dryer to circumvent wrinkles. A table or countertop enables you to fold items systematically and neatly from corner to corner and avoid creases—or prevent your newly cleaned towels and sheets from touching the floor. The other wonderful service a clean folding surface grants is the ability to sort your clothes before putting them away.

6. Vertical Sorting Cabinet

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Different fabrics and colors have individual laundering requirements. Instead of sorting through a giant hamper on laundry day, install a vertical sorting cabinet and sort your items as they become soiled. When the cabinet is full, you have enough garments for a full load—no more asking others in the household if they have any whites they need washed.

7. Sorting Hamper on Wheels

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A vertical sorting cabinet isn’t the only solution for organizing your laundry. A sorting hamper on wheels makes it easy to cart your laundry from the bedroom to the laundry room. These are a clever option if you have the space to store the rolling hamper and you don’t have to use stairs (although the cloth hamper bags usually detach for convenience). We like this hamper cart with a clothes rack, available on Amazon.

8. Mudroom Laundry Combo

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Not every home has a dedicated laundry room, however, with the right installation, a laundry room can be merged with other areas of the home—like the mudroom. These rooms complement each other, as this entrance to the home is the perfect place to drop dirty clothes and hang coats to dry immediately, so no wet clothing enters the living space. Making the mudroom laundry room combo look good is as easy as adding some of the other laundry room ideas on our list, and perhaps adding some laundry room decor.

9. Display Some Supplies

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Make your home look like a show home by keeping some select items out of a cupboard and on display. Charming organization looks good in any room (as long as it’s not overdone), and it can be as simple as making your own DIY labels for containers. If you’re not a crafty person, you can buy labels or containers online, such as these laundry room labels from Etsy.

10. Stylish Clothes Baskets

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Laundry baskets help keep your home neat and tidy, but they can also add to the aesthetic of a room. In general, laundry baskets are on display either in the laundry room, or left in a bedroom or bathroom. Rather than get a utilitarian laundry basket, opt for one that reflects your personal style and enhances the aesthetic of your home. This charming cotton rope laundry basket from Amazon is one of our favorites.

11. Decorative Door

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Add a splash of creativity to the entrance of your laundry room. If it suits your design aesthetic, make the door of your laundry room stand out (and it can be done in mere minutes with some designs). You can paint it, swap it out for a new and distinct door, or add vinyl decals to turn the door into a piece of art. This works well for most hinged and sliding doors, but make sure the door or decal fits before purchasing. For a fast overhaul of your laundry room door, we enjoy these cute PG Soul Studio decals available from Etsy.

12. Add a Closet Rod

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Whether you need to air dry, dry clean at home, or you have a few pieces that need a steam to get the wrinkles out, a closet rod is a simple addition to the laundry room that most homeowners can install themselves. This small fixture can be placed up and out of the way, over laundry machines or a laundry sink—wherever it makes the most sense for your laundry room. Just be aware when hanging that it’s out of the way, so household members don’t bump into it.

13. Sink for Soaking

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A laundry room sink is invaluable. It’s a dedicated space for cleaning your garments and other items. With some of the chemical cleaners out there, it’s best to keep them out of the kitchen, even if you wash the sink afterward. A sink in the laundry room gives you a place to hand-wash clothes or let items soak without them being in the way. If they happen to spill over, the mess goes down the drain. It’s also a great sink to use for cleaning other messes if the kitchen and bathroom sinks are occupied.

14. Mounted Ironing Board

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Wrinkles don’t stand a chance against an iron, but you will also need an ironing board to press your clothes safely. Stand-alone ironing boards can be used in any room and moved about as needed, but they can take up space when they’re set up. A wall-mounted ironing board in the laundry room is a superb idea, and folds up and out of the way when not in use. It can be mounted inside of a cupboard to be hidden away, or mounted directly to the wall if preferred. This space-saving wall-mounted ironing board from Amazon folds up compactly, taking up virtually no room.

15. Steaming Station

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Faster than an iron, and also great for getting wrinkles out of clothes, a steaming station is a must-have when you want your clothes to look their best. Use the steam nozzle to smooth out wrinkles and give the garment a fresh and crisp appearance.

Available in various sizes and portable options, choose a steamer that has the features you’re looking for, such as water tank capacity and specific steam settings. A steam station also needs a place to hang the garment, like a rod or built-in rack to use the steamer and give the garment time to air dry if any wet spots are created.

16. Machine-Mounted Storage

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Space above the washer or dryer does not have to be wasted space. If shelving, a hanging rod, or cabinetry won’t fit, simple machine-mounted laundry room storage adds value to this overlooked space. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for secure mounting (or weight capacity) and add a small hanging rack that can be used for drying or steaming. We like this magnet-mounted rack, available from Amazon.

17. Secret Laundry Space

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Feel like you’re living in a spy’s home by adding hidden laundry space in plain sight. With a secret shelving unit that installs like most doors, you can add this disguised hamper and shelf to your laundry room. A shelf like this holds up to 300 pounds and swings open, so you can access a closet, room, or speakeasy on the other side. Find the Murphy door in your style at The Home Depot.

18. Squeeze in a Skinny Cart

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Who says laundry carts have to be big and wide? When the shelves are full or space is limited, a compact cart can be very useful. It tucks into smaller spaces that may otherwise go unused, and it can hold a lot of laundry products, especially if the cart has multiple shelves. We like this three-tier wire cart from Wayfair, as it’s easy to clean and a thoughtful construction to prevent items from toppling out of the cart.

19. Raise Front-Loading Machines

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Ergonomics become even more important as we get older. Save your back from strain from bending to load and unload your washer and dryer by lifting them up off the ground. Make sure the supports you’re using, whether storage cabinetry or simple laundry pedestals, can securely hold the weight of the machines. Check the weight specs from the manufacturer or have a professional raise the front-loading machines for you.

20. Add an Island

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A kitchen isn’t the only room in the house where an island serves a practical purpose. Large laundry rooms are a terrific space to add an island. It offers a nice folding and sorting surface, more laundry room storage with lower cabinets or shelves, and sometimes drawers for smaller items, like clothes pins or a needle and thread.

When adding or installing an island, ensure you have sufficient room to move around the island, and all your doors and cupboards can open without being blocked. We like this simple island from The Home Depot; it works well in the middle of the laundry room or even off to the side in lieu of a counter.

21. Magnetic Lint Bin

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Cleaning out your lint trap after each use helps dry your clothes faster, makes your dryer work more efficiently, and prolongs the lifespan of your dryer. While a small garbage can will do in a pinch, adding a magnetic lint bin saves floor space and gives you a dedicated receptacle for the lint. Using a strong magnetic backing, a lint bin adheres to your dryer without requiring any hardware or sticky adhesive. A lint bin serves a great purpose and it looks nice too, just like this one from Amazon.

22. Laundry Station in a Bathroom

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Make your laundry machines look right at home in your bathroom. Fusing these two spaces makes sense, and many households have their laundry setup inside a large bathroom. Rather than tuck the laundry machines and supplies away in a large bathroom closet, leave them in the open and create style harmony between the bathroom and laundry room decor. Use the same tiles, color scheme, cabinetry,  countertops, and more to make this combination space beautiful and functional.