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How Much Does Garage Door Panel Replacement Cost? (2024 Guide)

Unsightly damage to a garage door can lower curb appeal and also the home’s value. Garage door panel replacement cost ranges from $350 to $900 with a national average cost of $550.
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  • Most garage door panel replacement costs average $550, though a typical range is $350 to $900.
  • The cost to replace a garage door panel depends on the style, type, material, and age of the door. Local labor rates and the number of panels that need replacement will also play a role in the final cost.
  • Obvious damage, signs of rust, loud cracking sounds, and difficulty opening or closing the door are common signs that garage door panels or the entire door needs repairs or replacement.
  • Garage doors are heavy and have many intricate parts that rely on balance and tension to work properly. Hiring professional garage door technicians is the best option for safe and effective garage door panel repairs.
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Most garage doors are heavily used, constantly opening and closing to allow vehicles and people to enter and exit. They also take a beating from the elements—wind, snow, rain, hail, and sun—and can be damaged by objects and cars or simply wear out over time. In some cases, only one or two garage door panels may be damaged, which means it will cost less to replace them than to replace the entire garage door.

A garage door contractor can often remove the damaged or inoperable panel and replace it with a new one to save on the overall cost. According to Angi, garage door panel replacement cost typically falls between $350 and $900, with a national average cost of $550. It’s possible to spend as much as $3,400 if the garage door is a high-end model or oversized.

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Key Cost Factors

The cost to replace garage door panels varies depending on the style of garage door that’s installed, the age of the door, how much the contractor charges for labor, and how many panels need to be replaced. Factoring in these variables can help homeowners get a better estimate of the actual cost to replace a garage door panel and weigh it against the cost of replacing the entire door with one of the best garage doors.

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Door Style and Material

While most garage doors are likely the sectional style with hinged panels, there are other styles available, such as side-hinged, side-slide, roll-up, and tilt-up. Each style comes with its own range of garage door panel replacement costs.

The material the door is made from will also impact the overall cost. Many garage doors are aluminum or fiberglass, but other garage door materials include wood, steel, glass, and composite. 

Type of MaterialAverage Cost (Materials and Labor)
Aluminum$150 to $400
Composite$250 to $700
Fiberglass$150 to $500
Glass$250 to $1,000
Steel$100 to $350
Wood$250 to $1,000

Door Age

Garage doors typically have a lifespan of up to 30 years depending on use, wear and tear, weather conditions, and the type of material. If the damaged garage door is nearing the end of its life, it may be more cost-effective to install a new garage door instead of repairing the old one. According to Korey Gregory, superintendent at ASAP Restoration LLC in Tempe, Arizona, “Replacement panels will be difficult or maybe even impossible to find depending on the age, style, popularity, and other factors related to that particular model.” Sourcing panels for older doors makes a DIY job more difficult, so it may make more sense to speak with a pro about how to choose a new garage door.


If homeowners choose to hire a contractor to handle a garage door panel replacement, it typically costs between $200 and $500 for the labor to remove the damaged panel and replace it with a new one. If multiple panels are being replaced or if additional parts need repairs, the cost will fall on the higher end. 

Number of Panels

The total cost of garage door panel replacement also depends on the number of panels that need to be replaced. The more panels, the more expensive it will be. Still, replacing multiple garage door panels at the same time may save a little on labor costs since the technician will only need to charge for a single visit.

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Additional Costs and Considerations

If a garage door panel sustained damage and needs to be replaced, it’s possible that other garage door parts are also in need of repairs. Additional repair considerations may include garage door spring repair cost, garage door opener repair cost, and sensor replacement cost, among others. Homeowners may also want to consider garage door upgrades, such as adding insulation, when they decide it’s time to replace a damaged garage door panel.

Additional Garage Door Repairs

Most garage door repair costs vary depending on the type of repair needed. Different types of repairs will require specialized tools, parts, and materials that most homeowners don’t have. That’s one of the benefits of hiring one of the best garage door installation companies (such as The Home Depot), since technicians from these companies have everything they need to complete the job. Sometimes a problem with the door is something that’s easier to fix than a broken panel, so all that’s needed is a minor repair or replacement. The best garage door openers are fairly cheap to replace if the existing one stops communicating with the motor. Garage door servicing and repair costs could include repairing the motor, springs, rollers, or other parts. 

Type of RepairAverage Cost (Materials and Labor)
Cable repair$90 to $350
Chain repair$85 to $350
Garage door opener repair$125 to $350
Motor replacement$100 to $250
Roller replacement$90 to $200
Sensor replacement$100 to $200
Spring repair$150 to $350
Strut repair$150 to $300

Garage Door Insulation

If homeowners have to replace one or more garage door panels, they might also consider adding garage door insulation to help maintain the temperature in the garage and reduce noise from the outside. Installing garage door insulation can be done with a DIY kit, or homeowners can ask the door technician to add this service as part of a garage door panel replacement appointment.

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Garage Door Panel Replacement Cost by Door Style

While the most common type of garage door has sectional panels, some homeowners may have roll-up, tilt-up, or carriage garage doors. The average cost of garage door panel replacement will vary depending on the style of door that’s installed. Some doors are relatively easy to replace, while other types of doors require full replacement, which will greatly affect the average cost of garage door repair.

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Roll-up garage doors are made of thin panels that roll onto a bar at the top of the door. The advantage of this style is that it can reduce the amount of overhead space needed for the garage door. Roll-up doors are commonly used in commercial applications, but they can also be used for residential garage doors, particularly for extra-tall doors. Average garage door repair costs to replace a panel for roll-up doors fall between $150 and $400.


A sectional garage door is likely what most people think of when they think of garage doors. It’s the most common residential garage door style. The door has multiple hinged panels that sit horizontally in tracks on both sides of the door. When opening, the hinged panels follow the tracks overhead until the door is parallel to the floor in its fully open position. The cost of replacing garage door panels has a mid-range cost of $250 to $500, though it may cost up to $1,000 for oversize doors or for certain materials.


Side-hinged garage doors resemble large barn doors that open outward, swinging on hinges that are attached to the garage walls. Since this style is a single piece, homeowners will have to replace the entire door if it’s damaged. Garage door replacement costs for a side-hinged garage door range from $200 to $800. 


Less common than other types of garage doors, side-sliding doors resemble a sectional door but operate horizontally instead of vertically. The door follows a track located on the top of the door, allowing it to slide parallel with the wall rather than the ceiling. This style of door is less common, but since it’s constructed similarly to sectional garage doors, homeowners can replace a single damaged panel as needed. A garage door replacement panel for a side-sliding door costs between $250 and $1,000. 


A tilt-up style garage door moves upward on a hinge and rests the entire door parallel to the ground in its open position. It consists of one panel rather than multiple panels like sectional and side-sliding garage doors. Therefore, if the door is damaged, the entire door will need to be replaced. Tilt-up garage door replacement prices fall between $400 and $1,400. According to Gregory, “Tilt-up doors are one of the least common forms of garage door, and this makes them more expensive all around. The parts are more expensive, and the labor needed to install them is less experienced or more expensive to [hire].”

Do I need garage door panel replacement?

For a homeowner, troubleshooting the need for a garage door panel replacement comes down to looking and listening. Daniel Joseph, CEO of Twins Garage Doors of Lexington, Kentucky, says, “Visible damage, difficulty operating the door, strange noises, misalignment, and structural concerns indicate a panel replacement may be needed.” Being on the lookout for any of these signs can alert the homeowner that more extensive repairs may be necessary in the near future. 

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Minor Damage

While some minor damage to the garage door may not warrant a replacement, significant dents may affect the way the door opens and closes. Some small dents could be repaired if the door is made of aluminum or steel. Dent repair costs between $100 and $300. A repairman can take a look to help homeowners decide on the next steps based on the extent of the damage.

Rot, Rust, or Holes

If homeowners begin to see signs of rot, rust, or even holes, it’s time to consider replacing the affected panels and other parts. According to Gregory, “Rust and corrosion are telltale signs that a panel, or possibly even the entire door, needs to be replaced. If the panels have any signs of rusting, the death of the garage door is not far behind.”

Difficulty Opening and Closing

If the garage door is difficult to open or close smoothly, then there may be a damaged panel that’s improperly fitting in the tracks. There could also be a problem with the tracks or springs. Gregory goes on to say, “If the door sticks when rolling up, it might be a sign that a panel has warped out of shape. Or the track might need servicing, and it should be inspected to determine the best and most cost-effective way forward.”

Cracking and Popping Noises

When a garage door opens and closes, the motor will make noise, but that should be the primary noise homeowners hear. Loud cracking and popping noises on a newer style of garage door indicate there is an issue with the mechanisms, the door, or the track. These noises serve as warning signs that the door should be checked out to determine the issue and plan for repairs.

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DIY vs. Hiring a Professional 

Replacing a single garage door panel is easier than replacing a whole door, yet it’s still a more challenging task than one might expect. The panels may be heavier than expected, and it’s not easy to ensure they’re hung straight. A garage door single-panel replacement may not be all that’s needed, though. If a full replacement is necessary, homeowners will likely need help holding the weight of the door and guiding it into place. 

There are also risks working around the garage door springs, which are under extreme tension and can be dangerous to work around if they break unexpectedly. A pro technician will know how to take safety precautions and watch for signs of worn parts and pinch points that can injure.

Joseph cautions, “Replacing a garage door panel is usually not a DIY project due to the weight involved, the specialized tools needed, and the complexity of the mechanisms. It’s best left to professionals for safety and functionality reasons.” Since most homeowners are unfamiliar with the workings of a garage door, it’s best to pay for the cost of garage door repair and leave it to the professionals.

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How to Save Money

Garage door repairs can be costly, so finding ways to save money on them can ease homeowners’ minds and budgets. Before deciding to replace a garage door panel, homeowners can look for ways to save some money on repairs.

  • Do some troubleshooting. If the garage door isn’t opening, the solution may be to reprogram the remote or put in new batteries. If the door is making noise when it opens and closes, the tracks and rollers may just need a little lubricant. And if the garage door needs to be refreshed, homeowners can also consider using the best paint for garage doors rather than replacing them.
  • Shop around. If homeowners do need to replace a panel or door mechanism, they can shop around to find the best deals on garage door repairs.
  • Avoid emergency repairs if possible. Emergency repairs or weekend visits can be more costly than if the contractor can come at a time that fits their schedule. Consider parking outside for a few days until the contractor can come during business hours to avoid emergency fees.
  • Keep up with garage door maintenance. There are many parts that make up a garage door, and keeping up with maintenance can ensure they work properly for as long as possible. Making sure to regularly inspect the springs, hinges, tracks, and panels can help homeowners spot issues and schedule minor repairs before the garage door becomes more damaged.
  • Consider replacing the garage door. This may not seem like a money-saving tactic, but if the door is nearing the end of its lifespan, then replacement will offer long-term savings over the cost of continued repairs.

Questions to Ask a Pro

Asking the right questions can help homeowners be more comfortable with the garage door panel replacement process.

  • Are you licensed and insured to complete this work?
  • Do you offer a written quote, and how accurate do your quotes tend to be?
  • Will you inform me of any changes to the quoted price before completing the work?
  • Do you offer a warranty on your work?
  • How long will it take to complete the project?
  • Will I need to be home while the work is being done?
  • How can I maintain the garage door to prevent future issues?
  • Will you inspect other parts of the door?
  • What safety precautions will you take to protect yourself and my property?
  • What’s the cost difference for replacing two panels compared with replacing the entire door?


A damaged garage door can be unsightly and inconvenient. Repairing a damaged garage door panel allows homeowners to have a garage operating in its fully functional state, helping homeowners worry less. The answers to frequently asked questions associated with garage door panel replacement can provide more clarity.

Q. How long do garage door panels last?

Garage doors typically last up to 30 years, but this depends on the amount of use, damage sustained, and regular maintenance. If there is little usage, garage door panels may last longer than if the door is opened numerous times every day. Damage from storms, vehicles, and hard objects can also impact how long a garage door panel will last.

Q. Can dents in garage door panels be repaired?

Yes, it’s possible for dents in garage door panels to be repaired depending on the extent of the damage, the size of the dent, and the door material. Dents in an aluminum or steel garage door panel can often be fixed, but if the dent is deep or it cracked the panel, the entire panel may need to be replaced. 

Q. How long does it take to replace a garage door panel?

Garage door panel replacement may only take a few hours in the best-case scenario. But depending on the size of the panel and the type of garage door, it can take up to 6 hours.

Q. Can you replace garage door panels with glass?

Yes, if a garage door panel with glass is broken, it can be replaced with a new panel. Typically, glass garage door panels cost more than panels without glass, so if only the glass is broken, it’s more cost-effective to replace the glass. Since glass panels are usually the top panel, the technician will have to remove the lower panels first, which can add time and labor costs to the project.

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