Nutcrackers on Parade

Introduce decorative nutcrackers to your holidays this year for a whisper of whimsy and a touch of tradition.

Traditional Nutcrackers

Decorative Nutcrackers

Few sights are as jolly as an artful arrangement of nutcrackers. Some people collect one each year; others create an instant collection by purchasing several at a time. Visitors to the Oregon City shop Christmas at the Zoo, pictured, can make selections year-round.


Steinbach The Nutcracker

Steinbach Nutrcrackers

Attention to detail is what attracts many collectors to Steinbach nutcrackers, handcrafted in Germany. A velvet jacket and feather-and-ruby detailing adorn this noble design, available through


Herr Drosselmeyer

Herr Drosselmeyer Nutcracker

Long ago, a red-coated soldier nutcracker inspired a book and then a ballet. Today, all the characters from the story can be found in nutcracker form. This mischievous Herr Drosselmeyer from Christian Ulbricht is available from


Soldier and King

Holiday Lane Nutcrackers

The earliest figural nutcrackers depicted soldiers and kings, much like these contemporary designs from Holiday Lane, available through


Ulbricht Woodland Santa

Christian Ulbricht Nutcracker

Borrow this simple display idea: Place a single eye-catching nutcracker on a shelf or mantel and surround him with holiday greenery. This charming Woodland Santa, available through, was crafted by the sought-after German firm Christian Ulbricht.


Uncle Sam

Kurt Adler Nutcrackers

Show your patriotic side—and your holiday spirit—with an Uncle Sam nutcracker from Kurt Adler, available through Kurt Adler nutcrackers are known for their wonderfully whimsical style.


Chubby Steinbachs

Chubby Nutcrackers

Most full-size nutcrackers stand between 15" and 20" tall. Shorter designs like this 11" Steinbach "Gingerbread" design are affectionately called "Chubbies"; available at


Pastel Nutcrackers

Holly Adler Nutcrackers

A trio of Hollywood nutcrackers designed by artist Holly Adler boasts a palette of soft pastels, proving that holiday displays need not be limited to red and green.

Kurt Adler

Scrooge Nutcracker

Adler Nutcrackers

Nutcracker designs not only depict traditional soldiers and Santas, but also beloved characters from movies, television and books, like Kurt Adler’s Scrooge available from


Giant Nutcracker

Life-Sized Nutcrackers

Whether it stands alone or complements a collection of smaller designs, a 6'-tall lighted nutcracker commands attention in the holiday home; available from


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