Reinvent Your Furniture with 9 Colorful DIYs

Who doesn’t love total transformations? As the furniture makeovers here prove, even an unloved hand-me-down or yard-sale find—the one that’s scarred, scratched, or just plain brown and ugly—can be reimagined into a colorful, covetable piece for your home. All it takes is paint, elbow grease, and a little creativity. Click through for nine DIY ideas to inspire you to see the potential in all furniture types—even the ugly ducklings.

Ombre Desk

Painting a Desk

Why choose a single color when you can have a full palette? From pale to deep, a range of pretty pink Benjamin Moore paints embellish the drawers of a simple desk in an ombre pattern, making it the centerpiece of the room.

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Bed Frame

Bed Makeover

An airless paint sprayer is quite the handy tool for furniture makeovers, providing the smoothest finish possible. Don't believe us? Check out the finished project from one DIY-er who used it to take an old headboard and footboard from awful to awesome.

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Brush-On Upholstery

Painting Upholstery

In this truly adventurous project, an emerald green coat of fabric medium and latex paint gives the look of re-upholstering at a fraction of the cost—and effort!

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Midcentury-Mod Cabinet

Cabinet Makeover

An utterly unpromising wooden cabinet—with only one of its original drawers remaining—gets a mod new look with a little sanding and a splash of paint. The clever addition of a set of Mid-Century modern legs raises the piece to a whole new level.

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Painted Piano

Painted Piano

Now here's a musical instrument that's easy on the ears and eyes. This inherited upright piano got a new lease on life with a good cleaning, sanding, and a coat of marigold paint.

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Folding Patio Chairs

Chair Makeover

A can of spray paint is a blissfully cheap and simple way to revitalize metal furniture that’s seen better days. A quick shake and spray, and these metal folding chairs are left looking quite fresh in grass green.

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Coffee Table

Coffee Table Makeover

After a thorough sanding, a once-dowdy coffee table got dressed up in a whole new outfit of mint green with glittery gold-painted feet for an extra dose of style. Topped with a cut-to-fit sheet of glass, the finished piece really shines.

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Rolltop Desk

Desk Makeover

This makeover hinges on the element of surprise. A clean white exterior is already a huge improvement over the roll top desk's dark past, but even better are the drawer interiors, painted a bold peacock blue.

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Memento Shelf

Bookcase Makeover

As part of a budget-friendly bedroom makeover, this homeowner brushed chalk paint onto a long bookcase that was once plain-jane white. Talk about the perfect addition for a sunny reading nook!

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