State Pride: 50 Ways to Show You Love Where You Live

These United States stretch from coast to coast—and beyond. There's a lot that differs from state to state but one thing holds true no matter where you go: every state gives its citizens something for which they can be proud. Show off your own state pride by displaying one of these unique must-haves in your own home.


Alabama Gift Mug

Begin each day with a java toast to the Heart of Dixie, or send this mug—available in multiple colors and sizes—as a thoughtful "hello from home" to friends or family unfortunate enough to live elsewhere! Available at Hop Skip Jump Paper; $18.00.

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Alaska Gift Soap

Handcrafted in Alaska, and made from the rejuvenating, mineral-rich glacier silt unique to the state's coastal river deltas, Alaska Detox cleanses and freshens with the unmistakable, nowhere-else scent of sea salt and arctic air. Available at Etsy; $5.50. via 


Grow Your Own Saguaro Forest

In the desert of Arizona, the native saguaro cactus grows to towering heights over 40 feet tall, but you can grow your own mini version, no matter where you live, with the contents of this handy kit. Just add water and sun! Available at Arizona Gifts; $4.99.

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Arkansas Razorbacks Team Sign

It may sound like gibberish to out-of-towners, but if you love the Hogs, you know exactly what it means to stand up and shout, "Woo Pig Sooie!" Hang this sign in your home, and no one's going to forget which team you want to win. Available at Etsy; $45.


California Side Table

Eureka! If you were looking for a clever, crafty way to put your California pride on full display, this is it: Furnish your home with a side table that traces the outline of the Golden State in beautifully refinished barnwood. Available at Uncommon Goods; $198.

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Wooden Colorado Clock

Put yourself on Rocky Mountain Time with a colorful, attention-grabbing, retro-modern wall clock. According to its Colorado-proud makers, the lovingly hand-crafted statement piece "takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'!" Available on Etsy; $95.


Connecticut Nutmegger Mug

Neither Descartes' philosophies nor the origin of Connecticut's nickname "the Nutmeg State" are entirely clear. But as you ponder the answers to these questions you can enjoy your warm beverage from this mug. Available on Amazon; $24.98.

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Delaware First State Children's Book

Delaware may be small, but it shouldn’t be overlooked—it was the first state to ratify the Constitution! Of course, if you’re from Delaware then you probably already know this, and will appreciate a book that celebrates all of the First State’s history, inventions, and symbols. From A to Z, F is for First State recognizes the pride of Delaware and serves as a reminder of all the interesting things about this state. Available on Amazon; $14.88.

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Florida Neon Sign

From the beaches to the amusement parks, Florida is a fun state. This neon sign perfectly captures that playful essence, and it will literally brighten any room up. Available at Uncommon Goods; $295.

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Coca-Cola Cookbook

Craving a home-inspired meal? Look no further than Cooking with Coca Cola . This cookbook shares original recipes that incorporate the classic beverage, which originated in Georgia. It will surely provide some interesting dishes and bring back a taste of home with each bite. Available on Amazon; $13.40.


Hawaii Pennant

This pennant sign shares some of Hawaii's best characteristics: sunny yellow, natural wood elements, and a laid-back style. Whether you are currently enjoying the island life or missing it, looking at this design will add a little cheer to your day. Available on Etsy; $26.

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Idaho Stationary

Although not as popular anymore, handwritten letters are always a treat to receive in the mail. These handcrafted notecards made in Idaho are great to send to fellow Idahoans or just to show where your heart truly belongs—in the Gem State. Available on Etsy; $16. via Ladybug Press


Illinois Coasters

If you love big-city life in Chicago, raise a glass to the Windy City—and then rest it on one of four cedar coasters emblazoned with its neighborhood maps and names. You'll smile every time you lift a coffee mug, water glass, or beer from the 3.5-inch rounds. Available at Uncommon Goods; $36.


Indiana Hoosier Nation Sign

Whether you attended the state university or simply moved to the area later on in life, Hoosiers can hang this 2-inch rustic sign with pride. Made from 1"-thick pine and designed with the logo in either vinyl overlay or carving and paint, this handmade wall art deserves a prime spot in whatever room hosts all college basketball viewing parties. Available on Etsy; starting at $29.95.

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Iowa State Plate

This porcelain state plate from Corbé Company is a treat for all Iowan hosts and hostesses. Serve up fruit, nuts, chips, even quiche molded to the state's shape—the handmade dish is oven-proof up to 450 degrees!—for yourself and/or any out-of-town guests. Available on Etsy; $80. via CorbeCo


Kansas Motto Poster

Every state has a motto, and many Kansans think theirs is one of the best. This poster, emblazoned with the Latin motto, "Ad Astra Per Aspera," or "To the stars, through difficulties," advertises that sense of state pride loud and clear. Available on Etsy; $20.

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Kentucky Bourbon Lamp

Here's a bright idea: Showcase your love of Kentucky and one of its well-known distilleries with this bourbon whiskey–bottle lamp. The Edison Bourbon Company fashions any empty apothecary-like vessel into the perfect base. Have it filled with raffia, as pictured, or opt for rope to match the rustic style of its burlap shade. Available on Etsy ; from $75. via TheEdisonBourbonCo


Louisiana Crawfish Boil Pot

Digging into the traditional Louisianan crawfish boil is already fun for all ages, but now young'uns can join in prep, too. Set up any miniature chef with the Lil' Bit Boiling Co. kit's 11-inch play pot and strainer, seven plastic crawfish, two potatoes, corn cob, box of cayenne pepper seasoning, and a laser engraved wooden spoon to stir, and he or she may soon be serving up the real deal with you. Available on Amazon; $59.95.

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Lobster Rope Doormat

Ahoy, sea lovers! Not only does this woven doormat reflect the colors of an Altantic Ocean sunset on the coast of Maine, but it also repurposes rope that at one time tied a local lobsterman's buoy to his lobster trap out in the depths of the ocean. Available on Etsy; from $60. via CapePorpoiseTrading


Chesapeake Bay Nautical Map

People from Maryland are well acquainted with the Chesapeake Bay, which slices through the center of the state. Show off your love for the estuary with this vintage nautical map by MondoMappa on Etsy. The maps can be customized for a perfectly personalized way to spruce up a blank wall–and you’ll get a geography lesson whenever you look at it! Available on Etsy; from $32.

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State Fridge Magnet Set

Spark your state pride every time you open the refrigerator with this Massachusetts magnet set. The customizable glass magnets have a 1-inch diameter and a dome-like shape, which magnifies the underlying image with clarity. Put a few magnets on your own fridge, or gift them to any pal who hails from the New England state. Available on Etsy; $9.99.


Great Lakes Woodcutting

The state of Michigan has a recognizable mitten-like shape, thanks to its border-defining Great Lakes: Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, and Superior. Show off the iconic Michigan outline in your home with this wooden art display by PureMittenPride on Etsy. Each piece of art, which the artist calls “The Great Lakes State of Mind,” is handmade from recycled pallet wood. Available on Etsy; from $60.

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Minnesota Phrases Tea Towel

Few state dialects are as distinctive as the Minnesotan accent. If you speak Minnesotan, you'll understand the sayings on this humorous tea towel. Pick one up to showcase your insider knowledge. Available on Etsy; $12. via VintageStudioMinn


Missouri Pennant

Pennant flags easily elevate any blank wall, and these mini Missouri-themed ones are perfect for homeowners from the midwestern state. The handmade flags come in a variety of colors and materials, including wool blend felt and cotton fabric. Hang one (or two or three) in your living room or bedroom as a unique decor element. Available on Etsy; $10.

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Montana Personalized Return Address Stamp

With this personalized Montana return address stamp, you can elevate the envelopes of cards, invitations, and other mailed stationery. The handmade item features a laser-cut rubber stamp and a handle constructed with North American native wood. Add your family name and address to the stamp and you’ll never have to worry about filling out the return address on envelopes again–saving you time in a stylish way! Available on Etsy; from $28.


Nebraska Moscow Mule Mug

The Moscow mule may have been invented by a Nutmegger and an Angeleno, but it's a drink that's well-loved by Nebraskans (when they're not throwing back a red beer, that is). Enjoy that—or any drink—in this copper mug that proudly displays your love of your home state. Available on Amazon; $49.95 for a pack of 2.

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Las Vegas Clock

Nevada is filled with natural beauty, but the state is perhaps most famous for the bright lights of Vegas. Bring home the Las Vegas skyline in miniature to show your love of your state's most well-known landmarks. Available on Etsy; from $39.99.

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New Hampshire

Live Free or Die Coasters

Two centuries after New Hampshire's General John Stark wrote these words, it remains the motto of that state. Bring a little state pride to any dinner party or picnic when you add these "Live Free or Die" coasters to your collection. Available on Etsy; $24.

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New Jersey

New Jersey Coffee Table

Contrary to what out-of-towners think, Jersey is more than fist pumping and the turnpike. While the boardwalks do sell some arguably tacky souvenirs, New Jersey natives are a group with diverse tastes and styles. This New-Jersey-shaped coffee table pulls double duty by showing off a different side of the Garden State. Available on Etsy; $165. via Theodore Gallery

New Mexico

New Mexico Pinon Coffee

The piñon, a Southwestern pine nut, is what gives this New Mexican drink its signature flavor. Many coffee drinkers prefer this specialty roast for its spicy aroma and smooth taste. Regardless of your personal tastes, it's the perfect thing to offer out-of-town guests who want to experience the real New Mexico. Available on Etsy; $12.

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New York

Adirondack Chair

As ubiquitous as pay phones once were in Manhattan, the Adirondack chair seems to pop up anywhere Upstate New Yorkers gather to unwind and perhaps watch the sun set over the mountains that gave the design its name. Available at Amazon; $129.99.

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North Carolina

Great Smoky Mountains Print

No one can dispute that North Carolina is brimming with natural beauty. Case in point: the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Lush native plants, diverse wildlife, and scenic views make this America's most visiting National Park, which should be a point of pride for every North Carolinian. What better way to celebrate that state heritage than to hang this artistic reminder of your favorite park? Available on Etsy; $24.95. via StoneArchMerchants

North Dakota

North Dakota Welcome Mat

When you call North Dakota home, shout it out by bringing a state-emblazoned door mat to your front entryway. Made from coconut fibers, a renewable and resilient material, this is one tough welcome mat that's sure to keep up with whatever extreme weather comes through this prairie state. Available on Etsy; from $39.

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Ohio Coasters

Cold Ohio winters call for piping hot beverages–which you can set down on these wooden coasters shaped like The Buckeye State! After being hand cut from cedar wood, the 4.5" x 4.5" coasters are stained and lined with cork. Pull out this set of four coasters for any gathering, or gift them to an Ohio-loving friend. Available on Etsy; $35.


Oklahoma Cast Iron Skillet

Folks living in one of America's panhandle states will appreciate this pan for its nonstick cooking power and its distinctive shape. Use it to serve up hot dip at your next tailgating party or cook your famous cornbread. Friends and family will be as delighted by your cookware as they are by your culinary skills. Available on; $125.

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Marionberry Jam

The marionberry is not well-known outside the Pacific Northwest, but the regional delight is famous among Oregonians for its sweet yet tart flavor. Created at Oregon State University, the marionberry is a cross between the Chehalem and Olallie blackberries. For Oregonians who want a taste of this summer fruit even in the off-season, a jar of jam is sure to hit the spot. Available on Amazon; $46.99 for a pack of four.


Dutch Blitz Card Game

Developed by a German immigrant to Pennsylvania Dutch country, Dutch Blitz is a spirited card game that can quickly become a staple at family game night. This combo pack includes eight decks of cards, so you can learn to play this local game with alongside seven friends. Available on Amazon; $24.99 for eight decks of cards.

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Rhode Island

Rhode Island Pillow

In Rhode Island, home is where folks know that a cabinet is for sipping, not for storage. It's also a place to relax, which is where this custom pillow comes in handy. Neutral-colored fabric and customizable ink (available in 20 colors) make this pillow match any decor scheme. Available on Etsy; $29.50. via henhouseoriginals

South Carolina

South Carolina Plate

All the wonders of South Carolina are represented on this collector's plate. From the state bird to the flag to state delicacies, you'll find it all in the adorably original designs adorning this dinnerware. While you can choose to display the plate in your kitchen, it also makes a great gift for a young Sandlapper. Available on Etsy; $38. via FishKissBrand

South Dakota

South Dakota Cheese Board

Who knew that South Dakota's almost-rectangular shape makes the perfect dimensions for a cheese plate? Whether you dress the slate board with local eats or foreign cheeses, folks will know you're proud to call your state home. Available at Bed Bath and Beyond; $19.99.

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Memphis BBQ Rub

Other cities may claim to have perfected the art of BBQ but no one has Memphis beat when it comes to dry rub. This spicy mixture can be sprinkled on meat and poultry, even potatoes and corn, to make dinner a truly Tennessean affair. Available on Etsy; from $5.50. via ALLSPICEEMPORIUM


Texas Cutting Board

Got a big batch of chili on the menu this week? Consider chopping up all of your key ingredients—tomatoes, onions, peppers, and the like—on an engraved bamboo cutting board fit for such a hearty Texan dish. Even when not in use, it adds style and state pride to your bustling kitchen. Available on Etsy; starting at $37.

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Utah Mountain Bookends

If Minnesota is the Land of 10,000 Lakes, Utah should called the Land of 10,000 Mountains. Home to numerous mountain ranges, this rocky state is renowned for its peaks—and that makes this set of Utah-inspired bookends all the more delightful. Pick up a handmade set to add some local flair to your shelf. Available on Etsy; $61.

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Vermont Homesick Candle

Have you ever noticed that every place has its own smell? In Vermont sweet maple syrup and crisp fall foliage may be the distinctive scents of the state. The aromatic essence of Vermont is captured in this soy wax candle designed to give your home a nostalgic smell for 60 hours of burn time. Available at; $29.95.


Virginia Key Hook

Home is where you hang your keys and if you call Virginia home, you'll love the stylish convenience of this magnetic key holder. Simply touch your key ring to one of the four hidden (and super strong) magnets within this Virginia-shaped wall hanging. Even when it's not storing keys, this beauty works hard as a decor piece in your home. Available at; $44.


Washington Weatherproof Notebook

Washington may not be the rainiest state in the Union, but its drizzly winters have certainly earned it a reputation as a less-than-dry place. Those who want to get out and enjoy the state's natural wonders—whatever the weather—will enjoy this waterproof notebook. A Washington-born company, Rite in the Rain was founded a hundred years ago by an intrepid man who recognized that local loggers needed paper that could withstand their outdoor work conditions. Since its humble beginnings, the brand has striven to uphold the highest environmental standards and now produces notebooks, planners, and journals for campers, first responders, sportsmen, growers, hikers, and anyone whose work and recreation takes them outdoors. Available on Amazon; $8.49.

West Virginia

Country Roads Take Me Home Sign

The John Denver song referenced on this sign is the stuff of legend in West Virginia. After enjoying decades of popularity, it became the state song in 2014. And now it can grace your entryway, kitchen, or mudroom, announcing to all that there's no place like home. Available on Etsy; $40. via sophisticatedhilbily


Wisconsin Cheese of the Month Club

Wisconsinites are in no danger of running out of cheese (thank goodness) but for those who'd like their curds delivered to their door, there's the Cheese of the Month Club. When you sign up, you'll receive a selection of three cheeses each month for three months. An enclosed newsletter provides detailed information about each cheese variety, so you can impress your friends when you share your spoils (or not) at your next dinner party. Available on Amazon; $108.


Wyoming State Flag Art

Loud and proud, this stylized state flag comes in 15 different sizes, which means there's an option to fit almost anyone's home. Choose from 1-, 3-, or 5-paneled designs, any of which lend a colorful touch to the Wyoming home. Available on Etsy; $89. via CanvasConquest

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