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Living Remotely: 12 Stunning Homes in the Middle of Nowhere

Eager to escape the hustle and bustle of urban sprawl or the cookie-cutter homes of suburbia, some house hunters pack their bags and travel to remote reaches of the country in search of secluded homes that lie beyond the gaze of neighbors and passersby. Whether hidden in hillsides, tucked away in trees, or perched on canyon lands, these unconventional nests in no-man's-land offer privacy, quiet, and the wonders of nature to anyone adventurous enough to seek them out.

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Solar-Powered Sanctuary in Pioneertown, California

Awarded the Western Home Award by Sunset Magazine

, this modern industrial off-the-grid home leverages the spectacular natural beauty of Southern California to serve as a living wallpaper for the glass home. Panoramic views of surrounding Pioneertown and the California high desert provide the perfect backdrop for a steel floating fireplace. Solar panels supply electricity and hot water to the household, reducing the home’s carbon footprint.

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Converted Lookout Tower in Tiller, Oregon

Make the 40-foot climb to the wraparound deck at the top of this converted lookout tower, and you’ll enjoy a rare bird’s-eye view of the 160 acres of private land on which this house is built. The beauty of the Pacific Northwest permeates the interior, where wood-clad walls and large, bright windows make the home feel cozy but never confined.

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Shipping Container Home in Livingston, Montana

Whether you’re photographing frolicking deer or antelope, or gazing at the Absaroka Mountains off on the horizon, nature is your constant companion at this Montana abode located just outside Livingston. Built from two shipping containers, the 700-square-foot home, dubbed “The Little Box on the Prairie,” features redwood flooring, plywood walls, and other salvaged materials that minimize environmental impact and make an artful addition to the surrounding landscape.

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Canyon Retreat in Malibu California

Hidden away in peaceful Decker Canyon, far from the glitz of Malibu, this remote retreat boasts striking architecture that rivals the lush landscape. The octagonal main house with matching deck affords the ideal vantage point to gaze at the stars, view the mountains, and admire local flora and fauna. A secret loft tucked into the second floor allows you to sneak in naps and quiet moments in what feels like a private treehouse.

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Hillside Haven in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Zillow Digs home in Santa Fe, NM

Intimate and idyllic, this secluded home north of Santa Fe unites a regal exterior of Jerusalem stone with a warm interior of mesquite, hickory, and walnut, all surrounded by an unparalleled backdrop of rolling hills. Whether you want to dine alfresco with friends or take in views of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, the sprawling covered patio is the prime place to do it.

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Southwest-Inspired Log Cabin in Jackson, Wyoming

Zillow Digs home in Jackson, WY

Near the western border of Montana, you’ll find this mixed-material abode that’s reminiscent of a classic lodge. Wood exterior siding, lots of logs throughout, vaulted ceilings, carved wood furnishings, and a pretty stone fireplace lend the high-altitude home a down-to-earth quality. But just step outside onto the deck, and your view of the world expands to absorb a spectacular and seemingly endless mountain vista.

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English Manor in Wilson, Wyoming

Zillow Digs home in Wilson, WY

Dubbed “Teal Hollow,” this English-style manor overlooks a private pond that coaxes you to hit the pause button on life so you can partake of simpler pleasures. Whether you’re sipping drinks with guests underneath the vine-covered pergola, warming your hands by the hearth in the rustic interior, or stealing views of the nearby Snake River, passing time in the middle of nowhere has never felt so stimulating.

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Island Cabin in Seeley Lake, Montana

Zillow Digs home in Seeley Lake, MT

Can’t find a moment to yourself at your mainland digs? At this low-key lodge on the 2.2-acre private island of Sourdough, you’re all but guaranteed privacy. The lodge and adjacent shore house, nestled behind a shady thicket of trees, afford spectacular views of Salmon Lake from the comfort of a log-cabin-style wood interior accented by regal chandeliers and a natural stone fireplace. Although the lakefront deck is an ideal spot to simply watch boats cruise by, four bays for boat storage make it easy to embark on your own maritime adventure.

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Tubular Farmhouse in Fennville, Michigan

Zillow Digs home in Fennville, MI

As if the rounded lines and natural materials of this former farmhouse were not enough to make a memorable first impression, its secluded setting on a 10-acre private lot on the Kalamazoo River makes you forget that you’re in modern-day Michigan. Wetlands, grasses, and nearby Mount Bald form a spectacular border around the home. Wherever you sit in the bright and airy interior, just look out any window for your pick of prime views.

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Rocky Residence in Yucca Valley, California

Thrill-seeking hikers and architectural buffs might happily trade the comforts of a stick-built home for the Rock Reach House, a lightweight lodge among the boulders and Juniper trees of the California desert. Built largely from galvanized steel, the heat-resistant home was assembled with bolts in only eight weeks. Yet this lightning-fast construction didn’t  result in throwaway architecture: The cool white interior, roomy deck, and immersive glass-paneled walls leave a lasting impression on all those who enter.

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Transparent Treehouse in Asheville, North Carolina

At this tiny treehouse just outside west Asheville, there’s nothing to disturb you but the chirping of songbirds and the rustling of leaves. Decked out with sprawling glass panels, whimsical climbing vines, and warm wood walls and floors, the home offers you a window into the woods from either the ground floor studio or the sunny upper level living quarters.

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Three-Story Lookout Tower in Terrebonne, Oregon

From the wraparound deck or even from almost anywhere within the 20-by-20-foot interior of this three-story lookout tower turned residential home, all you can see are mountains for miles by day, and an endless sea of stars by night. But despite the remote location of the home, over 150 miles from Portland, inhabitants never feel sequestered thanks to its close proximity to the natural beauty of Smith Rock State Park and fishing-friendly Deschutes River.

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