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11 Homes Built to Survive the End of the World

Harsh weather? Energy shortages? Nuclear fallout? These and other calamities would render most houses unlivable. Not these weird and wacky residences, though. Built to endure man-made and natural disasters, these indestructible abodes can stand up to just about anything. They've long delighted preppers, survivalists, and security experts. Now take a look for yourself to marvel at some of the most adaptable, resilient homes ever built.

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Cutting-Edge Atlas F Missile Silo Home in Lewis, New York

Zillow Digs home in Lewis, NY

This Atlas Missile Silo complex is a rare find in the contemporary real estate market. The home represents a piece of Air Force history: The Atlas’s “F” series design was the last type of intercontinental ballistic missile complex ever built. Whether you find yourself in the missile launch control center, the 18-foot main silo with temperature control and blast doors, or the 40-by-100-foot above-ground storage facility, you’ll enjoy privacy, security, and throwback thrills in one of the most fortified dwellings in the country.

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Bermed House in McLean, Virginia

Zillow Digs home in McLean, VA

Designed to boost natural light and reduce energy costs, bermed homes are built into a hill, leaving part of the structure below grade and part of it above ground. This protective layer of earth along the sides and roof of the house protects it from severe weather damage—and could be a saving grace in tornado season. This 70s-era bermed home, one of the earliest American examples of this type of dwelling, boasts a soil-topped roof and solarium-style skylights that fill the 1,719-square-foot interior with natural light.

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Unassuming Underground Bunker in Glendale, California

If ever disaster struck this unconventional abode in Glendale, its former homeowners could have ducked for cover in the bomb shelter accessed from a glass door set into the living room floor. Since the home’s construction in 1948, and its subsequent listing on the U.S. Registry of Historic Places, the underground shelter has been converted into a guest room with prim and proper white walls that greet you as you descend the stairs into the cozy, quiet, and totally retro bunker.

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Luxury Atlas Missile Silo House in Saranac, New York

Zillow Digs home in Saranac, NY

This rustic retreat looks like a quaint stick-built home at first glance, but its country charm conceals an explosive secret—namely the decommissioned nuclear missile launch silo below. The now defunct 3,000-square-foot concrete command center, which extends two floors and 40 feet underground, has been converted into a livable space that mixes luxury touches with survivalist features. A marble Jacuzzi shower and spacious master suite coexist with blast-proof steel doors, so that even if the worst happens, you can still enjoy the creature comforts that an aboveground life affords.

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Converted Bomb Shelter in Vilnius, Vilniaus Apskritis, Lithuania

Converted from a Cold-War-era bomb shelter into a modern apartment, this alternative accommodation showcases its Soviet background at every turn. A blast-proof door with a banker’s wheel reminds residents of its original purpose, and the complete lack of windows makes outside noise a nonissue. Perhaps it’s that quietude that inspired renovators to add a luxurious spa and sauna, making this one of the most unique lodgings in Lithuania.

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Millionaire's Bunker in Tifton, Georgia

Preppers can pick no better place to wait out an apocalyptic event than this luxe $15 million pad that once served as a nuclear fallout shelter. Built in 1969 during the peak of Cold War tensions, the fortified shelter can withstand a 20-kiloton nuclear blast without suffering so much as a scratch. And if you were worried that you would be hunkered down indoors without entertainment or modern amenities at your disposal, fear not: The underground bunker accommodates more than a dozen in its luxury-style apartments, while a home theater, nurse’s station, and outdoor firing range keeps residents safe and entertained!

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Surreal Subterranean House in Las Vegas, Nevada

Zillow Digs home in Las Vegas, NV

Despite being situated 25 feet underground, this 5,000-square-foot 70s-era bunker feels surprisingly similar to any aboveground home thanks to efficient air circulation and lighting. Surface ventilation, coupled circadian lighting that adjust to the time of day, creates an almost-natural atmosphere, while an “outdoor” barbecue area and putting green give residents a place to spread out.

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Brick Burrow in Clinton, Maryland

Zillow Digs home in Clinton, MD

Energy efficiency coupled with modern amenities make this partially underground home in a hill a dream sanctuary for eco-conscious survivalists who don’t want to sacrifice convenience to go green. The home’s unique earthen exterior walls protect it from severe weather but they also serve a cost-conscious function: Utility bills average only $150 per month in the 3,300-square-foot brick residence thanks to the cooling and insulating power of the home’s soil surroundings.

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Fortified Cabin in Drifting, Pennsylvania

Zillow Digs home in Drifting, PA

Though the rustic facade may appear deteriorated, this home is secretly a super-strength sanctuary that can defend against trespassers and harsh northeastern winters. Designed by a security expert, the home is hidden on a four-acre lot in Clearfield County. Those who manage to find the place won’t get much of a look at the interior from the narrow windows, nor will they have an easy time opening the stainless-steel-fortified doors. For those who set up in this well-guarded house, however, cozy coal and oil-fired hot water heat will keep the interior warm no matter what the weather brings.

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Off-Grid Oasis in Bakersville, North Carolina

Zillow Digs home in Bakersville, NC

This self-sustainable bunker affords the off-grid lifestyle that so many minimalists and environmentalists crave but rarely find in suburbs or sprawling metropolises. The 2,336-square-foot house is powered by a generator and battery bank, heated by an outdoor wood furnace, and surrounded by 46 secluded acres—making it both a paradise for anyone who wishes to live off the land and completely equipped to endure extreme power outage events.

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Concrete-Clad Fortress in Denison, Texas

Zillow Digs home in Denison, TX

If you can swing the three-million-dollar price tag on this prepper-friendly pad, you can lie low at the property for at least six months—the amount of time that the diesel engine can power the home without requiring a refill. At the same time, concrete- and steel-reinforced walls, 80 solar panels, and a reverse-osmosis water filtration system provide security and a continuous heat and water supply to residents. If cabin fever ever sets in, the verdant 32-acre lot is your own personal park.

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