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13 Amazing Floating Homes Around the World

Come summer, you can’t help but think: Wouldn’t it be amazing to live right ON the water? Well, if you lived in one of these homes, you could! We’ve rounded up some of the most stunning floating homes out there, from the Pacific Northwest to Stockholm, Sweden. Feast your eyes on 17 of the most amazing floating homes around the world.

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Float House IV, Willamette River, Oregon

Integrate Architecture & Planning and Marc Even, Even Construction

This modern marvel floats on Willamette River in Portland, Oregon. The first floor of this home, which was designed by the firm Integrate Architecture & Planning together with Marc Even of Even Construction, is made almost entirely of windows that capture full north and south views of the rolling river. For a bit of privacy from boaters and nearby neighbors, the architects enlisted peekaboo fencing, glass block, and spare but strategic landscaping.

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Luxury Living, Portage Bay, Seattle

Zillow Digs home in Seattle, WA

This unique home in Seattle’s Portage Bay, by Prentiss + Balance + Wickline, looks roomy and modern alongside its neighbors. Fun features like an exterior staircase that leads to a roof deck and a tiny covered patio on the first level pack enjoyment into every inch of the house. Inside, walnut floors and a well-appointed kitchen strike just the right balance of luxury and simplicity.

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Floating Home, Lusatian Lake District, Germany

One side of this striking residence in Elsterheide, Germany, mimics the curve of a boat’s sail; the other is all right angles. The sleek structure is framed in wood and aluminum to withstand the elements and is crowned with a sundeck that can be accessed by exterior stairs. Inside, floor-to-ceiling windows and all-white contemporary styling bounce light throughout the space and make the most of the view. You can experience it for yourself if you book a stay—the home is listed on Airbnb!

Unique Home, Willamette River, Oregon

Robert Harvey Oshatz, Architect

With its sinuous lines, the Fennell House on the Willamette River is a fine example of architecture imitating life. The home was designed by Robert Harvey Oshatz with an unconventional roofline and curved interior beams that echo the ripples in the water. Inspired by nature, the house is fittingly filled with natural hues and textures, including the richly colored wood grain visible through the dramatic wall of windows. 

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Float House III, Willamette River, Oregon

Integrate Architecture & Planning and Marc Even, Even Construction

Yet another floating home on the Willamette River, this one is all about the views: Integrate Architecture & Planning and Marc Even of Even Construction made sure to orient the windows both up- and downriver so the owners could see it all. An open floor plan makes the interior feel huge, while the exterior living space is no less expansive, with broad swaths of deck on either side of the house.

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Beauty on Vancouver Harbor, British Columbia

The quirky facade of this waterfront home in North Vancouver, British Columbia, earned it a feature on the Travel Channel show Extreme Houseboats. Its bowed roof and porthole windows are reminiscent of a houseboat, but inside it boasts all the trappings of a modern, firmly grounded home, including heated tile floors, an electric fireplace, and fully accessible bathrooms. Best of all—you can book a stay through Airbnb!

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Modern Boathouse, Muskoka Lakes, Ontario

Altius Architecture, Inc.

This modern dwelling, designed by Altius Architecture, devotes a sizable portion of its square footage to storage for the home’s two boats, making living space a precious commodity. Aside from having to accommodate this extra storage, the builder’s biggest challenge was creating the illusion of a larger home—through a pitched roof, rectangular dormer, and overscale windows—while staying within local building laws. The result is an unusual and space-efficient abode that strikes a stunning silhouette in the Muskoka Lakes region of Canada.

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Boathouse, Port Carling, Ontario

Kris Brigden Designs Ltd; North Muskoka House Ltd.; Sierra Building Group, Jeff Kansun

This charming home in Port Carling in the Muskoka Lakes region of Ontario, Canada, was brought to life by Kris Brigden Designs Ltd. Its many delights include three boat slips, a kitchen that opens onto an outdoor bar area, and high-contrast trim that accentuates the fanciful architecture. Inside, the home is packed with the expected amenities as well as traditional details like columns and raised paneling that give the floating home a touch of class.

Floating Cottage, Willamette River, Oregon

BC&J Architects

This cottage-style house on the Willamette River in Oregon was designed by BC&J Architecture and created with entertaining in mind. Inside the 2,100-square-foot home, you’ll find an open floor plan where the kitchen, dining, and living areas run seamlessly into each other—and out toward the view beyond.

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Retreat on the Bay, Stockholm, Sweden

This floating home near Stockholm, Sweden, is a study in contrasts: Aluminum and wood paneling around the exterior unite for a truly modern look. An arched roof gives the home a cheerful appearance, and the surrounding deck provides plenty of space. Inside, bleached-wood panels and an all-white kitchen make the cozy residence seem bright and roomy. 

Floating Home, Mission Creek, San Francisco

Robert Nebolon Architects; Matthew Millman

Designed by Robert Nebolon Architects and located on Mission Creek in San Francisco, this floating home sits on a canal with an industrial pedigree. Outside, the designers created a striking contrast with a peacock blue first floor and bright white second story; inside, the steel staircase is painted a vibrant orange in honor of the Golden Gate Bridge. The interior is playful and minimalist, with integrated storage throughout.

High-Contrast Home, Lake Union, Seattle

Designs Northwest Architects

Inside and out, this Seattle residence by Designs Northwest Architects is clothed in natural wood accents and bold, black metal—from exterior siding to support beams to table legs. Not only is the home visually appealing, it’s full of surprises! A wall of windows is actually a garage-style door that opens right onto the water, while an enclosed spiral staircase leads to a spacious roof deck, complete with putting green.

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Industrial Chic, Lake Union, Seattle

David Olson, Architect

This floating structure on Lake Union was designed by David Olson Architects. The exterior is reminiscent of a shipping container, with its boxy shape and industrial-style textured cladding. Yet inside, the floor-to-ceiling windows and open floor plan are all about comfort. The best part? The finished deck on the roof is perfect for year-round enjoyment.

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