These Are the Most Expensive Zip Codes in Every State

Living in these communities doesn't come cheap. Check out the most expensive neighborhoods in America, you just might live near—or in—one.

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Sure, property seekers have been going nuts over prices in Hollywood, South Beach, and Greenwich Village for years, but it might surprise you to know that these aren’t the most expensive neighborhoods in the country—or even in their own states. We’ve looked at the data on real estate prices and neighborhood incomes from Zillow, Realtor, and Neighborhood Scout to find the most expensive neighborhoods stateside. Click through to view the neighborhoods that made the list, and find out if yours is one of them.

Alabama: Mountain Brook (35223) via Dystopos

The stately suburb of Mountain Brook, located southeast of Birmingham, boasts a booming—but pricey—real estate market. The median house value is $689,867, but multimillion-dollar properties are a common sight. No surprise, here—the neighborhood of white-collar professionals is among the top 3% wealthiest in the country.

Alaska: Anchorage (99516)

Although a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, Anchorage’s high cost of living makes it tricky for average residents to make ends meet. With a median home value of $482,712, the town’s Seward Highway / Potter Valley Road neighborhood is no exception. Rather than average Joe’s, it’s high-earning executives, managers, and professionals who can afford to snag palatial properties.

Arizona: Paradise Valley (85253)

The median home value of $1,650,254 in the close-knit 14,502-person town of Paradise Valley is rich even for the likes of its wealthy residents, who earn $126,367 per capita. And folks must enjoy their homes: over 22% work from home, one of the highest percentages in the country. 

Arkansas: Little Rock (72223)

This little college town is home to more residents who work in the computing and math sectors than in 95% of locales in the country. The wealthiest of these professionals put down roots in the Ampersand Street / North Pierce Street neighborhood where the median house value is $337,840. While most homes in the Little Rock neighborhood are established properties built between 1940 and 1969, there are also more recently-built homes to be had.

California: Atherton (94027)

Wikimedia Commons

Move over, 90210—the most expensive zip code in California is in Atherton, a hard-charging bayside town located between San Francisco and San Jose. The Menlo College / El Camino Real neighborhood has a jaw-dropping median house value of $6,612,392. Because of its proximity to San Francisco and Silicone Valley, home buyers are willing to splash out on multi-million-dollar properties.

Colorado: Mountain Village (81435)

Just three miles from the world-famous Telluride Ski Resort, it’s no surprise that Mountain Village is twice as expensive as the average American city. Sky-high real estate prices—the median house value is $1,107,405—may be a small price to pay for the breathtaking mountain views and pristine slopes. When the 1,395 nature-loving residents that live in Mountain Village aren’t on the slopes, you might find them at home in one of the area’s many lavish ski-chalet-inspired houses.

Connecticut: Greenwich (06830)

Just north of New York City and nestled along the Long Island Sound, Greenwich is a tony suburb where the median home value hovers around $1,524,741. Its Belle Haven neighborhood is wealthier than 99.9% of the country. 

Delaware: Wilmington (19807)

The shipyards of Wilmington made it a magnet for military serviceman during the Second World War, but now this town attracts executives and professionals of all trades with its thriving economy. The affluent Greenville neighborhood in the northwest corner of the city has a lower rate of crime than surrounding Wilmington, as well as a median house value of $747,079. 

Florida: Boca Grande (33921)

The Sunshine State continues to be a hot spot for retirees, but you’ll need an extra-large nest egg to settle in the affluent island town of Boca Grande. The high cost of home ownership—the median home value is $1,761,697—may be well worth the investment since local homeowners have enjoyed a roughly 4% annual increase in real estate value in just the last year. 

Georgia: Atlanta (30327)

The abundance of colleges and universities in the Atlanta metropolitan area contributes to a large population of college students in the artsy capital city, but the Northside Drive Northwest / Mount Paran Road Northwest neighborhood is more likely to draw retirees and high-earning professionals because of its median home price of $$1,088,157. The north Atlanta neighborhood consists mainly of homes built between 1970 and 1999, along with a fair few handsome mansions built more recently.

Hawaii: Honolulu (96821)

What’s the price of living in paradise? If you dwell in eastern Honolulu, budget at least $1,371,804, which is the median home value in the area—but real estate prices can ascend much higher. While Honolulu is a blend of blue- and white-collar professionals, in the Kaalawai neighborhood residents are by and large executives, managers, and professionals. This fact contributes to a neighborhood income that is higher than 98.2% of neighborhoods in America.

Idaho: Ketchum (83353)

When it comes to the title of most expensive city in Idaho, the victor is Ketchum. The town of 2,827 has a median home value of $833,851. The nearby Sun Valley Resort is a good indicator as to why this is a pricy place to purchase property. Celebrities, executives, and other elites flock to the small town to enjoy the slopes and hiking trails. 

Illinois: Kenilworth (60043)

Wikimedia Commons via Thshriver

The 2,555-person village of Kenilworth may be small, but its per-capita income of over $100,000 cannot be overlooked. While the median home value actually dropped 2% over the last year, it’s still an impressive $1,339,529. It’s that price tag that earned the town the second place ranking in Forbes list of “America’s Most Affluent Neighborhoods” in 2011.

Indiana: Zionsville (46077)

Wikimedia Commons via Rosina Peixoto

From fireworks on the Fourth of July to an activity-packed fall festival, there’s never a dull moment in Zionsville. But depending on which neighborhood you choose to reside, you could pay a steep price to enjoy family-friendly attractions year-round. The Northern Meadows neighborhood has a median home value of $423,458, a 3.4% increase from last year.  

Iowa: Cedar Rapids (52411)

The second-largest city in Iowa also contains the most expensive neighborhood. The Linn Junction / New Buffalo neighborhood has a median home value of $324,783, which is relatively modest and speaks to the low average cost of living in the Hawkeye State. Although pricey when compared to other Iowa neighborhoods, you’ll find more for your money in Cedar Rapids than just about anywhere in America. 

Kansas: Leawood (66224)

Elegant yet modern homes make this southern suburb of Kansas City a magnet for those with uncompromising tastes. While the median home value is $527,465, that price is not out of reach for the residents of the West 119th Street / State Line Road neighborhood, whose incomes put it in the top 15% of highest earning neighborhoods in the country.

Kentucky: Lexington (40513)

Equestrian-friendly jaunts like Kentucky Horse Park and the Keeneland race courses earned Lexington the nickname of “Horse Capital of the World.” But the second largest city in Kentucky is also a hub for business professionals who have contributed to the economic success of Lexington neighborhoods like Lakeview Acres. Palatial properties contribute to a higher-than-average median home value of $387,072 in the 40513 zip code.

Louisiana:- New Orleans (70115)

New Orleans is a cultural mecca in the south, and the cost of owning a home in some of its affluent neighborhoods reflects its iconic status. The median real estate price in the Freret Street / Nashville Avenue neighborhood is $966,791—a whopping 99.6% increase compared to other neighborhoods in Louisiana and 95.7% above the neighborhoods in the U.S. 

Maine: Kennebunkport (04046)

This seaside town is a favorite for many, including the Bush family who own the Walkers Point estate. While Kennebunkport attracts hoards of tourists year-round who love to visit the historic mansions and festivals, purchasing permanent lodging doesn’t come cheap. The average home value is $460,598, but it’s not unusual to find houses on the market in the millions. 

Maryland: Bethesda (20816)

Wikimedia Commons via Farragutful

Although the housing supply in the Battery Park / Bradley Hills neighborhood is currently scarce, hawk-eyed home buyers can still scoop up properties if they have a spare $1,016,805, the median home value. Lavish lifestyles are not uncommon in this neighborhood or any other in Bethesda, which claims senators, congressmen, and ambassadors as residents.

Massachusetts: Weston (02493)

Wikimedia Commons via John Phelan

Boasting a median home price of $1,505,365 and a median household income of $181,667, Weston consistently ranks among the most affluent neighborhoods in the country. Even so, Weston retains its small-town charms with a tight-knit community of 12,134 residents who dwell alongside one another in older homes.

Michigan: Bloomfield Hills (48302)

Wikimedia Commons via Historicaldetroit

Luxury leisures abound at the tranquil lakes and activity-packed country clubs of Bloomfield Hills, but nowhere more so than in the City Center / Cranbook Academy of Art neighborhood located near Bloomfield Hills, which has a higher income than 95% of neighborhoods countrywide. The 48302 zip code that hosts the neighborhood has a median home value of $$531,762. The town is also notable for being the location of a few houses designed by mid-century American architect Hugh T. Keyes.

Minnesota: Edina (55424)

This suburb in southeast Minnesota has been featured in movies like “The Mighty Ducks” and “A Serious Man,” but its real star power is the enduring prosperity of its neighborhoods. The 55424 zip code, including the West 50th Street / Arden Avenue neighborhood, has a median home value of $836,952.

Mississippi: Madison (39110)

Wikimedia Commons via Pmsyyz

While Mississippi is one of the most budget-friendly states in the country, James Madison’s namesake city contains the most expensive zip code in the state. The 39110 zip code spanning the Annandale/Mannsdale neighborhood of Madison has a median home value at $275,913. 

Missouri: Ladue (63124)

Wikimedia Commons via 314editor

Home to private schools, chief executive officers, and professional athletes, the 8,635-person town of Ladue is among the most affluent suburbs in Missouri. The town has a sky-high median home value of $911,226. Its close proximity to St. Louis also puts residents within 15 miles of world-class sports and performing arts venues.

Montana: Billings (59106)

Don’t let the median real estate price in this affluent neighborhood fool you. Although the cost of accommodations in Billings is significantly lower than you’ll find in the ritziest neighborhoods of some other states—$392,615, on average—your dollar goes a long way in the Rimrock Rd / Shiloh Rd area, which is home to highly paid executives and professionals. 

Nebraska: Lincoln (68520)

Not every college town can boast the kind of luxe accommodations you’ll find in this neighborhood, but then again Lincoln is more than just a college town. Home to 287,401 people, and the seat of the state capitol, Lincoln is the second-largest city in the state. Although the population is evenly divided between blue- and white-collar workers, it’s primarily executives and other professionals who live in this part of town. However, you don’t need a multimillion dollar job to afford a home here, the median home value is $438,516.

Nevada: Genoa (89411)

What has less than 1,000 residents and lies at the foot of the Sierras? Why, it’s Genoa, Nevada, of course. This tiny town is no less ritzy for its small size. In fact, the median home value is a whopping $786,538. So what is it that attracts America’s wealthy to this little community? Take one look at that view and you’ll have your answer. Cozied up along the foothills and within shooting distance of Lake Tahoe, residents can soak up the natural beauty of the West without traveling far from the comfort of their 5- or 6-bedroom home. Plus, it’s easy to plug back in to an urban environment when necessary; a 20-minute drive to Carson City or an hour-long drive to Reno is all it takes to see the city lights for a night.

New Hampshire: Rye (03870)

The small town of Rye is a destination for individuals and families who prefer the coastal life and have the requisite income to support their nautical habit. The median home value of this 5,000-person town is a whopping $819,750, but many homes far exceed even that. Despite its small size, Rye boasts many of the same perks as any affluent burg, like good schools and a low crime rate, and residents are only a short drive from the larger community of Portsmouth, so one need never feel isolated.

New Jersey: Alpine (07260)

Conveniently located across the Hudson River from New York City, Alpine is favored by many celebrities and business moguls for its privacy and quietude. The small town of 2,000 has lower property taxes than much of New Jersey because there are fewer public services to fund—for instance, there is only one public school, which serves grades K-8. But, that’s the only inexpensive thing about Alpine. The median home value in this iron-gate community is $2,293,645.

New Mexico: Santa Fe (87506)

Artists and white-collar workers alike make their home in hot and sunny Santa Fe but only the most elite among the city’s 84,000 residents can afford to make their home in the affluent neighborhood of Las Dos. Sprawling estates are not an uncommon sight, but with a median home value estimated at $746,240, you’ll find a few more modest abodes as well.

New York: Sagaponack (11962)

Wikimedia Commons via Americasroof

Believe it or not, Sagaponack edges out Manhattan as the most expensive neighborhood in the state of New York. With a median home value of $4,368,033, Sagaponack is one of the priciest places to live in all of America. The 11962 zip code, located on Long Island, houses beautiful waterfront properties and multi-million dollar mansions.

North Carolina: Biltmore Forest (28803)

The illustrious Vanderbilt family owned tens of thousands of acres in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. The hallmark of their sprawling estate? Biltmore House. At the time, it was the largest home ever built in America—and it still is. Years after the construction of the home, to make the estate lands more manageable, trustees sold off three square miles, in the process forming Biltmore Forest, a planned residential community nestled in the wilderness to the west of nearby Asheville. An exclusive enclave from the beginning, Biltmore remains affluent. Median home price? Just over one million dollars.

North Dakota: Bismarck (58503)

Located in Bismarck, North Dakota, the upscale neighborhood of River Road is characterized by large, newly-built, single-family homes. The 58503 zip code has top-notch public schools and low crime rates, which makes it attractive to families with high incomes. The median home value is $337,128—often enough to buy a five-bedroom home with modern amenities in an impressive community.

Ohio: Terrace Park (45274)

Wikimedia Commons via Greg Hume

The 45174 zip code of Terrace Park attracts affluent families with good schools and family-oriented services. A suburb of Cincinnati, it has a median home value of $486,084, which is significantly higher than Ohio’s average home value of $153,593. Residents enjoy local festivities, growing real estate values, and a low-low crime rate.

Oklahoma: Oklahoma City (73116)

Wikimedia Commons via MARELBU

A city within a city, Nichols Hills boasts its own water and law enforcement services, despite being nestled solidly within greater Oklahoma City. Originally developed as a planned community, with every acre carefully landscape-designed, the neighborhood remains the utopian, oasis-like neighborhood it was always intended to be. The gracious historic homes are one thing, but it’s the uncommon abundance of green space that truly makes Nichols Hills feel like it’s a world apart. It’ll cost you $716,768, the median home value, if you want to be a part of this neighborhood. 

Oregon: Portland (97210)

Chock full of architecture that predates World War II, the median home value in Portland Heights is $811,392. While it may not come as a shock that the city itself consists primarily of white-collar professionals, it’s also home to a noteworthy arts community. Including artists, designers, and media professionals, its presence is larger than 90% of the communities elsewhere and, arguably, contributes to the character that makes this neighborhood in high demand.

Pennsylvania: Lower Merion Township (19035)

Originally settled by Welsh Quakers in 1682, Lower Merion Township has evolved into an affluent neighborhood with a median home value of $$1,001,260. The 19035 zip code houses several universities, including Bryn Mawr College and Harcum College, in its 23.9 square mile radius. 

Rhode Island: Jamestown (02835)

While Newport might be famous for its historic, opulent mansions, the truly expensive neighborhood is across the bridge in Jamestown. Situated on Conanicut Island in the Narraganset Bay, this quaint beach town’s home values keep increasing. At $666,697, the median home value spiked 6.3% from 2019 to 2020. Not as well-known as the tourist-spot Newport, Jamestown offers a peaceful beach escape. 

South Carolina: Sullivan's Island (29482)

Right off the coast of Charleston is the two and a half-mile long barrier island, Sullivan’s Island. Residents of the coastal suburb enjoy small-town living and a laidback lifestyle, but you won’t find any beach bums here. The median home value is $1,947,335.

South Dakota: Hill City (57745) via Ken Lane

Originally settled as a tin-mining town in the late 19th century, Hill City sits smack in the middle of the rugged Black Hills. Just over 1,000 people live here, and we expect even fewer remain in residence year-round. Still, in spite of its being a seasonal destination, and a remote one, Hill City commands higher median home prices than anywhere else in the state. The appeal? Mansion-sized, rustic-meets-modern cabins set on plots with ample acreage of unspoiled natural beauty.

Tennessee: Nashville (37215)

While not all of Nashville is expensive to live in, the 37215 neighborhood might not be the best place to look for anyone on a budget—its median home value is $733,059. If you’re looking to live in a city, but with the comforts of the suburbs, consider this charming area.

Texas: University Park (75205)

This college town receives frequent recognition for its exceptionally high cost of living. In the 75205 zip code alone, median home value tops a million dollars—$1,195,095 to be exact. Nearly all University Park residents who are not enrolled at Southern Methodist University and attending games with Peruna (its black Shetland pony mascot) are white-collar workers, which explains the high median annual income of $$214,477.

Utah: Park City (84060)

Park City isn’t some sleepy ski town. The city is world renowned for its slopes, hosting some of the events for the 2002 Winter Olympics and being the training headquarters for the United States Ski Team. And if outdoor adventures aren’t your thing, it has a thriving arts scene. The popular Sundance Film Festival takes place in town every winter. But living in the comforts of Park City is going to cost you; the median home value is $1,081,809.

Vermont: Charlotte (05445)

What price can you put on waterfront views of Lake Champlain and easy access to state education at the University of Vermont? In the scenic city of Charlotte the median home value is $559,130. While it’s the priciest zip code in the state, Vermont offers many incentives to move to the Green Mountain State that could help offset costs. 

Virginia: Great Falls (22066)

A suburb of Washington, D.C., Great Falls is an idyllic town to raise a family—but the price tag doesn’t come cheap. The current median home value is $1,136,095, making it one of the most expensive communities to live in the entire country. But with quality schools, close proximity to a city, and the beautiful Great Falls Park nearby, people continue to choose this spot to raise a family. 

Washington: Medina (98039)

The glittering tech mecca of Seattle sits on one side of Lake Washington, while tiny neighboring Medina gazes across from the opposite shore. Some of the richest people in the world live right here—Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos among them. Covering less than two square miles in area, with fewer than 1,000 families in residence, Medina boasts an impossibly high median home price of $2,989,784. It doesn’t get much more exclusive than that!

West Virginia: Charleston (25314)

Coal fortunes built Charleston—the government seat, commercial nucleus, and cultural hub of West Virginia. While close-in sections of the city do offer affordable housing-seekers plenty of options, the leafy suburban areas south of downtown belong to the most expensive zip code in the state. In Loudon Heights, the most exclusive of them all, the median home price hovers around $328,706.

Wisconsin: Madison (53726)

Located in the second-largest community in Wisconsin, the Lake Mendota Drive and Eagle Heights area of Madison snag the recognition as the most affluent neighborhood in the midwestern state. The median home value of $533,510—which is up a 3.5% from last year—reflects gravitation towards the trendier metropolitan area by well-educated white-collar employees and the thousands of college students attending school nearby.

Wyoming: Cheyenne (82009)

Thanks to notably light traffic, a quick commute to work is a huge draw for residents who head out to white- and blue-collar jobs alike: 14.44 minutes clocks in substantially shorter than the national average. Happiness—as well as less noise and air pollution—come at a small price, when you start to compare Cheyenne against some of the other wealthiest neighborhoods on this list. Though the median home value this year is only $371,008, it shot up 7% in just the last.