The Best Places to Buy Moving Boxes in 2022

Preparing for a big move, but can’t track down enough moving boxes? Try one of these best places to buy moving boxes that won’t fall apart mid-move.

By Timothy Dale | Updated Jan 12, 2022 9:22 AM

The Best Places to Buy Moving Boxes Options


Moving means planning and completing a number of steps. One of the most overlooked steps is finding the best place to buy moving boxes. While some people may be able to source some spare boxes from a friend or from work, these boxes have typically already been used, reducing their durability and effectiveness.

Instead of secondhand or even third-hand boxes, try one of these retailers to find inexpensive moving boxes for one-time moves, thick and durable moving boxes for repeated use, or even custom moving boxes to store precious keepsakes, flat-screen TVs, or fragile kitchenware.

The Best Places to Buy Moving Boxes Option: Walmart


1. Walmart

Known for: Walmart, one of the most popular retail stores in the country, offers a large number of diverse, relatively inexpensive products, including individual and bundled moving box products.
Price: $-$$$
Editors’ Choice: Shoppers can purchase 25 Pen+Gear Large Recycled Moving and Storage Boxes (available at Walmart) that measure 22 by 18 by 18 inches—ideal for packing out-of-season clothing or holiday decorations for a move.

Founded in 1945, Walmart is a fast-growing company that Fortune named America’s largest company based on revenue in 2021, because of the widespread popularity of its discount department stores and grocery stores. Walmart didn’t actually open its first official store until 1962 with the goal of finding lower-cost suppliers so it could sell its products at low prices and generate high-volume sales.

Walmart continues to offer products at a lower price than many competitors, making it a popular choice for shoppers on a budget. Its inventory includes a wide range of moving boxes in various sizes, shapes, and thicknesses. Find specialized boxes to pack up fragile glassware or simply invest in a bulk pack of medium and large boxes to fit a home’s entire contents.

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The Best Places to Buy Moving Boxes Option: Amazon


2. Amazon

Known for: Well-known online retailer Amazon is a marketplace where consumers can find an impressive range of products, including a variety of moving boxes to carry everything from household linens to sensitive electronics.
Price: $-$$$
Editors’ Choice: Save the tape with this pack of 20 Bankers Box SmoothMove Classic Moving Boxes (available at Amazon) that each measure 18 by 15 by 14 inches and have tape-free assembly and easy-carry handles.

Getting its start in 1994, Amazon was originally called Cadabra, Inc., but the company quickly changed its name when it was mistaken for the word “cadaver.” Amazon initially focused on selling books online, but as the website rapidly grew in popularity, it also increased its product offerings, transitioning into its current incarnation. Now a multifaceted online publisher, video-streaming service, and shipping company, Amazon remains one of the most successful online retailers, selling an impressive variety of products, from groceries to appliances.

Amazon’s widespread notoriety and popularity have helped draw many manufacturers and smaller retailers to the online retail giant, where they use the online space to sell their products. This wide-ranging marketplace gives consumers looking for moving boxes many options from which to choose, including the size, style, and even the specific manufacturer, so they can invest in a high-quality product to help them move.

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The Best Places to Buy Moving Boxes Option: Lowe’s


3. Lowe’s

Known for: Lowe’s specializes in home improvement products, but it also carries a selection of appliances, garden supplies, and packing supplies, including packing tape, moving blankets, and moving boxes.
Price: $-$$$
Editors’ Choice: Available in small, medium, large, and extra-large, this Classic Large Cardboard Moving Box (available at Lowe’s) makes a good option for shoppers who need only a few boxes to move the contents of a small apartment.

Despite its No. 2 position behind The Home Depot in the big-box home improvement store space, Lowe’s started in the retail business back in 1921, long before The Home Depot was founded in 1978. Additionally, Lowe’s has a business model similar to The Home Depot’s, providing a wide range of tools, outdoor furniture, appliances, packing supplies, and more.

Lowe’s may not have the largest selection of moving boxes in the current retail market, but the products it does offer are high quality. Shoppers can pair them with a variety of packing supplies that Lowe’s also carries, such as packing tape, heavy-duty plastic wrap, packing paper, moving blankets, packing foam, and dish or glass kits for fragile glassware.

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The Best Places to Buy Moving Boxes Option: U-Haul


4. U-Haul

Known for: A classic brand in the world of moving companies, U-Haul specializes in trailers, trucks, and other moving equipment, including a substantial variety of moving boxes and kits.
Price: $-$$$
Editors’ Choice: Simple and effective, this U-Haul Large Wardrobe Box (available at U-Haul) features a metal hanging bar. It measures 24 by 24 by 48 inches to provide users with a space to hang dresses, dress shirts, suits, and other clothing for a move.

Beginning over 75 years ago in 1945, U-Haul was a trailer rental business that expanded through franchising with gas stations. This company started with a $5,000 investment, and it operated out of a garage owned by the founder’s in-laws. Within 10 years, the company had grown exponentially, with more than 10,000 U-Haul trailers nationwide.

Since its inception, U-Haul has continued to grow, even becoming a temporary resource for UPS, USPS, and FedEx during December, when holiday shipments are at their peak. The company specializes in moves, so it’s no surprise that U-Haul offers a range of moving box products, including small, medium, large, and extra-large box sizes; glassware boxes; TV boxes; wine-shipping kits; and wardrobe boxes.

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5. Office Depot

Known for: Office Depot is part of the ODP Corporation, which manages Office Depot, OfficeMax, and Grand & Toy, as well as several smaller businesses that produce and sell office materials, paper products, and packing supplies.
Price: $-$$$
Editors’ Choice: This five-pack of Bankers Box SmoothMove Classic Moving Boxes (available at Office Depot) helps users pack up small apartments, with tape-free assembly and double-bottom construction to guard against damage.

This popular office supply retailer was founded in 1986 with a small store in Lauderdale Lakes, Florida. Since its founding, Office Depot has merged several times and acquired additional properties, including Office Club, Viking Direct, and OfficeMax, expanding well beyond American borders to become the international company known as the ODP Corporation.

Office Depot produces and sells a wide variety of office supplies, including moving box products to store sensitive office documents and other materials safely. Office Depot’s moving boxes typically have thick cardboard bases and sides to help prevent the boxes from collapsing or sustaining damage during a move.

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The Best Places to Buy Moving Boxes Option: Staples


6. Staples

Known for: As one of the largest office supply retailers in the United States, Staples sells office supplies, school supplies, business materials, signage, packing supplies, and more.
Price: $-$$$
Editors’ Choice: Durable and tape-free, this five-pack of small Bankers Box SmoothMove Moving Boxes (available at Staples) is ideal for delicate items.

Founded in 1985 to meet a need for office supplies, Staples grew rapidly, expanding to the Canadian market just 6 years later in 1991 and becoming a Fortune 500 company in 1996 as sales surpassed $3 billion.

Staples offers a range of products that fall into the office, school, and business niche, including a modest variety of packing and moving supplies. Shoppers can pick up safety gloves, furniture straps, wardrobe hanging bars, furniture pads, and an assortment of moving boxes.

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The Best Places to Buy Moving Boxes Option: UsedCardboardBoxes


7. UsedCardboardBoxes

Known for: The online retailer UsedCardboard Boxes, also known as UCB, is dedicated to providing customers with affordable products while helping to reduce waste.
Price: $-$$
Editors’ Choice: The UsedCardboardBoxes 3 Bedroom Moving Kit (available at UsedCardboardBoxes) features 64 recycled moving boxes in a range of sizes and shapes, as well as 12 pounds of packing paper, five tape rolls, three permanent markers, three retractable-blade tape cutters, and a heavy-duty tape dispenser.

Founded in 2006 with a goal of creating $1 billion in net savings for its client base while generating revenue and reducing waste nationwide, UsedCardboardBoxes (UCB) purchases Gaylord totes, produce bins, and shipping boxes at a higher price than recycling rates. This slight increase encourages companies to sell their “waste” to UCB, where the company scans it into its WATER (Waste Analytics and Tracking for Environmental Reporting) system. UCB then tracks the materials through returns, reuse, resale, recycling, and waste-to-energy processes to reduce waste to zero.

This system helps large corporations reduce costs and waste, while UCB uses a portion of the supplies to assemble environmentally friendly moving kits to sell to consumers. Shoppers can purchase individual boxes, moving box packs, or full moving kits, including a range of boxes, packing paper, tape, and more.

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The Best Places to Buy Moving Boxes Option: Uline


8. Uline

Known for: Uline is a family-owned and privately held company best known for highly specialized moving products, like moving boxes for bicycles, mattresses, golf bags, and more.
Price: $$-$$$
Editors’ Choice: Measuring 56 by 10 by 32 inches, this five-pack of Side Loading Corrugated Boxes (available at Uline) makes it easier to move cross country without worrying about one or more loose bicycles flailing around in the moving truck.

A family-owned and privately held company since 1980, Uline began in the basement of its founders, Liz and Richard “Dick” Uihlein, to address the need for a local shipping supply distributor. Over the next 20 years, the company expanded across the United States, and in the early 2000s, it began to move into Mexico and Canada.

The company offers moving boxes in various sizes, shapes, and formats, including specialized boxes for golf bags, wardrobes, standing lamps, TVs, wall hangings (mirrors/artwork), glassware, mattresses—and even bicycles.

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The Best Places to Buy Moving Boxes Option: The Home Depot


9. The Home Depot

Known for: A favorite of construction professionals, The Home Depot sells high-quality, high-durability moving products, from tape dispensers to bulk packs of heavy-duty moving boxes.
Price: $-$$$
Editors’ Choice: This pack of 50 Heavy-Duty Extra-Large Moving Boxes (available at The Home Depot) helps ensure that everything in the home fits comfortably and won’t break through a flimsy box bottom during a move.

The Home Depot was co-founded in 1978 based on an idea: to create superstores that carry home improvement products. The co-founders were specifically interested in developing a bigger home improvement store than anything the competitors had to offer. Currently, The Home Depot is the largest home improvement retailer nationwide, including Lowe’s, which was founded over 50 years previously.

While The Home Depot provides a large range of appliances, home improvement products, and even installation services, the company also sells high-quality moving products with a reputation for lasting durability. The prices may be a bit higher than other suppliers, but if packed properly, the heavy-duty moving boxes from The Home Depot shouldn’t fail midway through a move.

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