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8 Tiny Homes You Can Buy for the Price of a Luxury Car

If you know someone who's been especially good this year—and you're feeling very generous—you need to check out our roundup of prefab and DIY housing structures that you could gift this holiday. (And if you give one of these, you'll probably walk away with the best gift-giver award too.) Unlike other very generous gifts (car, anyone?), a house or fun dwelling can last forever and will, in many cases, appreciate in value. So while we doubt that many people put "tiny house" on their wish list, we're sure no one would mind receiving one of these.

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Simplicity at Its Finest

You can’t go wrong with the ESCAPE Getaway. It’s suitable for any climate, though the screened porch begs for a temperate location. Coming in under $60,000, the cabin is still roomy enough to accommodate full-size appliances!

Moderate Modern

If modern is what you’re after, Alchemy Architects have you covered, with their line of “weeHouses” starting at just $65,000. This sleek structure of simple elegance would be equally at home in the mountains or beside the beach. 

The Crib

Reminiscent of a tree house, The Crib (available in three models) is the perfect choice for anyone seeking a retreat. Its purveyors do more than design; they can also help you and your contractor determine if land is suitable, before you guy. After a foundation has been set, the prefab structure is delivered and assembled in two to three weeks’ time. The most basic costs just under $60,000.

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A Home on Wheels

Anyone subject to wanderlust can appreciate an on-the-go home, particularly one that doesn’t require a special permit for towing. Whether the destination is out west or up the coast, the Mica by Tumbleweed Tiny House Company has everything you need: kitchen, bath, bedroom, and even a space for entertaining. If you’re willing to put in the manpower yourself, materials start at $29,000. Need it in a hurry? Buy it pre-built for $60,000.

No Work Required

For between $15,450 and $29,450, So Cal Cottages will deliver and install the perfect dream cottage getaway, complete with cozy details like a front porch. With several styles available, there’s a tiny abode for everybody’s taste.


With a range of models, each boasting a different square footage, Idea Box stands out for the number of customization options that the company offers clients. You can create the one-of-a-kind prefab house of your dreams. Prices start at $54,000.

DIY with a Little Help

If you want to go it alone but need a roadmap, Four Lights Houses offers a variety of plans for purchase. For as little as $149, you can obtain the blueprints, materials list, and all the general know-how you’ll need to get started.

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Small-Scale Real Estate

If you’re looking to buy a small house and you don’t mind buying directly from the owner, try Tiny House Listings. It’s like Craigslist but strictly for diminutive dwellings. Here, you can find anything from houses on wheels to upscale mini cabins.