No Place Like Dome: 14 Homes That Are Anything But Square

Boasting a compact yet durable construction and an energy-efficient curved shape, dome homes have made a memorable entrance into towns across America and beyond—and given their soaring popularity among eco-friendly homeowners, they’re likely here to stay. To get a tour of these unusually round residences, and find inspiration to build your own, browse through our selection of classic, futuristic, and fantastical dome homes from around the world.

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Deserted in Paradise in Sedona, AZ

Nestled in West Sedona, this geodesic dome home offers creature comforts set against the ruggedly beautiful backdrop of the Red Rock canyon. After exploring the wild west, residents can seek shelter from the desert heat in the striking interior of the 1500-square-foot abode. Bright and airy living spaces, including three bedrooms and a high-contrast living room with a modern checkerboard floor, make this dreamy dome a feast for the senses.

Futuristic Fortress in Pittsburgh, PA

Fusing plenty of function with its ultra-futuristic form, this first-of-its-kind construction, known as a yaca-dome, was built in 1969 to withstand earthquakes and hurricanes up to 250 miles per hour. Decades later, this three-bedroom Pittsburgh property continues to attract visitors thanks to its curved exterior beams, vintage furnishings, and circular windows that provide a crystal-clear view into the scenic surrounding woods.

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Perfect Geometry in Joshua Tree, CA

Set on a sprawling two-and-a-half-acre plot in the California High Desert, this geodesic home’s breathtaking backdrop is surpassed only by its architectural oddities. Triangular windows around the house afford a stunning 360-degree view of the surrounding vistas, while the artist-designed interior serves up even more treats for the eye with geometric patterns suffusing linens, headboards, and wall art.

Mountain Retreat in Sisters, OR

Rain or shine, the interior of Moon Ridge Dome stays at a comfortable 70 degrees, no matter the weather, thanks to natural cooling properties, an energy-efficient wood stove, and a sprawling skylight. Three bedrooms, two baths, and a well-lit kitchen fill the interior of the dome with homey comforts, while the attached outdoor deck makes for the perfect spot to entertain guests or take in rare views of the mountainous five-acre surrounding plot.

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Outback Up Close in Seaforth, NSW, Australia

When the sun hits the sky-high windows of this towering dome home, the modern interior radiates with color and warmth, while the ample awning shields residents from the worst of the heat. The sunken lounge, two bedrooms, and fully-equipped modern kitchen afford all the comforts and conveniences a modern-day home, all in the midst of Australia’s tranquil bushland. 

Rustic Radiance in New Paltz, NY

Zillow Digs home in New Paltz, NY

Decked out in wood from tip to toe, this geodesic home outside of New York is a true architectural and engineering feat. Stacked wood planks and curved windows set into the walls add drama to the 2,300-square-foot abode, while a wooden staircase leading to a lofted library boosts both the beauty and the utility of the space. As if the well-crafted construction didn’t do enough to impress, residents can even rotate the dome by remote control through passive solar energy.

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Living in a Bubble in Fermanagh, UK

Want to go stargazing without leaving your room? The Bubble Dome could make your wish come true. Thanks to its 180-degree transparent walls, guests can enjoy spectacular views of the night sky and a 50-acre forest from the comforts of a four-poster bed. With an ensuite bathroom stocked with luxury toiletries, this is one bubble you’ll never want—or need—to escape.

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Rustic-turned-Modern in Kenmore, WA

Zillow Digs home in Kenmore, WA

Rustic materials are artfully married with modern finishes inside this waterfront home near scenic Lake Washington. Wood makes a memorable appearance indoors in the cabinetry and color-matched triangular roof slats, while a stainless-steel kitchen backsplash, marble floor tiles, and twenty-five skylights make the mix-and-match interior feel unmistakably contemporary.

Engineered Perfection in Pittsburgh, PA

Zillow Digs home in Pittsburgh, PA

Engineered for both aesthetics and energy efficiency, this geodesic home boasts a unique concave interior for optimal airflow and minimal heat loss. Whether you travel to the kitchen, dining room, living room, or powder room within the dome’s open floor plan, the combination of triangular and hexagonal windows that adorn the walls create a sense amplified dimensions while filling every space with light, warmth, and style.

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Oddball Oasis in Island Heights, NJ

Zillow Digs home in Island Heights, NJ

A splash of vivid blue paint on the exterior of this New Jersey-based nest sets it apart from both its forest surroundings and from other contemporary abodes. But the interior of the visually striking dome home has a bold statement of its own to make. The sky-high ceiling, spiral staircase, and triangular window all give a nod to the irreverent but irresistible geometry of the home.

Inner Beauty in Randolph, NJ

Zillow Digs home in Randolph, NJ

While the hexagonal skylights and striking red front double doors paint a picture of a quaint and cozy home, the open-concept interior of this sprawling dome home spans a whopping 3,200 square feet. Here, cathedral ceilings, historic European-inspired furnishings and artwork, and high-contrast orange and white walls coexist to achieve a regal, radiant, and yet modern space for casual conversations and formal dinner parties alike.

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Roomy Resort in Caledonia, NY

Zillow Digs home in Caledonia, NY

Boasting over 3,000 square feet of living space, including a two-and-a-half car garage, multi-level deck, and a 300-square-foot workshop, this resort-style dome home provides ample amenities and storage space for everyday living and creative pursuits. Durable finishes, including wood cabinetry, solid surface countertops, and partially-heated floor tile, make the interior as well-equipped as the exterior to handle domestic duties with ease.

It's a Wrap in Payson, AZ

Zillow Digs home in Payson, AZ

The carpeted loft and home office, work in tandem with the well-appointed downstairs dining and family room, to make this dome home in central Arizona the ideal getaway for work or play. But when residents are ready to call it a day, the garden patio, fenced dog area, or secluded wrap-around deck beckon with scenic views of the mountains by day, or the stars by night.

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Double the Dome in Fairfield, VA

Zillow Digs home in Fairfield, VA

While the attached garage of this striking home keeps a low profile with a 36-foot domed roof, it’s the second dome atop the house building that draws the eye with its triangular skylights, square cupola, and imposing 40-foot height. Spanning two floors with wood-clad walls, plush furnishings, and rows of triangular windows that provide panoramic views of surrounding Fairfield, this dome home represents the best of high-end accommodations made from humble materials.