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18 Castles You Can Buy (for Less Than You Think)

Who said you had to be a royal to live like one? Everyday house hunters looking for a new place to call home can snag any one of these on-the-market castles and chateaus to enjoy luxury lodgings in lush landscapes across Europe.

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Castle Houdan in Ile-de-France, France

Situated on a sprawling 24-hectare plot in Ile-de-France is a castle that evokes all the pomp and pageantry of 18th-century French society. Castle Houdan, converted from a hotel into a private residence, offers four fully renovated floors and 40 rooms that paint a picture of the lavish lifestyles of the inhabitants who lived here more than three centuries ago. Price: Available upon request from Propriétés de Prestige.

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Battlement Castle in Extremadura, Spain

Thanks to loving renovations in the early 1900s, this Spanish castle in Extremadura looks just as shipshape today as it did in the 13th century, when it served as an outpost for the military order of Alcántara. While the historic furnishings are not for sale, the aged abode, complete with 50 living spaces, a museum, and a pasture dotted with Iberian pigs, can be yours for a pretty penny. Price: 14.5 million Euros.

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Celtic Castle in Western Ireland

If the luck of the Irish is on your side, you can make this medieval castle and its four bedrooms, two baths, and great hall your permanent residence in the west of Ireland. Built in the 15th century, the towering dwelling epitomizes Celtic architecture, with its with impenetrably thick walls, oak ceiling beams, spiral stone staircase, and worn flagstone floors. Price: Available upon request from Premier Properties Ireland.

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Tulira Castle in Galway, Ireland

Set on 250 acres in Galway, this iconic castle and national landmark puts the sprawling backdrop to good use with a palatial property comprising a medieval tower house, courtyard building, and Victorian castle. Leading up to Tulira Castle, a scenic lime-tree-lined path is surrounded by a lush manicured lawn and an ornamental lake that reflects the natural beauty of the Irish landscape. Price: Available upon request from Ganly Walters.

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Moated Chateau in Touraine, France

While the moat and fortified gate of this French chateau makes the 16th-century dwelling look like an authentic castle, it’s actually a palatial country home. Today, its centuries-old charm continues to beckon architectural aficionados. Nestled in the countryside of Touraine, the 5,000-square-foot residence has kept up with the times thanks to the addition of modern luxuries like a two-car garage, heated pool, and pool house. Price: 3.3 million Euros.

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Split-Century Castle in Auvergne, France

Torn between two eras, this French castle near the historic town of Le-Puy-en-Velay in the Auvergne region of France artfully integrates architectural elements from the 15th and 20th centuries. Comprising a three-story square building, a 15th-century octagonal tower, and a 20th-century pavilion with a steep gabled roof, the regal residence takes guests on a trek through time as they wander the three-hectare estate. Price: 6.95 million Euros.

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Waterfront Castle in Cévennes, France

Situated in the mountain region of Cévennes, this 12th-century castle with a well-preserved reservoir rivals any modern-day waterfront property. The 43-hectare estate’s collection of rustic buildings, including a three-story farmhouse, vaulted stables, sheepfold, and barn, would make an ideal home for a fledgling farmer or avid home improver looking for the ultimate challenge. Price: 689,000 Euros.

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Rustic Castle in the Rhône Valley, France

Erected on former feudal lands in the Rhône Valley, this rustic castle recalls the simple charms of life in 11th-century France. Wrought-iron gates, mullioned windows, and towers accented with balistrariae grace the 5,100-square-foot property, which enjoys unobstructed views of nearby Mont Pilat. Price: 749,000 Euros.

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Parkside Castle in Nîmes, France

Erected in the 17th century, this French castle situated between Nîmes and Uzès still boasts the design elements of that period, including a vaulted stairway and a main gallery flanked by living spaces. The castle and its outbuildings occupy only one-fourth of the estate grounds, making the surrounding parkland your personal playground on fair-weather days. Price: 1.378 million Euros.

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Private Castle in Lot, France

There’s not a lot of foot traffic in this tranquil village near Figeac in the department of Lot, which makes this nearby castle such a desirable summer home. You won’t miss the hustle and bustle of modern life as you warm your hands by the original wooden hearths, stroll across the parquet flooring, or venture outdoors to admire the stately stone perimeter wall overlooking the scenic Lot and Célé valleys. Price: 445,000 Euros.

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Neo-Gothic Castle in Florence, Italy

Like the fine wine that flows from its vineyard, this neo-Gothic-style castle lying between Florence and Siena has only improved with age. The terra-cotta floors, wooden hearths, and rustic ceiling beams inside the 23,680-square-foot estate are as immaculately maintained as the Italian formal garden, vineyard, and olive grove that surround it. Price: 6.5 million Euros.

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Towering Castle in Chianti Hills, Italy

Need a change of scenery? The picturesque hills of the Chianti region will be your backyard if you move into this centuries-old Italian castle. When you’ve had your fill of exploring the outdoors, host a cocktail party in the sprawling internal courtyard, or kick up your feet in one of the castle’s 25 bedrooms, 19 of which include attached baths. Price: Available upon request from Castello in Vendita.

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Medieval Castle in Assisi, Italy

The town of Assisi, where the revered St. Francis was born, is also the birthplace of this medieval castle in the region of Umbria. The property’s 26,900 square feet provide owners with ample space for their residential, commercial, and storage needs. When you’re not using the castle grounds for work or play, you can soak up local color at nearby Gubbio, Todi, and Lake Trasimeno, all of which are located 40 minutes away by car. Price: 3.2 million Euros.

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Fortified Castle in Riosecco, Italy

If the walls of this castle could talk, they might tell the tale of its 12th-century life as a fortified tower. Today, the rustic four-bedroom in Riosecco has been retrofitted with a slew of luxury amenities that cater to modern-day Italians, including a grill and pizza oven, and a pool that’s ideal for relaxing on sizzling summer days. Price: 1.1 million Euros.

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Intimate Castle in Saint-Agrève, France

Boasting more than 4,800 square feet of Old World pomp, this 11-bedroom castle in Saint-Agrève still manages to retain an intimate atmosphere indoors thanks to warm, well-furnished communal spaces like the study, dining room, and kitchen. Outside the palatial property, eight hectares of parkland immerse outdoor enthusiasts in the natural wonders of the French countryside. Price: 495,000 Euros.

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Middle Ages Turned Modern Castle in Perugia, Italy

As this regal Italian castle proves, you don’t have to sacrifice modern convenience to live close to the drama and intrigue of the Middle Ages. The 91,000-square-foot property, formerly a medieval fortress, allows homeowners to experience 12th-century living from the comfort of 16 updated bedrooms and an outdoor pool overlooking the scenic town of Perugia in historic Umbria. Price: Available upon request from Prestige Property.

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Renaissance Chateau in the Dordogne, France

Dubbed the “Tuscany of France,” Dordogne is renowned for its picturesque gorges, imposing bridges, and majestic chateaus. This 17th-century Renaissance-style chateau is as splendid as its surroundings, replete with 20 grand rooms, among them 10 bedrooms, a salon, and a library ready to spoil any bookworm with an endless supply of riveting reads. Price: 2.995 million Euros.

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