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The 21 Most Stunning Fireplaces on the Internet

From luxe fire pits to eco-friendly floating hearths, these 21 radiant fireplaces could set any home aglow with their warmth, comfort, and trailblazing style.

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Old Flame

The soothing cream-colored walls of this Parisian boudoir get a dose of warmth from this beautiful bedside hearth, whose mantel doubles as a vanity. The fireplace’s clean surround, white brick interior, and bronze andirons appeal to both modern and old-world sensibilities.

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Carved to Perfection

The fireplace in this New Orleans abode boasts European-inspired details well suited for its French Quarter setting. Natural stone and a wooden mantel with hand-carved embellishments infuse the hearth with durability and style, while a wrought-iron firebox lends a sense of intrigue to pique visitors’ curiosity.

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When in Spain

The Spanish Revival is in full swing in this living room—and the results couldn’t be more beautiful. The towering triangular fireplace with its white facade pays tribute to late 19th-century stucco edifices, but gets a modern twist from its black firebox. Together with the wood-trimmed arched windows and the simple round mirror mounted above it, the fireplace evokes a luxurious yet homey hacienda.

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Turn Up the Heat

This eco-friendly abode in the California desert sits far from the crowds and distractions of urban life, a remote setting that lets its unconventional fireplace make a bold statement against the scenic scrubland. Compared with ground-dwelling fireplaces, the floating hearth is both a visual and energy-efficient boon.

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Back to the Woods

Artfully marrying modern and rustic, the fireplace in this Paris loft is set against crisp white walls and flanked by floor-to-ceiling chocolate-colored paneled doors. The slanted ceiling, accented by slimmer wooden supports, draws the eyes upward and creates a warm and intimate atmosphere.

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Shades of Teal

This timeless teal hearth inherits a colorful personality from the renowned artists who once occupied the historic home. The darker hue of the firebox and surrounding brick gives the hearth a commanding presence, while the lighter-colored mantel shifts focus to the pink and azure bowls that top it. Even further elevating the humble hearth is a rococo-inspired fireplace screen trimmed with gold for regal flair.

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Beguiling Tile

This two-toned fireplace has the blues, but retains a cheerful facade with an infusion of ivory. Set against a pillar of navy blue tiles, the carved marble hearth strikes a delightful contrast. Sparse blooms and artwork on the mantel give this high-drama corner a down-to-earth personal touch.

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Something to Marble At

An ornate marble hearth brings a touch of the Renaissance to an otherwise clean, modern space. Evoking the dazzling detail of centuries-old European edifices, the sophisticated yet simple elegance of the arched firebox allows the more intricate flourishes above to take center stage.

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Iron Will

Why go glamping outdoors? This beachfront property in Australia brings luxury camping inside, with a cast-iron hearth that makes the sights, sounds, and smells of a warming fire more immersive than ever before. Surrounded by wood furnishings and vibrant plants, the cozy fireplace lets friends and family enjoy nature in the safety of home.

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Idyllic in Ivory

To take your brick fireplace from dated to dreamy, glean inspiration from this modern space—and a quart of your favorite white. The facade of this fireplace got a pick-me-up from a bright coat of paint, which highlights the subtle grooves in the underlying brick. The contrast of the white brick against the charcoal-colored firebox adds extra appeal.

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Rock On

The mountains of Utah inspire every accent in this ski lodge, from the entrance to the fireplace. White and gray stones clad every inch of the towering hearth, and find their complements in the stone pillars near the entrance to the home. For a boost of comfort, luxurious leather sofas surround the fireplace and soften its rugged beauty.

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Going Gray

Features of midcentury-modern design, such as the open floor plan and see-through room divider, direct all eyes toward the flickering fireplace. Though the brick hearth with a built-in firebox occupies but one corner of the sprawling wall, it serves as a formidable focal point set against the slate-colored brick.

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Two-Way Street

Zillow Digs home in Scottsdale, AZ

This imposing elevated fireplace can be viewed from two vantage points: the living room and kitchen. The all-wood cladding of the hearth not only draws inspiration from rustic design elements in the neighboring kitchen, but also provides a literal window into the kitchen through the generous arched opening in the firebox.

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At-Home Hot Spring

From a spa tub to an elegant fireplace, there are no shortage of pampering amenities in this bath lover’s haven. The regal marble mantel, accessorized with bronze candleholders and a gilded mirror, allows homeowners to reflect on the past as they soak away the cares of today.

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A Nook to Cook

This hardworking kitchen doubles as a relaxing den thanks to an open fireplace and an inglenook outfitted with wood furnishings and cozy cushions. The stove exhaust cleverly connects to the fireplace chimney, banishing unpleasant odors and inviting fresh air to circulate in the ample space.

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Ode to Adobe

Step into this adobe in Colorado Springs and take a trek to the old Southwest. The kiva fireplace, with its characteristic beehive-shaped column and arched firebox, provides a defense against the cold desert nights. For an added touch of comfort, look up at the warm tones of the overhanging vigas, or roof rafters. 

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Stone-Studded Event

Experience cabin living without contracting cabin fever in this palatial lodge with an imposing stone hearth that tapers in width as it approaches the ceiling. Clad in stones of light and dark hues, the fireplace preserves the home’s earthy ambience while striking a dramatic counterpoint to the wood floors, walls, and rafters in the living room.

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To Be Frank

Though this Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired home is found in modern-day Connecticut, its stone hearth and pillars echo the quaint cobblestone streets of yesteryear. The fireplace pays homage to the nature-loving architect through its use of organic materials and an oversize firebox that looks like it could hold a forest full of logs.

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True Love’s Swiss

The clever selection of natural fireplace materials in complementary textures transformed this Alberta-based abode into a Swiss chalet. The slim silhouette of the wooden mantel allows the river rock to flow almost seamlessly from the arched firebox to the triangular peak of the chimney. Accentuated by a vaulted wood ceiling and fir floors, the fireplace takes a commanding position in the room.

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Imperfect Perfection

This industrial-style hearth is proof that even less-than-perfect accents can be repurposed into stunning hallmarks of a contemporary home. When outfitted with a high-gloss metal firebox, the rough-hewn edges and irregularly shaped planks of the hearth boost the visual variety in the living room.

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Fuel for the Fire

Zillow Digs home in San Francisco, CA

No logs to start that fire? The gas fireplace in this sleek home can maintain consistent warmth and comfort indoors with the mere flip of a switch. Decorative stones lend a natural sensibility to the ultramodern amenity, while a surrounding glass case safely—and glamorously—shelters the flames within.

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