10 “Under $10” Buys for Your Best-Ever Bedroom

Our bedroom may be our retreat from the rest of the house, but many homeowners admit it's one of the last rooms they get around to decorating. If yours needs a little added style and function, check out our list specially created for anyone who wants to boost bedroom decor without shelling out a bundle.

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Over-the-Door Hook


Maybe it’s a sweater you decided wouldn’t be necessary after all. Or maybe it’s the bath towel you haven’t gotten around to putting in the hamper yet. The point is that in the bedroom, there always seem to be linens, garments, and other miscellaneous items that are waiting to be put away. To keep them within easy reach yet out of your way, an over-the-door hook like this one makes the perfect storage perch. Best of all, there’s no installation necessary; simply slide the hook into place along the top of the door panel. Clutter crisis averted! Available at Urban Outfitters; $8.

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Clip Light


What’s the best thing about clip-on lights, besides their low price? In a word: versatility. There are dozens of ways that a clip light can come in handy. For instance, if it’s tough to see into the inner reaches of your bedroom closet, you can clamp a light like this one onto a shelf, and thanks to its adjustable gooseneck design, direct the light to wherever it’s needed. Another option: Attached to a headboard, a clip light makes it easy to read in bed, not least because you can instantly adjust the fixture if you decide to roll over. Now that’s luxury! Available at Bed Bath and Beyond; $9.99.

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Printed Pillowcases


Rather than buying an entirely new set of bed sheets, swap out only a portion of your linens for (unsurprisingly) a fraction of the cost. These brushed microfiber pillowcases with their cheeky prints—and often many other solids and prints—are sold separately at such a price point that you can afford two new additions for under $10. Available at Target; $3.49 each.

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Storage Bins


Coral and color the contents of your bedroom by sliding these bright, stackable bins beneath your bed or onto closet shelves. At 14 inches long and 10 inches wide, the medium size can easily contain at least a pair of shoes or a collection of craft supplies, and will mask any messiness with its opaque exterior. Available at Target; $4.99 each.

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Bed Risers


The area underneath your bed is probably littered with shoe boxes, rarely-used clothing, and other concealed clutter. But if you’re short on storage space, it can easily be transformed into an organizational oasis—all you need are some budget-friendly bed risers! These super-strong plastic ones from Greenco prop up your posts by an additional 5.25 inches. Fill the extra space with storage bins, shoe organizers, suitcases, or boxes of off-season holiday decor. Available on Amazon; $9.99 for a pack of four.

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Bedside Storage Tray


How many times have you gotten out of bed to locate your misplaced phone, reading glasses, lip balm, or medication? Keep everything in one place with the bedside storage tray by HappyDavid. With an easy-to-clean leather texture, the tray is both functional and attractive. The small structure fits perfectly on a dresser or nightstand, and convenient corner snaps allow you to quickly assemble the bowl, or lay it flat for storage. Available on Amazon; $7.99.

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Sound the Alarm


When you’re getting ready for work, the forecast is just as important as the time. Don’t start your day without an umbrella (or a jacket!) if a storm is brewing. Hippih’s Weather Station Alarm Clock does more than wake you up—you can put it to work as a humidity sensor, nightlight, and digital calendar, too. Available on Amazon; $6.99.

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Clever Caddy


Want to beef up your bedside storage? You don’t need a nightstand for that. Save space (and money!) with this canvas caddy instead. Just slip the fabric flap over your boxspring, and the weight of your mattress will do the rest. With six pockets, there’s plenty of room for late night snacks, a few books and magazines, and your phone or tablet. Available on Amazon; $8.99.

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The prospect of hopping out of a warm bed on a cold winter morning can make the hardiest among us want to crawl back under the covers. Make the transition a little easier on yourself by rolling out a warm (and cheerful) rug by your bedside. The finest Persian rug can cost a small fortune, and their fine designs make them better suited to a guest-friendly space like the living room. However this playful take on the original, woven with bright strands rarely found in Oriental rugs, makes a budget-friendly decor statement. Available on Amazon; $10.

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Nightlight with Dusk to Dawn Sensor


When plugged in a hallway outlet, a nightlight provides enough illumination to prevent you from stumbling in the dark on a midnight errand to the kitchen or bathroom. For a small but mighty, energy-efficient nightlight, consider the Maxxima with a dawn to dusk sensor that activates the LED light only when darkness falls. Available on Amazon; $9.99.

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