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15 “Under $100” Lighting Solutions for Every Room

Shopping for a new lamp, pendant light, or wall sconce comes with a healthy dose of sticker shock. Who knew that lighting a home could set you back a small fortune? It's doesn't have to, though. The editors at have collected 10 smart budget buys to help you illumine your home, and hold on to your cash.

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Full Swing

To score a bargain on a stylish fixture, your first instinct might be to shop with a major retailer. After all, mass production and affordability go hand in hand. Designer wares, meanwhile, usually command a steep price—but not always. Case in point: Las Vegas-based Logan Hendrickson designs and builds his own line of modern furniture and lighting, selling his creations through his own blog and boutique, OneFortyThree. Our favorite? The simple, modern, wall-mounted Swing Lamp, available in a range of colorful powder-coat finishes. Available at OneFortyThree; $95.

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In Charge

There’s no denying it: Smartphones have become a mainstay of our lives. Of course, that also means that for many people, keeping a device fully charged has become a daily ritual, much like walking the dog—necessary but also, a lot times, annoying. The RIGGAD table lamp from IKEA promises to make it less of a headache. No wires needed here; simply place your phone on the base of the lamp, and charging begins instantly. For the desk in your home office or the command center in your kitchen, it’s an ingenious double-duty addition. Available at IKEA; $79.99.

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Industrial Revolution

Because sconces are mounted on the wall, and often at eye level, it’s important that they be as stylish as they are functional. This two-light fixture performs on both fronts, playing off the industrial chic Edison bulb trend, with glass shades that highlight the unique lightbulb design and a polished brass finish to complement the aesthetic. Whether above the living room couch or framing the mirrors of the master bath, this inexpensive pick can stylishly illumine any household space. Available on Amazon; $74.99.

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Iron Age

Antique chandeliers can be elegant, but they’re not always suited to a sleek, modern home. Achieve a similarly showstopping result with an updated version like this iron abstract shade. The fixture’s adjustable height means it can be fit in almost any entryway, kitchen, or dining room, while the unique design and minimalist shape can complement any home’s evolving style. Available on; $91.

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Top Tier

No matter how impressive the light fixture, its luster will eventually be dimmed without regular dusting and cleaning. That’s where the Accmart LED Wall Sconce excels—not only is it stylish, but it boasts an easy-to-clean surface. This twist on a classic white sconce lends a subtle glow to a dark hallway, bland bathroom, or dreary dining room, and might just be the solution to all of your lighting woes. Available on Amazon; $37.

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Clear as a Glass Bell

The EcoPower Hanging Light blends old school charm with today’s penchant for clean lines and practicality, making it a perfect choice to bring a splash of modern style to a country kitchen, or a deliver vintage flair to a cutting edge bath. This pendant light is compatible with dimmer bulb and switch, which let’s you choose how brightly it lights up your home. Available on Amazon; $39.99.

Dreamy Cloud Light

Etsy via PachasCloud

Cloud watching isn’t just a pastime for the great outdoors, if you bring home this cloud pendant light. Perfect for kids and adults, the fluffy light shade is made from fire-retardant fiber, making it a safe and imaginative choice for a reading nook, a nursery, or even a quirky sunroom. Each cloud is available in three sizes, and since they’re handmade, every cloud light is one-of-a-kind—just as nature intended. Available on Etsy; $75.85.

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Filament Fixture

This globe light with an industrial twist includes an old-school filament bulb, glass enclosure, and an adjustable cord that works with any ceiling height. Despite the see-through shade, this pendant light is far from boring. Instead of blending in, it’s designed to accent the room, adding a dash of fun and function to your space. Available at Overstock; $74.99.

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Fold-Out Convenience

Light up the dim corner in your living room that you’ve been dying to transform into a reading nook with this perfectly traditional and adjustable wall sconce. Its accordion arm extends out to hover over your seat, while a swiveling head will allow you to aim its beam right onto your page. Plus, the cord plugs into the nearest outlet, so no electrician required for this installation. Available at Cost Plus World Market; $60.

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5-light Linear Pendant

Whether you set the table in a formal room or a breakfast nook sandwiched between your kitchen and living area, the focal point for such important daily rituals probably deserves a little extra attention. Distinguish the space with a stand-out statement light too large to miss: At 32 inches long—spanning from half to two-thirds of a standard dining table—this linear five-light beauty amps up the drama of multiple bulbs by encasing each in wirey antique bronze orbs. Available at; $79.

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Bright and Minimalist

Suspend a shallow metal shade over your industrial kitchen island or the neighboring dining table to shine a little extra light into these high-activity zones. The black hammered iron and high-contrast white rim of this vintage-inspired lighting accessory blend easily with today’s styles, from farmhouse to minimalist, while still nodding to a time more retro. Available at Cost Plus World Market; $70.

Make a Splash

The novelty lamp is an all-American classic. Available in a variety of styles, novelty lamps allow buyers to put their personality on display in a way that most electronics could never do. The Viv + Rae Splatter Lamp, for instance, is a charmingly irreverent choice for a modern home and is available in six colors, so it will match your decor, even as it stands out. Available at Wayfair; $19.99.

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Beyond Big Box

This box-shaped wall sconce may look great, but its most amazing quality lies in its construction. Fashioned from irregular wood salvaged from a French box factory, these light-giving fixtures are an environmentally sound choice for any home. Fitted with an LED light bulb, this affordable light shade will continue being green over the course of its life. Available on Etsy, $80.

Stained Glass Wonder

With its rich colors and warm stained glass designs, the Tiffany lamp is a timeless favorite; their price, on the other hand, makes them impractical for many homeowners. This Tiffany-style sconce offers the look of the real thing at an easy price point. Its durable design makes it suitable for use indoors, or in a covered outdoor area. Available at Plow & Hearth; $99.95.

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Electric Elegance

When you want to add a touch of luxury to an ordinary space, nothing does the job like a chandelier. This miniature design brings a vintage elegance to the boudoir, spa bath, or even the breakfast nook. Wreathed in crystal-clear glass beads, this fixture evokes a sense of richness, but at a very reasonable price. Available at Wayfair; $92.99.