The Best Projection Alarm Clocks for the Bedroom

Read the time with ease from anywhere in the room as a clear image projects onto your wall or ceiling. Additionally, some of the best projection alarm clocks display the indoor or outdoor temperature as well as the time.

By Carol Benton | Updated Jan 20, 2021 11:59 AM

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The Best Projection Alarm Clock Options


When you’re in bed, you might find it necessary to roll over, sit up, or crane your neck to view the time displayed on your alarm clock. Maybe the clock is on your partner’s side of the bed, and it’s impossible to see it from your side. If these small annoyances bother you, here’s good news. A wide variety of projection alarm clocks are available to project the time in a clearly visible image onto your bedroom wall or ceiling. Additionally, the best projection alarm clocks offer features such as dual alarms, indoor-outdoor temperature readings, and USB ports for phone charging.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Magnasonic Projection Alarm Clock with AM/FM Radio
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: PICTEK Projection Alarm Clock, 4 Dimmer, Digital
  3. BEST DUAL ALARM: SMARTRO SC31B Digital Projection Alarm Clock
  4. BEST WITH OUTDOOR TEMP: SMARTRO SC91 Projection Alarm Clock, Weather Station
  5. BEST FOR PHONE CHARGING: PICTEK Projection Digital Clock Radio, Phone Charger
  6. BEST FOR TRAVELING: TedGem Projection Alarm Clock for Bedrooms
The Best Projection Alarm Clock Options


What to Consider when Choosing the Best Projection Alarm Clock

With ample choices available, you can select a projection alarm clock that offers the features you desire. Consider whether you want to plug your projection alarm clock into an AC outlet, use a rechargeable battery, or insert alkaline batteries. Additionally, you can choose the color and design of the time display on your clock face as well as the angle of projection for the enlarged image.

Select from LED or LCD displays in optional colors, and don’t forget to choose an alarm ringtone that you’ll want to hear as you awaken. Read on to learn about the features to consider as you shop for the best projection alarm clock.


The genius behind the projection alarm clock is that you can read the time on the clock face, or you can simply look up at your wall or ceiling to see the time projected in a clearly visible image. Every projection alarm clock includes a built-in projector that can be rotated up to 180 degrees to project the image onto the most viewable spot on your wall or ceiling.

Most projection alarm clocks show a digital display of the time. As you set up your new clock, you can choose a 12-hour or 24-hour (military time) readout. The projector operates along the same principles as a movie projector. Projection alarm clocks use both liquid crystal display (LCD) and light emitting diode (LED) technology.

Display and Backlight

The function of a projection alarm clock requires a backlight, either an incandescent bulb or LED. Many models available on the market today use LED backlighting. You can read the time and other information displayed on the clock screen, or you can view the enlarged image projected onto your wall or ceiling.

In most cases, the numbers are shown in red or blue colors that can be viewed at night without causing a strong awakening response in most sleepers. Additionally, projection alarm clocks feature adjustable brightness settings. Select from among dim, medium, bright, and off settings to suit your needs regarding light sensitivity.

Bright settings project images that can be viewed even in daylight. A dim setting allows you to view the time projected in a dark room. On the other hand, if you want total darkness while you sleep, you can adjust the projector to the off setting.


The outer casings of most projection alarm clocks are made from durable plastic, including acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) material. ABS plastic is structurally strong and impact resistant. Additionally, ABS demonstrates desirable properties for electrical insulation.

Many projection alarm clocks include liquid crystal display (LCD) screens, similar to those used in computers, TVs, and tablets. Additionally, the backlighting that facilitates projection of the image is provided by LED bulbs in most projection alarm clocks. As an energy-saving feature, LEDs produce light with less electrical power than incandescent bulbs.

Alarm Tone

Projection alarm clocks offer a wide variety of audible tones to awaken you from slumber. Options include nature sounds, a buzzer, AM/FM radio stations, or amplified music played from your connected smartphone, tablet, or MP3 player.

Imagine awakening to the gentle sounds of nature, as some projection alarm clocks offer multiple options that include ocean waves, birdsong, or rain. Alternatively, you can select other sounds like a musical chord, white noise, or a buzzer. Many projection alarm clocks allow you to awaken to your favorite AM or FM radio show, with memories to accommodate up to 20 preset stations.

Many projection alarm clocks offer the additional convenience of dual alarms. This means that you can set two alarms for different times so you and your partner can awaken separately.


Most projection alarm clocks feature a tabletop design, allowing users to keep them close at hand on bedside tables. They are small, consuming a limited footprint on a surface that typically holds additional necessary items.

Many projection alarm clocks feature curved LCD screens that offer easy-on-the-eyes viewing. The advantage of a curved screen is that it employs all three dimensions (length, width, and height) to reduce distortion and make reading more comfortable for our eyes.

Although most projection alarm clocks measure only a few inches in length, height, and depth, they vary in their shapes. Some are shaped like small cubes, while others offer a thin and sleek design. Those with curved screens are generally rectangular and measure only about an inch in thickness.

Power Options

Most projection alarm clocks plug into alternating current (AC) electrical outlets, but this is not the only available power option. Some models feature rechargeable batteries that can be charged via a USB cable, while others operate on lithium or alkaline batteries. Those that require alkaline batteries typically run on AAA or AA batteries.

Many projection alarm clocks use a combination of battery and AC power. Batteries provide backup power that maintains accurate time and temperature readings in the absence of AC power. This is a convenient feature if the clock is accidentally unplugged or if a power outage occurs.

Our Top Picks

With an abundance of convenient features and attractive designs, a wide array of projection alarm clocks is available to choose from. Peruse these top picks to discover options that provide weather/temperature information, dual alarms, music amplification, multiple alarm tones, and easy-to-read displays. The following list of high-quality products from reputable manufacturers will help you find the best projection alarm clock to suit your needs and preferences.

Best Overall

The Best Projection Alarm Clock Options: Magnasonic Projection Alarm Clock with AMFM Radio

You and your partner can set individual, preprogrammable, daily alarms with this projection alarm clock from Magnasonic. Awaken to your choice of either a buzzer or your favorite music. The built-in 3.5-millimeter auxiliary input lets you play music or podcasts from an iPhone, iPad, Android device, MP3 player, or the built-in AM/FM radio.

The time, indoor temperature, and day/month/year are always in view with the 180-degree swivel feature that projects a 3.6-inch blue LCD display onto your ceiling or wall. Use the dimmer options (high, low, and off) to suit your personal sensitivity to nighttime light.

Additionally, this projection alarm clock automatically adjusts to daylight saving time and features a built-in lithium battery to guarantee automatic and correct time/date adjustment after a power outage. At a diminutive 3.5 inches by 5.5 inches by 4.76 inches and 1.23 pounds, this projection alarm clock packs an abundance of handy features but doesn’t consume much space on your bedside table.

Best Bang for the Buck

The Best Projection Alarm Clock Options: PICTEK Projection Alarm Clock, 4 Dimmer, Digital

Adjust the brightness of the large red LED numerals on this projection alarm clock from PICTEK. The clear on-screen time display can be read from a distance of 10 feet. Or, you can project the time display onto your ceiling or wall with dim, medium, and bright display settings. The bright display facilitates a visible projection of the time even during daylight hours. If you’re sensitive to light while you’re trying to sleep, you can turn off the projector as well.

This projection alarm clock offers the handy convenience of a USB phone charging outlet so you can let your phone or other device charge overnight. Other features include a nine-minute snooze button and an automatic time reset after the clock has been unplugged.

The sleek design of this projection alarm clock from PICTEK will complement any decor. It features a rectangular shape with a curved screen that measures 7 inches long and 3 inches high, and this compact device is only 1.1 inches thick.

Best Dual Alarm

The Best Projection Alarm Clock Options: SMARTRO SC31B Digital Projection Alarm Clock

The soft red color of the projected time/temperature display from this projection alarm clock does not disturb most sleepers. Meanwhile, it is clearly readable when projected from a distance of 3.3 to 9.8 feet onto your wall or ceiling.

The dual alarm feature allows you to set separate alarms for yourself and your partner. Hit any button except the top button and the alarm turns off but remains set for the next day. As an added convenience, use the five-minute snooze feature for a bit of extra shut-eye.

This projection alarm clock from SMARTRO offers a USB charging port for your phone as well as a 3-inch backlit LCD screen. In addition to the time, you’ll view the outdoor temperature, conveyed via a wireless sensor.

Best with Outside Temp

The Best Projection Alarm Clock Options: SMARTRO SC91 Projection Alarm Clock, Weather Station

A professional-grade sensor provides accurate measurements of indoor/outdoor temperatures and humidity for display on this projection alarm clock. Additionally, the device shows the time in 12- or 24-hour format as well as the date, weekday, weather patterns, mold risk, and mold alerts. This abundance of helpful information is displayed on a 4.5-inch LCD screen.

Use the adjustable projection feature to project the time and temperature onto your wall or ceiling. The temperature display will automatically toggle between outdoor and indoor readings. SMARTRO includes one sensor, but you can connect up to three wireless remote sensors on three channels to measure temperature and humidity in different areas around your home.

A dimmer mechanism adjusts the backlit LCD display, offering light, medium, low, and out settings. Plug in the AC power adaptor for regular use, but the built-in battery will ensure that weather data is not lost when you unplug or lose power to this projection alarm clock.

Best for Phone Charging

The Best Projection Alarm Clock Options: PICTEK Projection Digital Clock Radio, Phone

No more bending and reaching to plug your phone charger into the wall outlet behind your bedside table. Instead, you can plug your phone-charging cord directly into this projection alarm clock from PICTEK. With a 5V 2A USB port, your phone will charge faster than average.

Set two separate alarms for yourself and your partner, selecting your preferred alarm sound or FM radio station. Choose from birds singing, a wave sound, a musical chord ringtone, or a buzzer. If you prefer to awaken to your favorite radio show, the PICTEK projection alarm clock can remember up to 15 preset stations.

Read the time clearly and easily on your wall or ceiling with the 180-degree swivel projector adjusted to your preferred level of brightness. Choose from among four brightness settings: dim, medium, bright, and off. Hold down the project button and the image on your wall or ceiling flips upside down 180 degrees.

Best for Traveling

The Best Projection Alarm Clock Options: TedGem Projection Alarm Clock for Bedrooms

Would you like to enjoy the convenience of a projected time display while you’re away from home? With this projection alarm clock from TedGem, you can plug the included USB cable into an AC adaptor, a power bank, or a computer to charge it before you embark on your journey. Alternatively, you can insert three AAA batteries. Then, simply toss this 10.5-ounce projection alarm clock into your luggage or backpack for ultimate convenience.

The 120-degree adjustable projector displays the time on your wall or ceiling from a distance of up to 10 feet. Project the time onto a surface to easily read the clear red numerals without moving from your bed.

In addition to the time, the 3.8-inch LCD screen displays the month, date, day of the week, and indoor temperature. Four adjustable settings allow you to set the brightness of the display from 0-percent to 100-percent brightness.

FAQs About Projection Alarm Clocks

By now, you’ve probably narrowed your selection to one or two favorite projection alarm clocks, and perhaps you’re ready to make an informed choice. Still, you may have some questions before you get started. Read on for answers to questions people frequently ask regarding projection alarm clocks.

Q. How do you set a projection alarm clock?

Follow the instructions included with your projection alarm clock. Be sure to set your time zone for automatic adjustments such as daylight saving time or data recovery from a power outage.

Q. Are there projection alarm clocks with nature sounds?

Yes. With some projection alarm clocks, you can awaken to your choice of nature sounds like birdsong, rain, ocean waves, or a babbling brook.

Q. Will a projection alarm clock be too bright and keep me awake?

Many projection alarm clocks feature adjustable brightness settings. You can adjust these settings to best suit your sensitivity to light.