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10 Useful Items You Should Keep on Your Nightstand

A well-stocked nightstand is the backbone of every bedroom. In addition to the essentials (think tissues, books, and your cell phone ), consider sparing some precious real estate for these 10 clever products. They’ll help you get organized, sleep better, and wake up feeling refreshed for the day ahead.

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Wake Up Naturally

The circadian rhythm that helps our bodies establish a regular sleeping pattern is heavily influenced by sunlight and darkness. The morning light is a cue for us to wake up, but people can’t always rise with the sun in wintertime, on cloudy days, or in rooms with few windows. If you can’t get the real thing, a sunrise alarm clock is a great alternative. Program the time you’d like to wake up, and the built-in light will gradually become brighter in the minutes before the alarm sounds. Available on Amazon; $116.66.

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Soothing Sounds

As it turns out, white noise is the most effective lullaby. White noise is defined as sound that contains all frequencies heard by the human ear playing at the same volume.
Specialized white noise machines
serve up these sounds at the press of the button, blocking distractions and promoting sleep in babies, children, and adults.
Available on Amazon; $25.99

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Lighten Up

Not only does a nightstand lamp create ambient lighting, it also lets homeowners read books or magazines in bed. This modern lamp from Brightech has the added bonus of a USB port for charging phones, tablets, or other electronic devices, so you no longer have to scramble out of bed to plug your charger into an outlet. The energy-efficient LED bulb that lasts for 20 years, and the sleek design matches nearly any bedroom design. Available on Amazon; $24.99.

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Around the Clock

Many people use their cell phone as an alarm, but constantly reaching for the device to check the time can get annoying. Consider going back to basics with this electronic clock from Electrohome. It has a 3.6” blue LCD display, back-up battery, adjustable brightness, AM/FM radio, and AUX input for playing music. Perhaps the best feature, however, is the projection display, which broadcasts the time or temperature onto the walls or ceiling. Available on Amazon; $25.00.

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Between the Lines

In order to relax before bed, many people read on their phone or tablet. But did you know blue light emitted from screens has a negative effect on sleep? Consider swapping your electronic device for the Kindle Paperwhite, which uses a built-in front light for a comfortable reading experience without straining your eyes. The Kindle Paperweight also resists glare, has an adjustable font size, and weighs less than a paperback, so your arms won’t tire as you lose yourself in a story.
Available on Amazon; $129.99

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Store Your Spectacles

Do you find yourself fumbling for your glasses every the morning? Then perch them on this adorable owl eyeglasses holder. Hand-carved from a piece of sheesham wood in India, this practical purchase also doubles as a charming accent piece for your room. Available on
; $24.

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Dock Your Devices

Here’s a crazy idea: When you unwind at night, disconnect in a way that doesn’t involve tucking your phone into your sheets with you. Instead, prop up your tech accessories on a compact wooden stand. This dock was built for Apple devices (specifically the watch and iPhones), but that doesn’t mean it’s not flexible. The slots in the bamboo frame are large enough to stand nearly any phone upright, while the ledge is available for draping your Rolex, Fitbit, or any other smartwatch. Best of all, several USB charging ports allow you to juice up multiple devices overnight, in addition to an Apple Watch. Available on Amazon; $43.99.

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Get Warm

In the colder months, make room on your nightstand for an item you’ll use regularly: a controller for your heated mattress pad. Sunbeam’s Quilted Heated Mattress Pad has two controllers (one for each side of the bed) with cords long enough to extend to your side table—ands the sleek interfaces won’t appear out of place next to your lamp or alarm clock. Whenever overnight temperatures dip, select your preferred heat setting and rest easy knowing that the 10-hour auto-off function won’t let you leave it running for an unsafe amount of time. Available on Amazon; $49.80 for a Queen-sized mattress pad.

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Quench Your Thirst

Do you carry a glass of water into the bedroom every night? Make life a little easier by delegating a corner of your nightstand to a two-piece carafe set like this one. The included tumbler fits right over the neck of the vessel, blocking dust and helping keep contents fresh. Meanwhile, the compact, convenient design makes it simple to serve yourself, even in the dead of night when you’re clumsy with fatigue. Elegant and sculptural, the carafe also adds a note of casual style to any bedroom. Available on Amazon; $23.

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Peace and Quiet

If you sleep next to a loud snorer or live near a popular nightclub, it may be time to take matters into your own hands. Of course, that’s no hassle when you keep earplugs within arm’s reach of your bed. Made in America with low-pressure, slow-release, ultra-comfortable foam, Mack’s Earplugs effectively block out more than 15 decibels of sound, helping you sleep soundly through barking dogs, honking horns, and loud music. Available at Amazon; $9.89.

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