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Editors’ Picks: 10 Favorite Sofas Under $1,000

There's nothing more futile than the search for a couch that's both affordable and comfortable—or so it can seem to today's budget-conscious shopper. Many sofa seekers visit secondhand shops and scour Craigslist to find a good deal on a gently used piece. However, not everyone wants to devote that kind of time and energy to track down what's essentially a used piece of furniture. In fact, you can get a good deal on a new sofa, if you know where to look. We've rounded up some of the best quality couches at the lowest prices to help you start the search. From pint-sized loveseats to sprawling sectionals and sofa beds, there's something here for everyone. Flip through to find the one that's right for your space.

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Danish Modern

Many admire the clean lines and organic curves of Danish Modern furniture, but few can afford the genuine article. One cost-cutting option is to scour the flea markets in your area for a deal. If, however, you would like to avoid the hassle of bargain-hunting, remember that you can always choose a decent, relatively inexpensive reproduction like this one. Available in a range of colors, from Haze Blue to Port Red, the Niels sofa appeals with its graceful silhouette, stylish tufting, and stand-out details like tapered wood legs. Available at Overstock; $637.49.

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At almost 90 inches wide and 40 inches deep, the
Radley Fabric Sofa offers the luxury of a full-size sofa for the price of a compact love seat or settee. Concealed by its easy-clean, richly textured polyester upholstery are a built-to-last solid wood frame along with high-resiliency foam fill that helps ensure that over time, the sofa hangs onto both its shape and comfort. Available in your choice of Mocha or Chrome, the sofa, by virtue of its neutral palette and simple, straightforward styling, looks right at home in any contemporary or transitional space. Available at Macy’s; $899.

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A Compact Sectional

Although sectionals provide ample seating, they can be awkward pieces of furniture. For starters, traditional sectionals look too large in many living rooms—a problem that customers can’t foresee when picking out the sofa in a department store. These types of couches also cost a pretty penny. If you want the functionality of a sectional without the hefty price tag or gigantic size, look no further than this one from Target. The 6.5-foot width fits perfectly in most living rooms. As a bonus, the chaise-like design eliminates the uncomfortable corner seat that comes with most L-shaped sectionals. Available at Target; $829.99.

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Old-Fashioned Upholstery

Designing an elegant living room on a budget is no easy feat, since formal-looking furniture can set you back thousands of dollars. The Kyla Chesterfield Sofa by Darby Home Co. provides a cost-effective solution. With a tufted back and roll arms, the uniquely-shaped sofa brings style to any sitting room. Play up the vintage aesthetic with neutral toss pillows (included with purchase), or modernize the couch with a brightly-colored throw or rug. The comfortable seat cushion is removable and reversible, which means it’s easy to keep your couch looking clean and like-new for years to come. Available at Wayfair; $659.99.

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Fit for Royalty

Just because space is limited doesn’t mean your design needs to be! The Kendall Sofa brings home not only a comfortable seat for two, but also a sense of grandeur in even the smallest space thanks to its hand-tufted velvet upholstery job in the statement-making midnight blue. Plus, the shorter, 27-inch stature of this Midcentury-style sofa makes the walls feel taller than they might be—ideal where you’re looking to fake high ceilings. Available at World Market; $749.99.

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Study Lounge

Looking for an antiqued style instantly—or, at the very least, after only an afternoon of assembly? The dark vinyl upholstery and rich oak wood finish of the wooden frame instill in the HomeHills Mission Sofa a more mature appearance right out of the box. The sturdy, wooden arms provide a welcome perch for anyone in your family to curl up with a book, be it in the living area, den, or home library. Available at Bellacor; $600.

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Comfy Classic

When it comes to investment pieces, many prefer to stick to a classic style and shape. A simple design keeps furniture from looking dated and helps it blend seamlessly with your space, even as your decor style evolves. The clean lines and rolled arms give this faux-leather upholstered sofa a timeless look, plus it’s sturdy enough for daily wear and tear but comfy enough for a Netflix marathon. Available at Wayfair; $549.99.

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Tailored to You

The only thing better than finding an affordable sofa you love is designing it yourself. With six upholstery materials and forty color options, Wayfair’s Vivian Sofa lets you do just that. Made in North Carolina, this made-to-order couch is built to last—at a price that’s hard to beat. The turned arms, nailhead trim, and decorative legs lend a luxe look, that will surely impress guests when they discover its bespoke origins. Available at Wayfair; $799.

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White Tufted Bi-Cast Leather

How many sofa beds can convert into not one bed, but two? Meet the double-duty couch that does just that. Both halves of this Marsden two-piece sectional fold out to become luxurious sleepers for overnight guests. Unlike traditional sofa beds, this sectional does not contain an inner mattress and metal bed frame, making it lighter and easier to move than other models. Available at Bellacor; $955.

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Bria Velvet Settee

When your space won’t accommodate a couch, choose a settee. The Bria Velvet Settee from Savafieh’s diminutive dimensions allow it to integrate into rooms of any size. The loveseat’s modern twist on the classic Chesterfield is a bold statement in today’s modern living room, or a refreshing addition to a traditional space. Available at; $587.49.

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