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Stone Veneers: 10 Rock-Solid Looks for Your Walls

There once was a big difference in appearance between natural and faux stone veneer, but the materials have evolved to be nearly indistinguishable. Natural stone can now be thinly sliced, allowing it to clad surfaces in ways that were once impossible. Authentic stone veneers are now sturdier and have richer coloration, but they are expensive and usually require more time to install. Manufactured stone is lighter and cheaper, and can be installed more quickly, but it can be more susceptible to wear over time. Both manmade and natural stone veneers can clad practically any surface in any room of the house. See for yourself by clicking through our gallery of project ideas.

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Arch Support

Venetian Villa natural stone veneer by Coronado is the perfect complement to classic outdoor arches. The square- and rectangular-cut pieces are less than 2.5 inches thick and weigh 7 to 10 pounds per square foot, requiring some care when installing.

Clad Columns

This manufactured stone veneer product by Boral features more than 50 percent recycled content. Due to its consistent coloring and natural-looking edges, it’s great for wrapping a series of columns.

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Step It Up

A thin natural stone veneer covering these exterior stairs forms a smooth transition from pavers to patio. The mosaic pattern, composed of irregular pieces of natural stone, adds a colorful dimension to the project.

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Mixed Materials

Selective use of a manufactured gray limestone veneer by Glen-Gery helps tie together this house’s varied exterior cladding materials, including red brick and traditional siding. The stone veneer sets a natural-looking outdoor color palette to complement materials that might otherwise clash.


An understated, precision-cut manufactured stone veneer from Eldorado Stoneadds subtle texture to this bedroom and fosters a sense of being outdoors. The pattern seeks to bridge the gap between old-world style and modern elegance.

Consistent in the Kitchen

This manufactured stone veneer from BuildDirect forms tailored corners and is DIY friendly to install. Available for use in many settings, this material has consistent coloration that will hold up well to the harshest of elements outdoors as well as cleaning products indoors.

Dreamy Marble

From far away, this finely cut natural marble veneer looks like a single hue, but upon closer inspection you can see all the natural shades emerge. The stones are cut, tumbled, and acid-washed, resulting in a warm and luxurious material that is perfect for creating a spa-like setting in a bathroom.

Down the River

Large river rocks pose a minor cladding challenge in their natural state. A manufactured stone variety, however, re-creates the look of the large, round rocks—in sizes up to 15 inches—without the heft, resulting in a product that allows the visually weighty material to soar above a fireplace mantel.

Rugged Elegance

Ledgestone, a manufactured veneer from EP Henry, is textured to capture both light and shadow for a rugged appearance that mimics natural stone. Its varied colors contribute to its authentic look and complement indoor or outdoor walls.

Light It Up

Walls aren’t the only surfaces where stone veneer is suitable. This outdoor island and grill is clad in a beautiful, thin natural stone veneer that is echoed in the porch behind it, refining an exquisite outdoor detail.

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