The 25 Most Walkable Cities in the United States

Roaming the streets on foot might elicit stares in some car-dependent corners of the country, but did you know that there are plenty of walkable towns, small and large, where you can rely on your own two feet to commute, shop, dine, and explore? Walk Score, a private company that aims to promote walkable neighborhoods, hands out a walkability rating of 0 to 100 to cities around the United States. The company uses factors like population density and road metrics to measure a city's pedestrian-friendliness and also analyzes hundreds of routes to local amenities from specific addresses. Scroll through to find out which cities made it into the top 25, then lace up and take a stroll around your favorite one.

  1. New York, New York

    New York, New York

    The city that never sleeps also never stops moving its feet if its unbeatable walk score of 89.2 is any indication. Of course, walkability is no surprise in a city where a short trip on any subway puts visitors within easy walking distance of world-class restaurants, shops, and theaters. According to U.S. Census data, 77 percent of all Manhattanites go car-free, but some neighborhoods, such as Union Square, the West Village, and Nolita, are especially friendly to those on foot.

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  2. Jersey City, New Jersey

    Jersey City, New Jersey

    Residents of this so-called "sixth borough" of New York City have access to the PATH transit system, the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail system, and a number of bus lines, but they also have a wealth of places they can go on foot. The typical resident can walk to, on average, six restaurants, bars, or coffee shops in only five minutes, a convenience that earns the city a walk score of 87.3. Some of the most walkable neighborhoods of Jersey City are Historic Downtown, Journal Square, and McGinley Square.

  3. San Francisco, California

    San Francisco, California

    While the iconic Golden Gate Bridge may lead you to believe that Fog City has a big car culture, ample park trails, cable cars, and the Bay Area Rapid Transit system make the city friendly to those who prefer to hoof it. If you’re looking to give your legs a workout in the most walkable city on the West Coast, with a walk score of 86.2, head to pedestrian-friendly and scenic (though at times steep) neighborhoods like Chinatown, Union Square, and Lower Nob Hill.

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  4. Boston, Massachusetts

    Boston, Massachusetts

    Wherever the MBTA system, known locally as "the T," doesn't go, Beantown residents can reach by foot. Boston earned a walk score of 80.9, making it the fourth-most pedestrian-friendly city in the country. Whether you’re frequenting the Leather District, the North End (a.k.a Little Italy), or the Bay Village neighborhood with its stately Federal-style houses, you’ll find food and fun aplenty on foot.

  5. Newark, New Jersey

    Newark, New Jersey

    The Newark Central Business District, North Ironbound, and University Heights neighborhoods are some of the most walkable in Newark, but the entire city garnered an impressive walk score of 80.4. Downtown, the bustling Market Street is home to a sea of shops, restaurants, and lofts all within walking distance of one another.

  6. Miami, Florida

    Miami, Florida

    Sun-drenched Miami is not only a hotbed for beachgoers, but also a paradise for perambulators. Setting itself apart from much of car-reliant Florida, Miami snagged a walk score of 79.2. Its most pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods are Downtown, Wynwood-Edgewater, and Little Havana.

  7. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Stroll Schuylkill River Trail, catch a matinee, or marvel at the architectural grandeur of City Hall—you can do it all on foot in Philadelphia, which has a high walk score of 79. Among the most walkable neighborhoods in the oldest city in Pennsylvania are Center City West, Avenue of the Arts, and Rittenhouse Square.

  8. Chicago, Illinois

    Chicago, Illinois

    Chicago’s "Magnificent Mile" of shops and restaurants along North Michigan Avenue may be a focal point for those on foot, but it’s not the only district that caters to walkers. With a walk score of 77.8, the city as a whole welcomes pedestrians, who will find the Near North Side, West Loop, Wrigleyville, and Ukrainian Village among the most walkable neighborhoods.

  9. Washington, D.C.

    Washington, D.C.

    While President George Washington may have traversed this terrain on horseback, today his namesake city is best explored on foot. Washington, D.C., scored a 77.3 walkability rating for its easy-to-roam, rowhouse-lined neighborhoods, most notably Dupont Circle, U Street, and Penn Quarter and Chinatown.

  10. Seattle, Washington

    Seattle, Washington

    From the Space Needle to The Mark, Seattle’s soaring skyscrapers keep the eyes of tourists fixed overhead, but the city also packs in plenty of pleasures at ground level—and many of them can be easily reached on foot. Thanks to this accessibility, reflected in the city's walk score of 73.1, visitors can ditch their car for the day and explore Pike’s Place Market downtown, take an art walk in Pioneer Square, or lose themselves in one of more than 150,000 reads at the beloved Elliott Bay Book Company on Capitol Hill.

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  11. Oakland, California

    Oakland, California

    Transit- and bike-friendly Oakland clocks in at number 11 on our list of the most walkable American cities, with a walk score of 72. For memorable meandering, hie on over to the never-dull downtown, the craft beer gardens and pubs of Koreatown Northgate, or the indie shops of Temescal.

  12. Long Beach, California

    Long Beach, California

    Bike lanes and buses galore make car-free living a possibility in Long Beach, and residents are encouraged to stroll the seaside city, which has a walk score of 69.9. Young adults prefer to saunter along the sands of Alamitos Bay Beach, while families flock to Mother’s Beach. And if you’d rather not get your feet dirty, head to the walkable downtown or Saint Mary's neighborhoods.

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  13. Baltimore, Maryland

    Baltimore, Maryland

    This harbor city with a walk score of 69.4 has been dubbed “a city of neighborhoods,” with Mount Vernon, downtown, and the University of Maryland at Baltimore being among the most pedestrian-friendly. Baltimore's 5,000 acres of green space make the city all the more scenic to strut.

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  14. Hialeah, Florida

    Hialeah, Florida

    One of only two cities in Miami-Dade County with its own street grid system, Hialeah also distinguishes itself from neighboring towns with its walkability score of 69.4. This haven for pedestrians boasts an average of two restaurants and bars within a five-minute walk from any home. Trojan Park, Seminola City, and the Palmetto I-75 Industrial Center are among the city’s most walkable districts.

  15. Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Minneapolis, Minnesota

    Famed for its Chain of Lakes, numbering five in total, Minneapolis is also touted for its walkability. The city has a walk score of 69.2 due to pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods like Lyn-Lake, Uptown, and Lowry Hill East. If you’re partial to a scenic promenade, try the 52-mile walkway alongside the Grand Rounds National Scenic Byway.

  16. Arlington, Virginia

    Arlington, Virginia

    Over 60 neighborhoods make up this city located across across the Potomac River from our nation’s capital. The fact that so many of those neighborhoods are densely clustered is a major contributor to the city's walk score of 68.9. Some of the most walkable of these urban villages are Clarendon-Courthouse, known for its mom-and-pop shops, Ballston-Virginia Square, home of the Taste of Arlington Food Festival, and Colonial Village, a lush landscape with appealing winding paths.

  17. Buffalo, New York

    Buffalo, New York

    The second-largest city in New York has long served as a gateway for travel across the border into Canada, but it's notable in its own right as a walkable paradise. Buffalo’s pedestrian-friendly districts garnered it a walk score of 67.8. The best neighborhoods to explore on foot include Allentown, the Central Business District, and Bryant.

  18. Los Angeles, California

    Los Angeles, California

    The Walk of Fame isn’t the only part of L.A. you can stroll. Urban revitalization, along with the city's investment in express buses and light rail, is helping to turn Tinseltown into a more walkable landscape. In fact, notoriously car-dependent Los Angeles now boasts a walk score of 67.4. The best neighborhoods to explore on foot are the densest, including downtown, MacArthur Park, and Central Hollywood.

  19. Santa Ana, California

    Santa Ana, California

    Santa Ana’s star power lies as much in its walk score of 66.1 as in its sandy beaches and close proximity to Los Angeles. The city largely has its status as the fourth-most densely populated city in the country (after New York, San Francisco, and Boston) to thank for its high rating. If you’re relying on your own two feet to get around, make a beeline for the pedestrian-friendly downtown, Willard, and Heninger Park.

  20. Portland, Oregon

    Portland, Oregon

    The smaller-than-average blocks that compose most of Portland make traveling by foot particularly convenient by providing more opportunities to cross streets. The second-most walkable city in the Pacific Northwest boasts an overall walk score of 64.7, with Old Town Chinatown and downtown being among the best areas for pedestrians.

  21. Rochester, New York

    Rochester, New York

    On snow plowing days, Rochester drivers can park only on the even-numbered side of the street on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, and on the odd-numbered side on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Given these winter challenges, commuters and visitors alike should rejoice at the city's walk score of 64.6. In particular, the walkable districts of Pearl-Meigs-Monroe, the Central Business District, and Park Avenue deserve special consideration.

  22. St. Louis, Missouri

    St. Louis, Missouri

    The hustling and bustling downtown, gallery-lined Benton Park West, and brewery-filled Benton Park neighborhoods all contribute to the walking cred of St. Louis, which picked up a walk score of 64.5.

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  23. Honolulu, Hawaii

    Honolulu, Hawaii

    From the Foster Botanical Gardens to Iolani Palace, the only royal palace in the country, Honolulu’s attractions are best seen up close, and the best way to do that is on foot. A few neighborhoods worth a stroll are downtown, Ala Moana-Kakaako, and Waikiki, which is home to a series of overlapping, glistening beaches.

  24. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    While you’ll encounter your fair share of motorcycles in the home of Harley-Davidson, Milwaukee’s walk score of 62.1 suggests that two feet will do almost as well as two wheels. The Juneau Town, Lower East Side, and Yankee Hill neighborhoods are particularly good for traversing by foot.

  25. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    While sports lovers flock to this town on game days, the streets outside of the big-league stadiums are abuzz with pedestrian activity. The city as a whole earned a walk score of 61.9, but pedestrians have the biggest footprint in the downtown, Central Oakland, and Friendship neighborhoods.

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