The 8 Best Climbing Roses for Your Garden Trellis, Arbor, or Pergola

Bring abundance, privacy, and fragrance to the garden with one of these lovely climbers.

Beauty and Function

best climbing roses

Roses are a garden favorite due to their fragrance and beauty. Climbing roses serve a functional purpose and add color, texture, and overall aesthetics to a landscape. These roses can be trained to screen for privacy, frame a doorway, or even cover an arbor to increase shade.

There are numerous classes of climbing roses, and they come in various colors and fragrances. This roundup of the best climbing roses features those that are popular, easy to maintain, and simply beautiful.

Cecile Brunner

Cecile Brunner best climbin roses

Cecile Brunner is an award-winning climbing rose that grows vigorously and features generous sprays of fragrant, fully double, pale pink flowers. The climbing rose is almost thornless, and blooms can reach up to 1.5 inches across. This climbing rose boasts a long blooming season that starts in late spring or early summer and continues until early fall. Cecile Brunner grows up to 12 feet tall with up to a 6-foot spread. This rose grows in zones 4 to 11 and needs plenty of full sun to thrive.

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Eden Climber

eden climber best climbing roses

This old-fashioned repeat-blooming rose features large, fully double, cupped blooms in an unusual blend of pastel pinks, creams, and yellows. It's a climber with plenty of foliage, excellent disease resistance, and a light fragrance. Eden Climber grows up to 10 feet high with a 6-foot wide spread. This rose is suitable for zones 5 through 11 and tolerates some shade.


iceburg climbing rose

Iceberg features rounded and double flowers with soft white petals and a mild fragrance. The climbing rose produces abundant medium-size flowers that bloom continuously from late spring through first winter frost. It has increased disease resistance when grown in full sun with adequate air circulation. Icebergs grow up to 12 feet tall with a 3-foot spread. These roses grow in zones 5 to 9 and need a minimum of 6 hours of direct sunlight daily to thrive.

Mortimer Sackler

Mortimer Sackler best climbing roses

Mortimer Sackler is a versatile rose that gardeners can use as a short climber or a tall shrub. It features attractive small, dark green leaves and few thorns. The roses have delicate cup-shaped, double flowers in soft pink. The blooms have a gentle, fruity fragrance that is reminiscent of old roses. Mortimer Sackler grows up to 12 feet with a 4-foot wide spread. This lovely climber can thrive in full sun and partial shade, and grows in zones 4 through 9.

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Tangerine Skies

tangerine skies best climbing roses

These lovely climbers feature blooms with a unique, peachy mango blend that contrasts beautifully with their glossy, dark green foliage. The rose features classically shaped buds with an abundant fragrance. Tangerine Skies is incredibly resistant to common diseases and grows up to 8 feet high with a 4-foot wide spread. These roses grow in zones 5 to 10 and need full sun.

Lady of Shalott

lady of shallot best climbing roses

The Lady of Shalott features repeat blooming apricot chalice-shaped flowers with a light tea fragrance. The blooms contrast beautifully with a mix of red-bronze foliage that matures to a lovely green. The climber blooms continuously from late spring until frost and has excellent disease resistance. The Lady of Shalott grows up to 8 feet tall with a 3-foot wide spread. This spectacular climber thrives in full sun in zones 4 through 11.

Don Juan

don juan best climbing roses

If you have your heart set on an authentic red rose, Don Juan won't disappoint. The rose features rich red, double-bloom, and sweetly fragranced flowers that look stunning against its glossy dark green foliage. The prodigious climber is a repeat bloomer and shows its best color in climates with warmer nights. Don Juan grows up to 10 feet tall with a 5-foot wide spread. Grow this classic rose in zones 6 to 10 and in full sun.

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Raspberry Cream Twirl

Raspberry Cream Twirl best climbing roses

The fun climber features full, cuplike blooms in a fun mix of deep pink with white stripes. Raspberry Cream Twirl has a light apple fragrance, making this climber smell as fun as it looks. The rose also features glossy, dark green foliage that makes the blooms pop. It is nearly thornless and has excellent disease resistance. Raspberry Cream Twirl grows up to 12 feet tall with a 5-foot wide spread. These fun blooms thrive the best in full sun and in zones 5 through 10.

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