The Best Home Renovation Shows You Can Binge-Watch Right Now

Whether you’re into house flipping, major renovations, or house-hunting quests, there are plenty of binge-worthy home shows queued up for your enjoyment.
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Get Ready to Binge-Watch

Have you been meaning to give your living room a face-lift? Are you thinking of knocking out the wall separating your kitchen from your dining room? Do you dream of owning a home in another part of the world? Well, get started—or at least park yourself on the couch, find the remote, and grab a little motivation and inspiration from the 10 best home renovation shows you can binge-watch right now.

Grand Designs

For 20 seasons, viewers of the British show Grand Designs have followed the stories of people who set out to build their dream home themselves. Hosted by designer Kevin McCloud, the show tracks the progress of each project, complications and all. More than 150 properties have been featured, and projects skew toward the extravagant or unusual. (One episode spotlights a glass house built on top of a cliff in Wales!) The homes that are successfully completed are not only functional, but also works of art. You can find the show on both Netflix and Amazon Prime.

100 Day Dream Home


Imagine building your dream home from the ground up in 100 days or less. That’s exactly the idea behind the HGTV show 100 Day Dream Home. Watchers of the show’s two seasons follow Brian (a developer) and Mika Kleinschmidt (a real estate agent), a husband-and-wife team from Tampa, Florida, as they help clients create their perfect home. As you would expect, there are plenty of obstacles for the couple to overcome during those 100 days, including wrestling with nightmare lots, incorporating design must-haves, and navigating couples’ opposing visions of their dream home. You can find the show on both HGTV and Amazon Prime.

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The Really Big Flip

If reality shows are more your style, try bingeing The Really Big Flip. Here, you’ll watch three teams compete in a high-risk house-flipping competition in which they have just six months to find the perfect property and complete all renovations. The team that makes the most money not only wins but also earns a bonus worth up to $50,000. You can find the show on Amazon Prime.

Stay Here

Courtesy of Netflix

For those who have considered renting out part or all of their property to make some extra cash, Stay Here is worth checking out. The show’s hosts, designer Genevieve Gorder and real estate expert Peter Lorimer, help property owners maximize their short-term rental earnings. Viewers are rewarded with peeks at some unusual properties, including a historic firehouse, a houseboat, and a vintage carriage house. You can find the show on Netflix.

Project Restoration

Looking for a home renovation show that celebrates the unusual? Project Restoration follows historical building surveyor Marianne Suhr as she tours the United Kingdom in search of restoration projects that are both exciting and unique. Suhr has helped owners repair crumbling castle walls, restore 16th-century cottages, and bring historic ruins back to life. You can find the show on Amazon Prime.

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Help! I Wrecked My House


For an often all-too-relatable look at home renovation, try Help! I Wrecked My House. In this series, host Jasmine Roth comes to the aid of homeowners who, after taking on a little too much with their DIY projects, are now living without niceties like bedrooms, working bathrooms, or usable kitchens. Roth helps get these home renovations back on track, and the results are Instagram-worthy. You can find the show on HGTV.

The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes

Courtesy of Netflix

This show lets viewers enjoy a mini vacation without ever leaving the comfort of their couch. The series showcases unconventional homes throughout the world, including in countries like Spain, India, Norway, and New Zealand. The homes themselves are distinctive, with some built on cliffs, nestled in forests, or constructed underground. To get the full experience, hosts Piers Taylor and Caroline Quentin even spend the night at each location. You can find the show on Netflix.

House in a Hurry


The clock is always ticking in the show House in a Hurry. Viewers of the series meet home buyers who are experiencing unexpected relocations and have just one weekend to find their perfect property in an unfamiliar city. Will everyone in the family be happy with their new home and their new city? Tune in and see! You can find the show on HGTV.

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Brand New House on a Budget

This show is all about big-time makeovers on a small budget. Interior designer Linda Barker helps transform drab spaces, outdated designs, and DIY disasters into beautiful homes that transcend their budget limitations. Viewers may even be able to incorporate some of Barker’s clever, inexpensive styling tricks in their own home. You can find the show on Amazon Prime.

Tiny House Nation

Courtesy of Netflix

Do you dream of constructing a tiny home you can escape to when life gets too crowded and hectic? Then you’re the ideal audience for Tiny House Nation, which follows people who choose to downsize in a quest to simplify their lives and minimize their environmental footprint. While many of the homes that have been featured over the show’s five seasons are 300 square feet or smaller, they’re big on creativity. Hosts John Weisbarth and Zach Giffin travel the United States to show off these small homes, and they also help families design and build their own. You can find the show on Netflix.