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The Tiniest Appliances You Never Knew Existed

While an eight-burner range and 48-inch fridge are the stuff home entertaining dreams are made of, smaller living spaces may require some appliance compromises. But even if the square footage of your kitchen doesn't do justice to your love of cooking, or you don't have the space for a washer to match your overflowing closet, there are several compact appliances on the market that work remarkably well in a condensed footprint. We're talking uniquely tiny. These diminutive helpers could even find a place in a grand home that would benefit from a little appliance downsizing to gain back counter space. So whether you live in a city studio or a country cabin, this roundup of 10 compact home appliances will satisfy both a need for space-efficiency—and your desire for style.

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The Portable Cooktop

Feel like a star chef on tour with a portable induction cooktop right in your own home. Very lightweight, the Duxtop Sensor Touch Induction Cooktop can be used as needed and then stored between meals. Not only does it cook fast and heat evenly, but its smooth surface also makes it extremely easy to clean.

The Narrow Range

While a standard four-burner range is 30 inches wide, professional-grade options can also come in slimmer 20-inch versions like the Danby Electric Range. Its petite profile works well in any size kitchen, and with 2.6 cubic feet of oven space, it’s all you need when cooking for a small family.

The Top-Drawer Solution

A dishwasher may seem like a luxury in a small space, but it doesn’t have to be. A DishDrawer runs about half the size of its standard counterparts, taking up only about as much space as a 24- to 36-inch cabinet. Bonus: Both the water and energy consumption are considerably less per load.

The Package Deal

Beyond the usual suspects (we’re looking at you, microwave), plenty of other countertop gadgets are guilty of monopolizing counter space. So why not trade in your stand mixer, slow cooker, and fryer for an appliance that claims to do it all? The Bellini Kitchen Master wows us with its functionality.

The Tinier Toaster

By fitting two slices of bread side by side in this 2-Slice Aluminum Long-Slot Toaster, Cuisinart turned this typically boxy appliance into something super sleek. Hello, streamlined kitchen counter.

The Smaller Fridge Footprint

A must-have in the kitchen, a refrigerator can be a hog when it comes to culinary real estate. But compact models like the Liebherr Fully Integrated Refrigerator let you get creative in a mere 24-inch width (but an ample 80-inch height), while also hiding beneath paneling to match the rest of the kitchen.

The Microwave Goes Mini

It’s no joke: The Whirlpool 0.5-cubic-foot Countertop Microwave is exactly as tiny as the name suggests, while still accommodating an 11-inch dinner plate—drastically reducing kitchen clutter. Plus, its rounded back means it can fit snugly in any awkward corner you might not know what to do with otherwise.

The Very Contained Crockpot

Forget the large and unwieldy slow cookers that eat up counter space. When cooking for one, this 20-ounce Crock-Pot Lunch Crock Food Warmer means warm lunch any day of the week. And it’s equipped with a handle, so you can carry it out of the kitchen and reheat leftovers during a day at the office.

The Slim Dry-Cleaning Secret

Can you have dry cleaning capabilities at home? Definitely doable with the Swash Express Clothing Care System, and you don’t have to give up floor space for it. At 16 inches wide, this lean, mean dewrinkling machine can fit in the space next to your existing washer-dryer combo or even right in your closet.

The Leaner Washing Machine

Finding space to hook up bulky washers and dryers can pose a challenge in a small apartment or home. But with Haier’s 1.5-Cubic-Foot Portable Washer, you can turn a spare bathroom into a temporary laundry room—all it needs to hook in is a faucet—and then slide it back into storage.