Trending Now: Ceramic Tiles

For durability and ease of maintenance, few materials compare with ceramic tile. Here are some of the hot new looks for 2013.

  1. Ceramic Evolution

    1. caesar root

    Garden State Tile

    “Paints, wallcoverings, carpets, furniture, and the like follow trends to the letter,” says Ryan Fasan, a consultant for the trade group Tile of Spain, “while ceramics tend to interpret them in a more timeless fashion.” So, what are the latest reinterpretations and innovations in tile today? Start clicking.

  2. Black and White

    5. black and white ryan


    The classic combination of black and white is gaining steam in the world of ceramic tiles, showing up in a variety of patterns and compositions like these bold stripes. Talk about a focal point!

  3. Monolithic Scale

    7. floor gres industrial

    The Florim Group

    As tile manufacturing technology improves, the scale and proportions of ceramic tiles continue to grow, with larger square and rectangular formats taking center stage. The Florim Group’s “Industrial” by Floor Gres, for example, reinterprets cement in porcelain slabs as large as 1.2 m. x 3 m.

  4. Wood Looks

    1. garden state tile sandalwood driftwood

    Garden State Tile

    “A top kitchen and bath trend is wood-look porcelain,” says principal designer and resident tile and stone expert Maria Sergio of Showcase Baths. “Clients are using it everywhere on walls and floors, plus it can take radiant heat nicely." Today’s wood-inspired tiles come in even more plank sizes, formats, colors, and finishes than real wood.

  5. Texture

    3. vallelunga memento


    While tiles that mimic wood continue to be popular, Italian manufacturers, including Casamood, Bardelli, Cerdisa, and Emilceramica, are experimenting with other textures, such as rustic and inlay designs, and textile-inspired textures, as well as planed surfaces.

  6. Vintage

    2. ryan

    Among the key terms influencing current stylistic trends in tile are “well-loved,” “vintage,” and “nostalgic,” according to Fasan.  As a result, many of today’s tiles feature artisanal qualities, classic patterns, and rich colors that recall past eras. 

  7. Simulated Stone

    6. emilceramica stonebox


    Natural elements have great appeal, so it's no surprise that ceramic tiles that look like stone are popular, but they are now taking on new twists with unique formats and fresh tones, such as those in the “Stone Box” collection from Emilceramica.

  8. Mix and Match

    9. provenza inessence


    Many companies are introducing patchwork collections that allow for tile compositions of varying colors and sizes, with the look of different materials. One such collection, “In-Essence” by Italian manufacturer Provenza, simulates materials ranging from recycled oak to a stone-cement mix, permitting greater self-expression and freedom of design.

  9. Time-Worn Character

    4. ryan worn


    Ceramic tiles with aged or organic surfaces are emerging as favorites as more people embrace an eco-conscious attitude and a preference for recycled materials.

  10. High-Tech, High Touch

    8. warm to touch glaze ryan


    Manufacturing advancements are yielding a new generation of tiles with futuristic qualities, such as photoluminescence, which allows tiles to glow in the dark, biomimetic structures that enable tiles to clean the air, and high-tech glazes that are warm to the touch. These new features, coupled with the industry's push toward sustainable production, promise a healthier and more comfortable environment indoors and out.

  11. Icy Blue

    10. ice blue ryan


    Ceramics with earthy tones are beginning to “chill out,” notes Fasan, by adding tinges of icy blue that brighten their palettes and give them a fresh, modern flavor.

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