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Vinyl Renaissance: 10 Flooring Looks You Won’t Believe

Though it’s gotten a bad rap in past years, vinyl flooring is making a comeback. Although relative ease of installation has long been one of the material's selling points, it's now the range of design options that is putting vinyl once again underfoot. Innovative and creative patterns let homeowners customize their floors and mimic looks that might be far out of their budget, allowing them to achieve, say, the rustic warmth of reclaimed wood flooring without the hefty price tag that accompanies the real deal. And did we mention vinyl's low maintenance? Wiping a vinyl floor clean is a simple task that doesn’t require special cleaners and polishes. To help get you reacquainted with vinyl, here are some of our favorite new patterns. We think they'll really catch your eye—and they just might get you to reconsider this forgotten player in the world of flooring.

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The look of reclaimed wood is here to stay. Because the material works well with both rustic and modern decors, it seems like we just can’t get enough—and this demand has driven up prices. But if you go with a vinyl facsimile, you can achieve a similar look with a lower price and easier maintenance.

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Stone and slate flooring are timeless classics, but all that tradition comes at a cost. If you aren’t up for the investment, or if you’re evaluating options for a short-term living situation, stone-patterned vinyl is an economical substitute.

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If you want a more tactile material underfoot, vinyl gives you plenty of options. Although vinyl is thought of primarily as a slick, smooth floor covering, there are plenty of patterns that provide texture, adding both visual interest and practical traction.

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If you crave a natural look underfoot but don’t want real-life texture, options abound. Choose from a variety of vinyl designs, mimicking everything from pebbles to a sandy beach, that can bring the soothing touch of nature to the home environment.

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Faux Leather

Leather is the ultimate in underfoot luxury—and the ultimate in impracticality. But vinyl can give you the look of leather with the advantage of wearability and reasonable cost. Even better, this environmentally friendly faux leather option is available in different colors.

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Vinyl can be a great option for stairs and other high-traffic areas. You can play with vinyl floor tape to create striped masterpieces on your floors and stairways like the colorful (and mind-altering) staircase seen here.

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The stylish scalloped pattern in this bathroom is a fine demonstration of the way great design is helping to elevate the appeal of vinyl flooring. Water-resistant and easy to clean, vinyl is an especially good choice in bathrooms and kitchens.

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Bold Graphics


The many fun, graphic options make vinyl flooring a natural for children’s rooms. Thanks to bright colors and easy care, vinyl is a kid-friendly (and mess-friendly) material that Mom and Dad will appreciate.

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Faux Wood

For some people, wood floors are a turn off not because of price but because they’re not always sustainably sourced. Fortunately, faux wood laminate and vinyl patterns made from recycled products can create the classic look of wood in a green-friendly manner.

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A holographic floor isn’t for everybody, but it’s an interesting option for rooms in which you’re trying to up the fun factor. Whether you use it in a game room or in your teenager’s bedroom, one thing’s for sure—this is a vinyl style that will get people talking. Warning: Use sparingly!

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