What a Difference a Floor Finish Makes!

There are so many beautiful finishes available in today’s solid wood flooring. With so many options, from distressed finishes to finishes that mimic oil-rubbing, you'll certainly find the perfect match for your style, budget, and lifestyle needs.

  1. The Finishing Touch

    The Finishing Touch

    You already know that different species of wood behave differently from one another when installed as flooring. For instance, oak flooring, on account of its remarkable hardness, suits a high-traffic room better than its softer cousins. But so far as aesthetics are concerned, what often matters most is the finish you choose. At stores like Lumber Liquidators, you can expect to encounter a wide range of options. Click through to see a sample of what's out there—a small sample, to be sure, but we hope it's an inspiring one!


  2. Rustic Red Oak

    Rustic Red Oak

    For years, the most popular hardwood flooring choice has been red oak. Finished with a clear, semi-gloss sealant, this rustic red oak from Lumber Liquidators retains the material's natural knots and other minor imperfections, which results in a warm and inviting look that's both casual and comfortable.


  3. Distressed Maple

    Distressed Maple

    A hundred years ago, wood floors were tooled in a painstaking manual process. Some distressed finishes emulate that effect as well as years of use, bringing historic style within the reach of today's everyday homeowner. Besides its appealingly distressed finish, Rattan Maple boasts wide planks and an earthy, dark stain.


  4. Pewter-Stained Maple

    Pewter-Stained Maple

    Gray walls, furniture—and yes, even floors—have dominated interior design trends in recent years. Combined with maple, a perennially popular hardwood, a pewter stain makes the perfect starting point from which to assemble a striking modern space.


  5. Natural Hickory

    Natural Hickory

    Another finish well worth considering is a clear coat, which provides protection from stains and scuffs but does not alter the appearance of wood flooring. In the case of Natural Hickory, a material replete with color variation and character-laden knots, a clear coat allows the wood itself to take center stage.


  6. Handscraped Summer Harvest Hickory

    Handscraped Hickory

    The handscraping process draws further attention to the character that Summer Harvest Hickory would have on its own. Add in golden-brown stain, and the result is something greater than the sum of its parts—a brand-new high-performance floor that looks, in the best way possible, 100 years old.


  7. Antique Oxidized Oak

    Antique Oxidized Oak

    In the oldest American homes, the floors all have something in common: They're made up of wide planks. By virtue of its generous dimensions and uniquely hand-staining with matte finish, Antique Oxidized Oak planks introduce a timeworn look to any room—even a room at the heart of new construction.


  8. Seal the Deal

    Wood Floor Finishes

    Pick a hardwood floor finish that will keep your floors looking good for years to come. 


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