You've Got Mail: 11 Inventive DIY Mailboxes

Make your letter carrier do a double take with these 11 salvaged-material mailboxes that demonstrate real outside-the-box creativity.

  1. Autobot Box

    Metal Mailbox

    This robotic creature was assembled from salvaged automotive parts. Its eye-catching orange color adds monstrous appeal and makes it impossible for the mailman to miss.

  2. Wheely Great

    Mailbox Bike

    A standard-issue mailbox can make a statement simply by being mounted atop a bike frame that has peddled its last mile. Spray-paint in cohesive colors to bring the structure together visually.

  3. Uncorked Potential

    Wine Barrel Mailbox

    This classic wine barrel brings some instant curbside class. The wooden sides allow it to be easily mounted to any post and will let it age like a fine wine.


  4. Computer-Aided Communication

    Repurposed Mac

    These days, most mail arrives virtually via computers and Wi-Fi-enabled devices, so it seems only fair that it should also arrive physically in a computer. This outdated Mac was converted into a distinctive mailbox that perfectly merges new with old.

  5. Whale Mail

    DIY Mailbox

    Pliable metal flashing can be molded into a variety of shapes. With this whale of a job, the mail gets lodged in the belly of the beast.

  6. Nice Jug

    Milk Jug DIY

    A rustic milk jug mounted to a prefab bracket makes a charming country letter drop. This can-do style is easy for any antiquing enthusiast to achieve.

  7. Pump It Up

    Repurposed Water Pump

    Using an old water pump as a post for a mailbox will flood your yard with country charm. Keep the color a classic red to retain the vintage appeal.


  8. On Tap

    Repurposed Keg

    Embrace frat-house style by mounting an old beer keg on a simple wood post. Create a door and use the tap as a handle to access the interior.

  9. Tanked Up

    Scuba Tank DIY

    Dive into a custom mailbox project by reusing an empty scuba tank to create a unique curbside feature. Adding a mail flag may keep you from drowning in bills.

  10. Creative License

    License Plate DIY

    Old license plates are built to stand up to harsh weather, so they are the perfect building blocks for a personalized, homemade mailbox.

  11. Fill 'er Up

    Unique Mailbox

    You won’t be getting any fuel from this roadside pit stop! A vintage gas pump outfitted with a letter box adds utility to a piece of Americana.

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