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Reviewing the Chilipad Sleep System: Great When Hot, Otherwise Not?
The Chilipad Cube Sleep System is engineered to circulate either heated or cooled water through tubes embedded in a m...
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The Best Mother's Day Gifts to Shop at Ace Hardware
Mother’s Day is fast approaching once again, and if you’re searching for the perfect gift for your mom, wife, grandmo...
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12 Things You Never Knew About Store Returns
Whether it’s a single item or a pile of impulse buys that you’ll never use, returning things to the store always feel...
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Best Things Under $100 for an At-Home Date Night on Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day is the perfect time to show your special someone how much you care. But if you decide to spend it at ...
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7 Small Businesses to Find One-of-a-Kind Gifts
Maybe you’re an Amazon addict. Or maybe you like grabbing gifts on the way to the check-out at the warehouse store. E...
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The 20 Best Secret Santa Gifts
A Secret Santa gift exchange can liven up a workplace holiday party or help friends and family have fun shopping for ...
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The Best Last-Minute Gifts for Interior Design Lovers
Christmas and Hanukkah are almost upon us, which means we're in the final days of holiday shopping to find the right ...
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Win the Holiday Season by Hosting a Lively, Larcenous White Elephant Gift Party
Fess up: Are you guilty of regifting? People have been recycling unwanted gift items ever since the very invention of...
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The 37 Best Mother's Day Gifts That Moms Will Love
Trying to pick out the perfect Mother’s Day gift can be tricky. You want something that shows how much you care about...
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The 38 Best Gifts for Foodies and Food Lovers
Food may be the ultimate comfort gift that appeals to so many people—especially foodies. The great thing about gifts ...
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The 34 Best Subscription Gifts for Everyone on Your List
These days, there’s a subscription box for just about anyone. There are subscription gifts for couples, coffee subscr...
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The 29 Best Travel Gifts for Globe-Trotters, Frequent Flyers, and Road-Trippers
If you’re shopping for jet-setters or regular road-trippers, our gift guide offers the best options to help make thei...
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The 30 Best Grilling Gifts for the BBQ Enthusiast
For avid barbecuers, the aroma and flavor of grilled or smoked meat is almost unparalleled, and nothing says tasty fo...
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The 29 Best Gifts for Mechanics and Auto Fanatics
Have a mechanic or two in your life? Then you know how much they love to get their hands dirty under the hood of a ca...
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15 Trendy Gifts You Can Still Get Before Christmas
It’s official: That busy, stressful, yet cheerful and festive time of year is officially upon us. Whatever you’re cel...
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These 9 Handy Helpers Make the Best Stocking Stuffers
Looking for a gift they'll enjoy for years to come? Check out our gift guide to find the perfect multi-purpose accessory for that special someone. <i>This ...
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The 21 Best Stocking Stuffers for Outdoor Enthusiasts
If you’re shopping for stocking stuffers for the hikers, fishermen, and backpackers in your life, you probably alread...
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The 37 Best Gifts for Wine Lovers
Whether the wine lover in your life prefers pinot grigio or cabernet, their taste buds’ experience can be taken up a ...
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The 14 Best Trees as Gifts for Any Occasion
Trees as gifts may not seem like an obvious choice when you’re shopping for someone you care about. However, a little...
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20 Unique Engraved Gifts for a Personalized Touch
Everyday items such as dog bowls, clocks, or silverware can take on new meaning when you engrave them with something ...
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The 31 Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers
For many coffee lovers, a fresh cup of their favorite beverage is what kicks off the day and allows them to feel prod...
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The 26 Best Etsy Gifts for the Home
When you’re shopping for someone who appreciates sentimental or especially thoughtful gifts, Etsy is an excellent sho...
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The 35 Best Gifts for New Homeowners
Purchasing a home can be a lengthy, complicated process, especially for first-time home buyers. It’s an occasion that...
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The 30 Best Craft Kits for Adults
Regardless of how naturally crafty the person you’re buying for is, craft kits for adults can be both educational and...
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The 50 Best Tech Gifts for Any Budget
The good news about buying the best tech gifts is that options are endless—there's a wide range of products are avail...
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The 32 Best Gifts for Gardeners and Green Thumbs, Editor Approved
If you’re not familiar with the world of gardening, finding a gift for a gardener or a friend or family member with a...
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The 24 Most Beautiful—And Useful—Housewarming Gifts for Any Budget
Selecting a housewarming gift is a generous way to welcome someone to the neighborhood, whether you know the new home...
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The 28 Best Gifts for Plant Lovers All Dedicated Plant Parents Will Love
Plants are nature’s great gift to us. We enjoy the lush greenery (when it’s taken care of), vibrant colors, and fresh...
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The 26 Best Hostess Gifts: Beautiful and Unique Gifts for Hosts for Any Budget
Most hostesses enjoy entertaining friends and family for the sense of community it brings to those who gather togethe...
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The 18 Best Gifts for Bird Lovers of 2023
Bird lovers are incredibly passionate about every aspect of the lives of birds. With thousands of species to learn ab...
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The 23 Best Home Office Gifts: Practical and Unique Picks for Any Budget
Home office gifts don’t have to be boring paperweights or bookends that are rarely used (and sometimes regifted). Ple...
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The 30 Best Gifts for Outdoorsmen Who Love Rugged Adventures
Outdoor adventures are the lifeblood of die-hard outdoorsmen, so much so that many of them actively find ways to use ...
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The Best Cheese Slicers for the Kitchen
Using the right tool for the job is important for food prep. Any professional chef will tell you that a paring knife ...
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The Best Cordless Vacuums of 2023
Similar to the technological progression of printers, drills, and phones, the cordless revolution has pushed vacuum m...
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The Best Woodworking Books for Honing Your Craft
If you are interested in acquiring a new hands-on skill, you’d be hard-pressed to find something better than learning...
Tag icon article
The Best Home Weather Stations Tested in 2023
Home weather stations are highly convenient, tipping you off to temperature, rainfall, and other aspects of the eleme...
Tag icon article
The Best Clock Radios for Your Home
Waking up in the early-morning hours isn’t easy for many people, so a little assistance in the form of an alarm clock...
Tag icon article
The Best Air-Dry Clays of 2023
Making artwork and useful objects out of clay typically requires “firing” in a kiln—a type of high-temperature oven—t...
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The Best Walkie Talkies for Kids and Adults
Walkie talkies, as the name suggests, are a subclass of two-way radio that allows you to walk and talk to nearby frie...
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The Best Cooling Blankets Tested in 2023
Fabrics that don’t breathe tend to trap heat and moisture against the skin, leading to overheating, waking, kicking o...
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15 Gift Ideas Every Homebody Will Love
Home is where the heart is—and where a gorgeous new grill, shiny new Instant Pot, cozy clothes, high-tech coffee maker, and more may soon await.
Tag icon article
The Best Smart Light Bulbs of 2023
Smart light bulbs are a great place to begin making your home, well, smarter. You can turn them on and off, set timer...
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15 Super Cool Holiday Gifts to Get Before They’re Gone
Get them while the getting is good: These trendy Christmas gifts and gadgets are on many a wish list, but if you wait too long to buy them they may sell out.
Tag icon article
The Best Home Fragrances for Inviting Spaces
Freshening up the scent of your home can improve your space and make it really inviting. Not only can you increase pl...
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The 50 Hottest Holiday Gifts From The Home Depot
From tools and housewares to home decor and gardening gear, there are gifts for just about everyone on your list at The Home Depot.
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23 Practical Products That Make Great Gifts
This holiday season, make life a little easier for the ones you love by giving them practical items that will get plenty of use all year round.
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The Best Gift Baskets of 2023
Choosing gifts for the people in your life can be difficult, but a gift basket tends to be a perennial crowd-pleaser ...
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20 Foolproof Mother's Day Gifts You Can Find at Target
What can you get the woman who's given you everything? It's a valid question, and one that can cause no small amount of anxiety at this time of year. Luckily, you...
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13 New Gadgets Everyone Wants for Christmas
Whether you're shopping for a techie or a kid, an adventurer or a gamer, it can be a challenge to keep up with what's hot. That's why we've developed a cheat shee...
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12 Gadgets Every Homeowner Wants for Christmas
With the holidays right around the corner, it's time to start making your gift list and checking it twice. But with so many gadgets on the market today, weeding t...
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Kits for Kids: 10 Gifts for Young Makers
As you play Santa this holiday and shop for the youngsters on your list, go for gifts that give all year long. The marketplace is packed with arts and crafts sets...
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9 Gifts for the Tool Nut Who Has It All
If you know someone who gets starry-eyed over T-squares and power drills, chances are that special someone already has a well-stocked workshop chock-full of tools...
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10 Creative Stocking Stuffers You Can Make in Minutes
A handmade gift from the heart always amounts to far more than what money can buy. This holiday season, put the DIY skills you've harvested to work, and stuff you...
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Bob Vila's Holiday Gift Guide: For Tool Lovers
Whether you're looking for a stocking stuffer or a gift to slip under the tree, our top tool picks will help you shop for the tool-loving handyman or woman in you...
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