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The Dos and Don'ts of Buying Plants Online
Visiting the local nursery is an annual rite of passage for avid gardeners and plant lovers who bask in the rows of s...
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All You Need to Know About Keyhole Gardening
Keyhole gardens, so named because they’re shaped like an old-fashioned skeleton-key lock, were developed to help folk...
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10 Ways to Use Epsom Salts in the Garden
You’re probably familiar with the amazing, healing properties of Epsom salts. But did you know these minerals are a p...
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6 Things to Know About Lawn Striping
Ever wondered how those striking stripes wound up on the turf of your favorite ballpark or golf course? They aren’t t...
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15 Tips for Growing Kitchen Herb Gardens
The use of fresh herbs can mean the difference between decent food and truly vibrant, delicious cuisine. But purchasi...
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Solved! 8 Flowers Sure to Bloom in Winter
Q: I’m dreading the coming winter months because my yard always looks so bare and brown when all the summer blooming ...
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All You Need to Know About Compost Tea
Even greenhorn green thumbs know that applying compost to soil helps plants fight erosion, pests, and disease. But we...
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Solved! Which Evergreens Grow the Fastest
Q: We just bought a house in a brand new development so our yard is pretty bare. We’d like to plant some fast-growing...
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How To: Protect Plants from Frost
Unexpected early fall and late spring frosts—periods when outside temperatures go below freezing (32 degrees Fahrenhe...
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The Dos and Don'ts of Watering Plants
No matter what color your thumb, you likely already know that all plants need water to reach their full potential—aft...
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Solved! What to Do About Lawn Fungus
Q: My lawn was so lush and green last year but this year it’s full of unsightly brown patches that won’t green up no ...
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All You Need to Know About Starting Seeds Indoors
If you’re itching to get your garden going, don’t wait until the weather outdoors is agreeable—get a jump on the grow...
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Bob Vila Radio: This Is When You Should be Watering the Lawn
Drought conditions, combined with scorching summer temperatures, can make it hard to keep your lawn properly watered....
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Bob Vila Radio: Putting a Squash on Mushrooms
Unless you live in an area with drought conditions, rain usually supplies a good bit of moisture for our lawns. But t...
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Solved! What to Do About Brown Grass
Q: I started seeing brown patches on my lawn at the end of spring. They seem to have grown in size and number since t...
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Bob Vila Radio: The Secret Solution to Your Garden Pest Problem
If garden pests are bugging you, but you’d rather not nuke them with toxic chemicals, maybe you should give insectici...
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Buyer’s Guide: Lawn Fertilizers
Whoever said, “The grass is always greener on the other side” probably wasn’t using the right stuff. When it comes to...
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Solved! The Best Time to Plant Grass Seed
Q: I’d like to lay some grass seed this year, but I don’t want to get the timing wrong and create more work than nece...
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Solved! The Best Time to Water Grass
Q: I notice neighbors’ sprinklers running at all hours of the day. What’s the best time to water grass—and how much i...
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How To: Transplant a Tree
Whether they’re deciduous or evergreen, shade or ornamental, trees add value and curb appeal to any property. But, oc...
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All You Need to Know About Insecticidal Soap
Are aphids gnawing on your heirloom roses? Are spider mites munching on your tomato plants? If garden pests are buggi...
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All You Need to Know About Begonia Care
Prized for their prolific blooms in a rainbow of colors—from creamy white and soft pink to shades of deep rose and cr...
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The Dos and Don'ts of Poinsettia Care
During the holidays, nothing rivals the floral festivity of the season’s favorite plant: the always colorful poinsett...
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Solved! What To Do About Mushrooms in the Lawn
Q: After every rain shower, I find mushrooms popping up all over the lawn. What can I do to get rid of them and keep ...
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How To: Propagate Succulents
Want to juice up your space, indoors and out, without spending a bundle? Think succulents! From the rosettes of Echev...
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How To: Stake a Tree
Most new trees do just fine on their own. In fact, the movement they experience from normal wind and weather helps th...
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How To: Make Mulch from Scratch
Treating your trees, garden, and landscaping beds to mulch helps retain soil moisture, suppress weeds, and arm plants...
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Don't Forget to Fertilize Your Lawn This Fall!
Autumn is generally seen as the season of winding down before winter dormancy. But when it comes to lawn care, fall i...
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How To: Repot a Plant
Even if you've never before tried to repot a plant, you can do it today without much trouble, probably in under 15 mi...
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How To: Grow Potatoes
If you've never tasted homegrown potatoes, prepare to be amazed. A hundred days or so after planting—more or less, de...
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How To: Prune a Tree
Sometimes a homeowner prunes a tree for aesthetic reasons, trying to keep the landscaping neat and tidy. Other times,...
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How To: Keep Deer Out of Your Garden
Though deer look innocent, home gardeners know they can be a menace to plants and trees. Gardeners also know that bar...
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How To: Get Rid of Crabgrass
If you are one of the many homeowners who labor in pursuit of the perfect lawn, then you know what a menace crabgrass...
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How To: Test Soil pH
Soil matters. To the plants you wish to grow in your garden, nothing is as important as what's in or missing from the...
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How To: Aerate Your Lawn
It's not easy maintaining a lush carpet of green grass. We only see the blades on the lawn surface, but the health of...
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How To: Plant Grass Seed
Do you want to establish a new lawn or rescue a worse-for-wear patch on your property? The solution is, of course, to...
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How To: Grow Moss
There are two main types of mosses—acrocarpous and pleurocarpous. The former grows vertically and resembles strands o...
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Homemade Fertilizer Makes the Grass Always Greener
Spring is near, and for many that means coaxing the lawn back into shape. Growing grass can be frustrating and reward...
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What Would Bob Do? Removing a Tree Stump
I would like to remove a tree stump that is a couple of feet away from my house. It's starting to rot, and I'm afraid...
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How To: Plant a Shrub
 Here's how to properly plant a new shrub around your house. Mix one part peat moss with two parts top soil for high ...
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Bob Vila Radio: Planting Fruit Trees
Do you dream of picking a crisp apple or juicy peach from a tree right in your own backyard? Planting a fruit tree ca...
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How To: Weed Your Garden
Even late into the season, the summer can seem like one prolonged fight against garden weeds. The bad news? There's n...
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The Importance of Deadheading
As your garden flourishes over the summer and your springtime planting efforts are rewarded with beautiful bursts of ...
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Save Seeds, Save Money
Many veteran gardeners save seeds almost compulsively. Why? Because if you harvest the seeds from your own garden, yo...
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How To: Plant a Bush
Available in countless varieties, bushes add depth and diversity to the landscape, whether they are fruit- or flower-...
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Laying Sod: Shortcut to a Beautiful Lawn
Laying sod is a great way to have a lawn without the wait, but don’t kid yourself—it’s a big job. If your lawn is siz...
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How To: Make a Straw Bale Planter
Straw bale gardening is an old idea that, over the last several years, has witnessed a great deal of renewed attentio...
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How To: Transplant Trees, Shrubs, and Perennials
With the sun shining, the birds chirping, the temperatures rising, and the days getting longer, this is the season to...
Tag icon article
Top Tips for Transplanting Sod
It’s been about 18 months since we moved into our house, but only recently have we begun to landscape beyond the basi...
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How To: Make a Butterfly Garden
Butterflies are mesmerizing creatures with more to offer than beauty alone. Because they are nectar eaters, they are ...
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How To: Plant a Tree
The Arbor Day Foundation was founded in 1972 with a mission toward conservation and education. It’s the largest nonpr...
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Top Tips for Watering Your Lawn
Now that spring has arrived, it’s time to think about lawn maintenance again. Go ahead and tune up your mower and sta...
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How To: Dry Your Garden Herbs
If you want to keep a little bit of your summer garden with you all year long, you can do so by drying herbs and stor...
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Starting Tomatoes from Seed
During the cold, dark days of January and February, my mind turns to sunny, bright red tomatoes—for this is the time ...
Tag icon article
Winter Care for Houseplants
Over the winter, when your outdoor garden has little to boast about, the greenery inside your home lifts spirits and ...
Tag icon article
Bob Vila Radio: Winterize Your Lawn
If you haven’t done it already, this is the time to winterize your yard!  Make a list of the things you need to do to...
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How and When to Plant Garlic
Now is the perfect time to get garlic into the ground. The cloves get a head start on the growing season so that by l...
Tag icon article
How To: Dry Hydrangeas
The end of the summer is just days away but instead of celebrating the season, the last bright blooms are starting to...
Tag icon article
How To: Plant an Apple Tree
Since moving to the 'burbs, I’ve been slowly trying to convert on this fantasy I have of backyard sustainability. I p...
Tag icon article
Composting 101: What You Should and Shouldn’t Compost
The best gardeners know that compost is better than fertilizer, when it comes to providing a nutrient-rich growing en...
Tag icon article
How To: Combat Garden Pests (Part 1)
It’s the time of year when garden pests become especially irritating. Your ripening harvest might be snacked on by ap...
Tag icon article
How To: Care for Roses
Like most stars, roses are divas. When left to their own devices, they get tangled and produce only when they feel li...
Tag icon article
Air Plants: Growing Tillandsia
Air plants—or tillandsias—are one of my favorite indoor plants. I bought my first little pup about a year ago and sin...
Tag icon article
Top Tips for Growing Tomatoes
There’s really nothing better than a vine-ripened tomato plucked from the plant in your vegetable garden and still wa...
Tag icon article
How To: Mulch Your Flower Beds
Laying mulch before the winter gives your soil a head start for the next growing season. It also protects delicate pl...
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It's Bulb-Planting Time!
For gardeners in areas where the weather has cooled, it’s time to plant bulbs for spring tulips and daffodils. Bulbs ...
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