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The Best Electric Smokers for Your BBQs
Electric smokers remove the guesswork and labor that’s inherent with standard charcoal smokers. Traditional smokers r...
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The Best Gas Grills for Your Backyard BBQ
Whether you’re replacing a rusted grill, switching from charcoal to gas, or purchasing your first grill, a gas grill ...
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The Best Pizza Stones for the Home
Pizza stones are specialty cookware items that let you make pizzeria-style pizzas right in your kitchen. These flat p...
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The Best Wheeled Coolers for Taking Refreshments to Go
Whether heading to the beach, a picnic, or an outdoor event, a wheeled cooler is an easier way to carry refreshments....
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The Best Offset Smokers for Cooking Meats
Offset smokers, also known as barrel smokers or horizontal smokers, are used regularly by professional and home chefs...
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The Best Lump Charcoal for Grilling
Though charcoal briquettes are perfectly fine for most backyard BBQers, many grill enthusiasts swear by lump charcoal...
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The Best Charcoal Grills for Outdoor Cooking
Grilling is a cooking practice that dates back thousands of years. And charcoal grills are simple devices, so buying ...
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The Best Meat Thermometer for All Your Cooking Needs
Whether you plan on grilling steaks on a propane barbecue, smoking chicken wings in an egg-shaped grill, or roasting ...
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The Best Wood Pellets for Smoking
Wood pellets are the ideal choice for smoking because they yield an intense smoke that quickly seals in the natural m...
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The Best Tools and Accessories to Pair with Your Charcoal Grill
Having the right grill makes a huge difference when it comes to a successful backyard barbecue. But you need more tha...
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The Best Ice Packs for Keeping Food and Drinks Cold
When you dream of a day of fun on the beach, sun, and sand, coolers filled with ice probably feature in the daydream....
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The Best Grill Covers to Keep Your Grill Protected
That shiny, new grill that serves as a testament to your barbecuing abilities won’t stay that way if you don’t take c...
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The Best Grill Lights for Cooking After Dusk
Backyard chefs shouldn’t be limited to cooking in daylight. When the sun goes down, get a grill light. These outdoor ...
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The Best Grill Tongs for Your Grilling Arsenal
A cold drink, good company, and an open grill make for a great cookout. But, if you don’t have the right tools to man...
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6 Types of Grills to Elevate Your BBQ Game
A backyard BBQ is a hallmark of good weather, and having the right grill will help you along the path from novice to ...
Tag icon article
The Best BBQ Gloves for Protection at the Grill
Modern grills can reach temperatures close to 660 degrees Fahrenheit, so it stands to reason that the delicate skin o...
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The Best Charcoal for Your Grilling Needs
Around the world, cooks use charcoal as an alternative to propane or natural gas to grill food over an open flame. Th...
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The Best Charcoal Grills for At-Home Barbecues
Salmon grilled on cedar planks, grilled hot dogs, burgers, and vegetable skewers, seared steaks, and so much more can...
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The Best Charcoal Smokers for Flavorful Barbecue
Many home chefs fall into the trap of thinking that smoking is just like grilling, but they’re wrong: an investment i...
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The Best Egg Grill Smokers for Outdoor Cooking
Patterned after a traditional method of Japanese cooking (komodo), ceramic egg grill smokers are popping up in backya...
Tag icon article
The Best Grill Brushes for BBQ Cleanup
When your next cookout is calling, the last thing you want to worry about is whether your grill is clean enough to us...
Tag icon article
The Best Grill Cleaner for Your Cookout
Backyard cookouts can leave your grill gunked up with grease, fat, and sauce, giving food an unappealing taste. Worse...
Tag icon article
The Best Portable Grills for Picnics and Tailgating Parties
Those who host frequent backyard cook-outs tend to have firm opinions about what kind of grill keeps mouths watering....
Tag icon article
The Best Grills for Backyard Cookouts
When you think of backyard entertaining, you think of grilling hot dogs, corn cobs, and everything in between. Whethe...
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9 Pro Tips for Building an Outdoor Kitchen
To create a functional and beautiful outdoor kitchen, you need materials that can really stand up to the elements—and few materials surpass the durability of ston...
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13 Reasons You Really Need to Do a Better Job Cleaning Your Grill
The smell of a backyard barbecue is an official sign that summer is here, and the grill masters are out in full force, marinating, trying out new recipes, and ser...
Tag icon slideshow
17 New Essentials for Your Best Ever BBQ
Backyard barbecues have taken on a new look in recent years. Innovative tools and technology are making the experience of prepping, grilling, and enjoying cookout...
Tag icon article
The Great Grilling Debate: Gas vs. Charcoal Grills
To become the kind of grill master who wows crowds at family cookouts, you need the right equipment. The two most pop...
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10 Mistakes Not to Make the Next Time You Grill
As temperatures rise, homeowners love firing up the grill and eating outdoors. Yet just as with indoor food prep, there are some important rules and guidelines to...
Tag icon article
Genius! Double Your Grilling Space Without Spending a Dime
From searing a steak to piecing together the perfect kebabs, manning the grill is a juggling act. For BBQ-ers without...
Tag icon slideshow
8 Best Buys for an Outdoor Kitchen You Can Afford
An outdoor kitchen might not seem essential to some homeowners, but for those who treasure long summer nights and backyard fun, it's an absolute necessity. Whethe...
Tag icon article
How To: Custom-Build The Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen
Whether you're accustomed to hosting the big barbecue or simply enjoy the occasional family dinner from the grill, yo...
Tag icon article
How To: Clean a Gas Grill
It's one of the most loved rituals of summer—friends and family gathering together in the backyard to enjoy some hot-...
Tag icon article
Genius! The Trash Can Turkey Smoker
Just like us, our ancestors loved a good cookout. As early as 500,000 years ago, the earliest humans whipped up dinne...
Tag icon article
Quick Tip: Turn 1 Log into a Complete Campfire
What better way to celebrate the end of summer than with a good old-fashioned campfire, surrounded by friends and fam...
Tag icon slideshow
7 Camping Favorites Destined for Your Home
If you've ever set foot in a camping goods store, you know that for any adventure into the great wide open, an appropriately vast selection of equipment exists to...
Tag icon article
How To: Prevent Bugs from Ruining Your Backyard BBQ
With the official start of summer just days away, we can’t help but think about the coming days of relaxing by the po...
Tag icon slideshow
Design Ideas to Steal from 10 Amazing Outdoor Kitchens
If cooking out is a big part of your warm weather routine, an outdoor kitchen is a great investment. The joys of eating al fresco are multiplied when you have con...
Tag icon article
Bob Vila Radio: Give Your Gas Grill a Tune-Up
Grilling season is back, and not a minute too soon! To avoid any unpleasant surprises on your inaugural cookout, give...
Tag icon slideshow
No Sweat: 7 Best BBQ Shortcuts
Elevate your status from burger-flipper to grillmaster with these hacks for preparing, roasting, and minimizing cleanup at your next summertime barbecue.
Tag icon slideshow
Eating Out: 10 Essentials for Alfresco Dining
With summer upon us, now is a great time to get yourself set up for celebrating a season of food and fun in your outdoor spaces. Once you've covered the basics, ...
Tag icon slideshow
Get Grilling! 10 Best Grills Under $100
Nothing says summer quite like a backyard barbecue, but pricey outdoor cooking equipment leaves a bad taste in our mouths. That’s why we did our research to ident...
Tag icon article
How To: Clean a Grill
For some of us, summer doesn't mean sunbathing on the beach or hiking along a mountain trail—it means grilling burger...
Tag icon article
How To: Grill Like the Pros
The most satisfying summer meals usually involve a backyard and a grill. According to the Hearth, Patio, and Barbecue...
Tag icon article
How To: Care for Your Grill
Summertime! The living is easy and—more often than not—the food is grilled. From burgers, dogs, and steaks to chicken...
Tag icon article
Planning Guide: Outdoor Kitchens
The summer backyard barbeque, an American tradition, has developed into a year-round pastime that includes everything...
Tag icon article
Pick the Right Grill
Whether you like charcoal or gas, a single grill or a cooking station, how and where you use a grill will help you de...
Tag icon slideshow
10 Top-Rated Grills to Fire Up This Summer
If you're shopping for a new grill, here are ten top-rated models (from deluxe to portable) worthy of your consideration—and your backyard.
Tag icon slideshow
10 Gadgets to Make Yours the Best BBQ on the Block
With summer barbecue season almost upon us, don't miss these great gadgets to make your backyard cookouts the envy of every grilling gourmand in your neighborhood.
Tag icon article
Great Grill Gear from the International Gift Fair
Charcoal or gas? Beef or chicken? Veggies or fruit? There are so many decisions to make about grilling—and best of al...
Tag icon article
Craft a Perfect Outdoor Kitchen
Nothing quite beats the enjoyment of cooking and dining outdoors. Fortunately, creating a lovely open-air kitchen is ...
Tag icon article
Bob Vila Radio: Buying a Grill
If you’re shopping for a new gas grill this season, you can pay anywhere from $100 to more than $10,000. You usually ...
Tag icon article
Bob Vila Radio: Grill Maintenance
Keep your grill running smoothly this season by doing a few key maintenance checks. LISTENListen to BOB VILA ON GRILL...
Tag icon article
The Hardscaping Trend: Upgrade Your Outdoor Areas
Home sales are still recovering, but business is brisk when it comes to homeowners upgrading their outdoor spaces. La...
Tag icon video
Project Update on the Patio and Kitchen
Bob meets with contractor Ed Weller for a project update. The patio is well underway and the landscaping is beginning. A stone grill has been started and, inside,...
Tag icon video
Installing an Electric Outdoor Grill
Bob and contractor Ed Weller look at the outside electric grill.
Tag icon video
Repairing the Outdoor Barbecue
Bob demonstrates some masonry techniques for repairing a crumbling outdoor barbecue.
Tag icon video
Expanded Outdoor Living
The expansive new outdoor deck brings indoor living outside. Meg Tarvin (from FrontGate) joins to describe the furnishings that create this outdoor living room, a...
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