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The Best Paint Sprayers for Cabinets
Few things can upgrade an outdated kitchen like repainting its most visible feature: the cabinets. A fresh coat of pa...
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The Best Airless Paint Sprayers for Your Paint Project
Airless paint sprayers are a significant step up from paint brushes or rollers. They can also be more effective than ...
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The Best Acrylic Paint for Your DIY Projects
Whether you plan to dabble in fine art or need a trusty set to add a splash of color to your crafts, it’s always a go...
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What’s the Difference? Spraying vs. Rolling Paint
Whether you’re painting a room or the siding on your house, you have quite a few decisions to make. Color choices, ty...
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The Best Painter’s Tape for Your Next Project
For a pro-quality paint job, you’ve got to focus on the areas you don’t want to paint as well as the ones you do. Tha...
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Buyer's Guide: Paint Rollers and Covers
There are many do-it-yourself projects that allow for scrimping on costs without any negative effects on your results...
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Buyer's Guide: The Best Paint Sprayers
Want to speed up your paint job? Equip yourself with a paint sprayer! Ahead, we've outlined the key considerations fo...
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Buyer's Guide: Paint Brushes
Choosing colors for your next paint project can really occupy your time, as you pore over a spectrum of shade swatche...
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Solved! Why Do Painters Wear White?
Q: Every professional painter I’ve ever encountered has worn a white uniform. Why do painters wear white? And should ...
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How To: Clean Paint Brushes
An investment in high-quality paint brushes is wasted if they are not properly cleaned and stored after use. Indeed, ...
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Buyer's Guide: The Best Paint Strippers
Some paint prep is easier than others.  On a piece of furniture with only a few isolated peeling patches, you can sim...
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How To: Paint Behind a Toilet
The cramped space behind the toilet is a difficult portion of the bathroom to maintain, posing a challenge when it co...
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7 Easy Fixes You Can Cross Off Your To-Do List Today
Make short work of the pesky projects you’ve been putting off with the help of some of the coolest, pro-approved tools on the market. This content has been ...
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10 Brilliant Hacks for Your Best-Ever Paint Finish
Get pro-quality results on your next paint job with these expert tips and tools that promise ease of application, consistent color and texture, and crisp, clean e...
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10 Tiny Paint Jobs That Make a Big Impact
Try these quickie projects to highlight little details all around your home—they’re sure to make a huge difference. This content has been brought to you by ...
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7 Easy Ways to Make Your Next DIY Project Less Messy
Let’s face it: Some projects can be downright messy. In fact, you've probably scrubbed up after a few particularly dirty ones yourself! But if you’re spending as ...
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Solved! Which Comes First: Painting the Wall or Trim?
Q: We're gearing up to repaint my living room, but it’s been awhile since I’ve picked up a brush. Friends and family ...
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How To: Dispose of Paint Thinner
Composed of mineral spirits, turpentine, and acetone or other solvents, paint thinner effectively does its job of thi...
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What's the Difference? Mineral Spirits vs Paint Thinner
You might have found the perfect color, but what about the right consistency? Paint's thickness—or, rather, thinness—...
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How To: Prep and Paint a Wall with Only 4 Tools
Paint offers one of the lowest cost and least time-intensive ways to perk up a living space. However, all of the time...
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7 Top Tools for No-Mess Painting
While before-and-afters of painting projects are often breathtaking, there tends to be a <i>little</i> bit of ugly at the end—specifically, the time-consuming cle...
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How To: Create a Faux Wood Grain... with Paint!
The ageless patina of wood grain makes it a popular material for home furnishings. Unfortunately, solid wood pieces—s...
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How To: Paint Stucco
Stucco is a particularly popular exterior finish for homes in the Southwest, but it can also be found texturing inter...
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10 Unusual Tricks for Your Easiest-Ever Paint Job
One of the simplest ways to spruce up your space is to add a fresh coat of paint. Painting is a fairly straightforward process that almost anyone can master, and ...
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Beyond the Brush: 7 Other Tools You Need to Refinish Furniture
Refinishing a wooden table, chair, or dresser with paint is an economical way to breathe new life into old yet still functional furnishings. But between staging t...
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Cool Tools: Simplify Your Painting Process with an Airless Spray System
Have you ever turned a blind eye to the chipping paint on a wall or ceiling to avoid the ordeal of redoing those hard...
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7 Painting Tools You Never Knew You Needed
When you're after a polished-looking paint finish, it's tempting to call in the pros—after all, that's one way of eliminating those DIY “oops” moments that lead t...
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Cool Tools: The Ultimate Accessory for Any Paint Job
Whether you’re refreshing your living room wall color or priming the porch for perfection, when it comes to paint job...
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6 Tools No DIYer Should Be Without This Spring
We’re entering the season of DIY and “to-do”—and that means it's finally time to get to that list of around-the-house projects you’ve put off all winter. Whether ...
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DIY Kids: Craft Your Own Tabletop Easel
Nothing makes a young, aspiring artist feel accomplished quite as much as having an easel to work on. But a tradition...
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10 Things You Didn't Know a Paintbrush Can Do
Paintbrushes aren’t just for painting anymore! In fact, even if you don’t have a painting project in your future, you may want to stock up on paintbrushes the nex...
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5 Things to Do with... Painter’s Tape
While you hardly ever venture to the paint section of your hardware store without a specific job in mind, one of its ...
Tag icon article
The Right Way to Open a Can of Paint
Believe it or not, there is a right way and a wrong way to open a can of paint. It's not that opening a paint can is ...
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Quick Tip: The Key to Preserving Paint Rollers
Painting a room can be quite the process: choosing your paint color, covering all of your furniture, prepping every s...
Tag icon article
INFOGRAPHIC: Your Everything Guide to Painting Prep
Few home improvement projects are as transformative as a fresh coat of paint. In fact, painting your own house—whethe...
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Bob Vila Radio: For No-Hassle Decorative Painting, Use a Dual Roller
Want to add a designer touch to your next interior paint job? One option is to experiment with a dual roller, a tool ...
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The 8 Painting Mistakes Almost Everyone Makes
At the foundation of a great many DIY projects and crafty makeovers is one unifying medium: paint. It's the fastest way to transform rooms, furniture, lamps, plan...
Tag icon slideshow
10 Top Tips to Make Any Paint Job Go Faster
Painting a room is a job most DIYers can tackle by themselves. Getting professional looking results, however, requires planning and preparation. It’s worth spendi...
Tag icon slideshow
The Only 7 Tools You Need to Paint Any Room
Hands-down, painting is the biggest way to change the look and feel of a room on the smallest budget. Here are a few things no home painting project should start ...
Tag icon slideshow
Paint Like a Pro: 8 Clever New Tools Under $10
Whether you're redecorating a room or reinventing a worn dresser, good quality paint and a steady hand will get you far. But even the best DIY painters have the o...
Tag icon article
The Right Way to Handle a Paintbrush
Painting seems like a pretty straightforward task, so homeowners frequently choose to do it themselves in order to sa...
Tag icon article
Quick Tip: Trim Protection Tape
 Protecting woodwork before you paint (or do other work) around it will save you time and money later. Trim protectio...
Tag icon article
Antiquing vs. Distressing: 8 Tips on Creating the Look and Patina of a Genuine Antique
Marian Parsons—mother, wife, and creative soul—was crushing on hand-painted antique European furniture. She coveted t...
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How To: Make a Paint Pail
 Most professionals paint from a pail rather than a can. Painting out of a can is messy, causing rim buildup and drip...
Tag icon article
How To: Paint Home Exteriors with a Sprayer
 Next time you tackle a big exterior paint job, try using a power sprayer. Start at the bottom and work your way up, ...
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9 Creative Uses for Old Paint Cans
Wondering what to do with all those empty paint cans? See how others have cleaned and repurposed them into everything from smart storage to fun works of art.
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The Perfect Paintbrush—and How to Choose It
Not all paintbrushes are created equal, nor are they all the right fit for every job. Use this guide to determine the best brush for your project.
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Grain Painting Brushes
Graining and marbling—though widely practiced in the nineteenth century—have long been out of favor. But in recent ye...
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Paint Stripping Tools
Stripping off old paint isn't really much fun. It's usually a messy job: Whatever method you use (dry scraping, heat,...
Tag icon article
Paint and Finishing Brushes
The lowly paintbrush: We've known about it since preschool days. Paintbrushes were great fun in kindergarten, too, th...
Tag icon article
Selecting the Right Paint Tools
For a consistent, long-lasting finish, you need to apply paint and coatings with high-quality application equipment. ...
Tag icon article
Bob Vila Radio: Kraft Paper
If you’re starting a paint project and worry about protecting your floors, don’t just throw down a drop cloth. Consid...
Tag icon article
Bob Vila Radio: Types of Paintbrushes
Walk into a hardware or paint store today to buy a paint brush and you could easily be overwhelmed by the number of o...
Tag icon article
Bob Vila Radio: Paint Rollers
When it comes to getting a room painted fast, a paint roller is a do-it-yourselfer's best friend. Here's how to get t...
Tag icon article
App Review: PaintSwatches
There's a special place in my heart for apps that help match paint colors. PaintSwatches (from Aquariform Designs) al...
Tag icon article
Bob Vila Radio: Paint Stripping Tools
When it comes to re-painting, everyone’s least favorite part of the job is prepping the surface… but it’s also the mo...
Tag icon article
Bob Vila Radio: Power Sprayer Tips
Use a power sprayer to cut days off your next big paint job. LISTENListen to BOB VILA ON POWER SPRAYER TIPS, or read ...
Tag icon article
Quick Tip: Use Low-VOC Paints
The Danger of VOCs There’s more to that new paint smell than you might think. There are already federal restrictions ...
Tag icon article
Bob Vila Radio: Painting Tools
If you’re getting ready for a painting project, it’s important to think ahead and have your tools and supplies ready ...
Tag icon article
Painting Tools and Materials
In addition to top-quality application equipment, you may need some of the painting tools and painting materials list...
Tag icon article
Chip It! Sherwin-Williams' New Color Tool
Thanks to the Internet, there's no shortage of inspiration when it comes to bringing color to your home. Ah, but the ...
Tag icon article
How To: Use a Paint Spray Gun
Are you tired of using a brush and messing with a tray whenever you paint? Consider investing in a paint spray gun. S...
Tag icon video
Wall Stenciling
Decorator Leslie Curtis joins Bob in the modern Colonial project house parlor to discuss the room's wall treatments.
Tag icon video
Wall Stenciling, Continued
Artisan Ken Forcier are applying the second "layer" of the stencil he's using to decorate in the parlor of the modern Colonial.
Tag icon video
Exterior Prep and Painting
Bob discusses painting the exterior of the Victorian project house, which needed prep work before painting.
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