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10 Plastering Tools for Wall Installation and Repair
There tends to be a bit of mystery surrounding plaster walls. As a less popular material today, the act of plastering...
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What's the Difference? Drywall vs. Plaster
If you’re thinking of taking on a wall construction project in your home, you’ll likely hear of two options: drywall ...
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All About Skim Coat Plastering
Traditional plastering consists of three separate coats of plaster. The first two, called the brown and scratch coats...
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How To: Rebuild a Wall with Three-Coat Plaster
On the Manhattan Brownstone project, Bob, Chris Vila, and architect Brian O’Keefe discovered an intact ceiling cornic...
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Blueboard and Veneer Plaster Offer Old-Style Look
Everyone knows drywall and you can’t beat its cost. But almost no one loves drywall, a leading cause of contractor ca...
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How To: Patch Plaster Walls
Finishing a new wall or room with plaster or joint compound takes practice. If you have no experience with plaster or...
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Repairing Plaster and Installing Ceramic Shower Tiles
Bob heads to the library to discuss the plaster patchwork in progress, and then visits the second floor, where ceramic tile is being installed in a guest bathroom...
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Applying a Veneer Coat of Plaster over Blueboard
Bob interviews Carlos Londono, a plastering contractor, who demonstrates how to apply a veneer coat of plaster over blue board.
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Removing the Concrete Wall Forms and Planning the Plaster Finish
Mark Newton and Jesse Gonzales explain what happens when the metal frames are removed from the poured walls, then they apply a three-coat plaster.
Tag icon video
Mixing Plaster and Installing the Skylight
Bob and Chris Vila visit the plastering contractor and receive a lesson in plaster mixing. Next, they talk to Dino from Dino's Construction, who's installing the ...
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Applying Marmorino Plaster
Bob discusses the custom wall finish with designer Jonas Everets, who is using marmorino, a centuries-old lime-based plaster, on the kitchen walls of the top-floo...
Tag icon video
Waxing Venetian Plaster
Bob looks on as custom wall finisher Jonas Everets demonstrates the process of waxing a surface plastered with marmorino, a Venetian plaster.
Tag icon video
Reviewing the Penthouse Living Area & Kitchen
Bob surveys the interior decorating of the penthouse apartment, as well as the top-quality materials and appliances in the kitchen. Also, Bob learns about the dif...
Tag icon video
Elm Court's Unfinished Restoration
Bob goes on a behind-the-scenes tour of Elm Court.
Tag icon video
Drywall vs. Blueboard Explained
In the barn of the Victorian restoration project house, Bob talks with a rep from US Gypsum about the new technology that makes blue boards stronger and lighter t...
Tag icon video
Patching With Plaster
Chris Borovka (from US Gypsum) joins Bob to explain about patching with plaster.
Tag icon video
Plastering the Walls
Tim Smyth, the plastering contractor, provides a drywall update and offers a few tips on quality, speedy installation.
Tag icon video
Applying Veneer Plaster to the Stairway Walls
John Galvin is applying veneer plaster to the walls along the stairway.
Tag icon video
Wall Plastering
Plastering contractor John Hirrell shows Bob several tricks of the trade.
Tag icon video
Hanging Blueboard and Installing Corner Beads
Bob interviews Brian Dauphinee, who's hanging blue board, installing corner bead, and applying the scratch coat of plaster.
Tag icon video
Flooring, Plumbing, and Plastering
The old flooring in the Gothic Carpenter-style home in Elmwood has been removed. Bob outlines the process of installing the new floor and discusses the new suppor...
Tag icon video
Installing Insulation and Plastering
Carpenter Bob Ryley and Tim Grether (from Owens Corning) install insulation and vapor barrier in the bathroom. And Jim Larson (from Georgia Pacific) installs a sp...
Tag icon video
Applying Stucco
Bob meets with stucco contractor Angelo Dattini, who walks Bob through the first steps of stucco application.
Tag icon video
Mixing Stucco
Bob meets with stucco contractor Angelo Dattini, who is mixing Rinker-brand stucco with Pompano sand in a wheelbarrow.
Tag icon video
Plaster Repair Over Drywall
Bob interviews Mike Casas, a plastering contractor applying plaster over drywall and metal lath over wood lath.
Tag icon video
Plastering the Swimming Pool
In the final step of the pool's contruction, the basin is washed and vacuumed before plastering begins. Bob discusses the materials and the mixing ratio used in t...
Tag icon video
Architects Tour the Newton, MA Project
Bob meets with the architects, Mark and Geoffrey, who visit the project site every two weeks in order to check on progress, and to make sure their plans are being...
Tag icon video
Applying Plaster to Blueboard
As he watches the plaster being applied, Bob discusses the advantages of using blueboard and plaster, instead of drywall.
Tag icon video
Plaster Cornice Reconstruction
Bob surveys the plaster cornice in the project home. Water damage has ruined a large section and much of the remaining plaster needs repair. Bob and restoration c...
Tag icon video
Adding Detail to the Plaster Cornice
Bob observers the expert plasterer add detail to the cornice, which is under reconstruction due to water damage.
Tag icon video
Plaster and Cornice Work
Bob joins restoration contractor Richard Marks to see how the existing plaster and cornice work is blended with the new drywall.
Tag icon video
Stucco Walls
Bob meets with John Clancy who is applying "California" stucco inside the greenhouse. A tint is applied to the mix to match the interior, and a latex bonding mate...
Tag icon video
Applying Mortar Scratch Coat for Shower Wall Tiles
Bob visits with plaster sub-contractor Mike Bennet, who is floating mortar bed walls in the shower space of the beach house bathroom.
Tag icon video
Shirley-Eustis Colonial Governor's Mansion Tour
Bob meets with Lynn from the Shirley-Eustis Colonial Governor's Mansion Association. Together they tour the Federal-style home, noting an Irish crystal chandelier...
Tag icon video
Blueboard and Plaster
Bob joins plastering contractor Bob Fragakis, who will install blueboard, then apply a skim coat of plaster over it. Fragakis explains the tools and materials use...
Tag icon video
Drywall Techniques
Plaster contractor Claude Daigle demonstrates his preferred drywall techniques.
Tag icon video
Plaster and Drywall
Bob looks on as plaster contractor Sabino Lux performs plaster patching and adds drywall details.
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