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United Van Lines Is an Outstanding Moving Company—If You Can Get Past This One Hurdle
The biggest, most insurmountable hurdle of a move is the move itself. Many people who have decided to move have a mom...
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There’s Nothing You Can’t Learn on Udemy—But There’s a Catch
These days, there is a class for just about anything online. Whether seeking a software tutorial or instructions on s...
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Spectating My Kid’s Soccer Games Will Never Be the Same Thanks to This Space-Age Lounge Chair
While there’s nothing wrong with a traditional beach chair or those foldable chairs you see lining the field at Sunda...
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I Tried the simplehuman Trash Can: Does the Functionality of the Justify Its High Price?
When looking for a trash can, some might believe that any old receptacle will do. But a trash can is something you’ll...
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Feit Electric String Lights Review: Do They Work?
String lights are a traditional part of outdoor holiday decorating, but their appeal extends beyond a holiday season....
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Toro UltraPlus Leaf Vacuum Review: Does it Work?
Most of the year it’s not difficult to maintain a neat yard, but fall leaf season presents a challenge. Even those wh...
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This is the Best Electric Blanket for Winter We Tested—Here’s Why
When the temperatures drop and you just can’t seem to get warm, a blanket that does more than contain your body heat ...
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The Feature-Rich Bosch GLL3-330GC Laser Level Comes With a Hefty Price Tag. Is It Worth It?
During almost any renovation, repair, or building project, a laser level can be one of the most important tools a DIY...
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Is EGO Power+ Leaf Blower Powerful Enough for Fall Cleanup?
I recently tried out a series of leaf blowers on a test plot I created in my backyard. The course included a concrete...
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Is the Agri-Fab 44-Inch Lawn Sweeper Worth the Cost? I Put It to the Test, and Here’s What I Learned
Anyone who appreciates a well-groomed lawn may want to consider adding a lawn sweeper to their stable of equipment. T...
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I Set Up an Obstacle Course for the Gorilla Carts GOR4PS Garden Dump Cart: Here's How It Performed
When you have a job to do around the yard or garden, chances are you’ll need a wheelbarrow or some kind of garden car...
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Does the Aterod Expandable Garden Hose Live Up to Its Reputation? Find Out What Happened in Our Hands-On Testing
For decades, gardeners and horticultural hobbyists have dragged around heavy hoses, fighting their inevitable kinks a...
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I Tested the Feature-Rich Google Nest Protect. See How It Performed and If It’s Worth the High Price
Few folks will argue about the importance of having high-quality, reliable smoke detectors in their home. The sole pu...
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I Tested the Raptor Gutter Guard: Is it Worth the Cost?
There probably aren’t too many folks who would choose to spend a beautiful autumn afternoon cleaning gutters. The nas...
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This Husqvarna Axe Handles Well But Is It Worth It?
With origins in 1600s Sweden, Husqvarna has a long history of quality products. While they’re no longer known for rif...
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For Us, This Estwing Hammer Is a Solid Hit. Find Out Why We Like It and if It’s the Hammer for You.
I spent many years leaning on my tools to make a living. No, I don’t mean leaning against a shovel or workbench while...
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The Makita Angle Grinder is Durable, But Does it Perform?
For a long time, angle grinders—tools typically used for cutting, sharpening, cleaning, and polishing metal—were used...
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The OLIGHT Tactical Flashlight Is Worth Every Penny—Find Out Why
Tactical flashlights—intended to offer the same powerful light intensity as flashlights used by the military—are typi...
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The Bamboozle Compost Bin Is Attractive But Is It Practical?
The Bamboozle Food Composter is an indoor compost bin that doesn’t create compost per se, but holds kitchen scraps un...
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This Bokashi Bin Claims to Make Compost in 2 Weeks: How Did It Do?
For serious indoor composting, the SCD Probiotics Bokashi Bin is a 5-gallon indoor composting container made of recyc...
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This Amazon Patio Heater is Less Expensive—But Does It Work?
Outdoor living areas may be most associated with summer afternoon barbecues and lazy nights stargazing in the backyar...
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Are These Highly-Rated LED Lights Worth the Money?
Philips is a major player in the lighting industry worldwide. Offering everything from conventional lamps and tubes t...
Tag icon article
Is the Purple Pillow Really as Comfortable as Everyone Says?
When it’s time to hit the hay, a perfect pillow can make all the difference. A pillow can help prevent head and neck ...
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I Slept on This Unusual Bed-in-a-Box Mattress for Months: Here’s What Happened
Nothing’s more essential to having a good day than a good night’s sleep, and a good night’s sleep all starts with the...
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Add Fun (and Valuable Floor Space) to Your Child's Bedroom With This Loft Bed
One of the realizations we came to when our kids began attending school from home was that my son didn’t have enough ...
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I Tried a Cordless Tire Inflator―Did It Work?
Whether it’s inflating a flat tire, bumping up the pressure on a mountain bike, or inflating a pool float, having a p...
Tag icon article
The Best Smart Thermostats of 2022
Smart thermostats, which connect with home automation systems, go beyond their programmable predecessors to offer a w...
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Keep Your Green Thumb Going This Winter With a Garden Tower
There’s something therapeutic about watching food flourish in the comfort of your home.
Tag icon article
The Best Ice Scrapers of 2022
Removing frost and ice from your windshield or driveway is a straightforward task. Just grab an ice scraper and get t...
Tag icon article
The Best Caulking Guns of 2022
Caulking guns are designed for one thing: to deliver a continuous bead of caulk in order to seal joints between two s...
Tag icon article
The Best Paint Strippers of 2022
Paint prep is a necessary but sometimes tedious step. Some types of paint prep are easier than others. On a piece of ...
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