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The OLIGHT Tactical Flashlight is Worth Every Penny - Find Out Why
Tactical flashlights—intended to offer the same powerful light intensity as flashlights used by the military—are typi...
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The Bamboozle Compost Bin is Attractive But is it Practical?
The Bamboozle Food Composter is an indoor compost bin that doesn’t create compost per se, but holds kitchen scraps un...
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This Bokashi Bin Claims to Make Compost in 2 Weeks: How Did It Do?
For serious indoor composting, the SCD Probiotics Bokashi Bin is a 5-gallon indoor composting container made of recyc...
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This Amazon Patio Heater is Less Expensive—But Does It Work?
Outdoor living areas may be most associated with summer afternoon barbecues and lazy nights stargazing in the backyar...
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Are These Highly-Rated LED Lights Worth the Money?
Philips is a major player in the lighting industry worldwide. Offering everything from conventional lamps and tubes t...
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Is the Purple Pillow Really as Comfortable as Everyone Says?
When it’s time to hit the hay, a perfect pillow can make all the difference. A pillow can help prevent head and neck ...
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I Slept on This Unusual Bed-in-a-Box Mattress for Months: Here’s What Happened
Nothing’s more essential to having a good day than a good night’s sleep, and a good night’s sleep all starts with the...
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Add Fun (and Valuable Floor Space) to Your Child's Bedroom With This Loft Bed
One of the realizations we came to when our kids began attending school from home was that my son didn’t have enough ...
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I Tried a Cordless Tire Inflator―Did It Work?
Whether it’s inflating a flat tire, bumping up the pressure on a mountain bike, or inflating a pool float, having a p...
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The Best Smart Thermostats for the Home
Smart thermostats, which connect with home automation systems, go beyond their programmable predecessors to offer a w...
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Keep Your Green Thumb Going This Winter With a Garden Tower
There’s something therapeutic about watching food flourish in the comfort of your home.
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The Best Ice Scrapers for Cold-Weather Driving
Removing frost and ice from your windshield is a straightforward task—just grab an ice scraper and get to work. But n...
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The Best Paint Strippers for Home Projects
Paint prep is a necessary but sometimes tedious step. Some types of paint prep are easier than others. On a piece of ...
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