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9 Ways to Safeguard Your House Before a Vacation
August is a great time for a family vacation—one last fling before school starts. But before you take a plane, train, or automobile out of town, make sure to prot...
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13 Free Ways to Keep Thieves Away From Your Home
The FBI statistics are sobering: a burglary occurs roughly every 13 seconds in America. There were an estimated 1.4 million burglaries in 2017, and burglary victi...
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The Most Affordable Ways to Fence in a Yard
Add privacy, security, and even beauty to your front or backyard on with these cheap fence ideas.
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35 Easy Ways to Protect Your Home from Break-Ins
More than 3.5 million burglaries occur each year in the United States, and in more than 1 million of those, a household member was present at the time. Statistics...
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10 Things No One Tells You About Tiny Houses
Tiny houses are on trend for many reasons—they are eco-friendly and anti-consumerist, and they offer an affordable path to homeownership. But if you are consideri...
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Amp Up Your Home Security with This (Affordable) No-Frills Device
I absolutely love tech gadgets for our home. Most recently, I set up a super simple security/notification system, the...
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7 Things to Know Before Replacing Door Locks
Your home is only as secure as the locks on its doors. Over time, or as a result of security situations, you may feel...
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3 Smart Ways to Upgrade Your Entry Door in a Weekend
Inspired by the budding greenery and aided by the warmer temperatures, homeowners inevitably get the urge to spruce t...
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10 Tips for Ending Robocalls, Junk Mail, and More
Why does it always seem to happen just as you're sitting down to enjoy a nice dinner with your family?—the phone rings, and the solicitors are calling! Technology...
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The Best Ways to Light the Backyard
Choose one of these lighting options for a safer and more striking backyard.
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3 Ways to Improve Sliding Door Security
If you have a glass sliding door in your home, you no doubt appreciate how it creates a nearly seamless visual connec...
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20 Places with (Almost) Zero Crime
Everyone hopes to live in a low-crime area where homes are secure and residents feel at ease visiting local businesses, parks, and schools. So if you’re thinking ...
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10 Types of Tech You and Your Home Can Do Without
It doesn’t always pay to become an early adopter of the latest and greatest technological advancements. In fact, some home tech products just aren't worth the inv...
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Buyer’s Guide: Home Safes
Some people have piles of cash, rare jewels, and irreplaceable collectibles stashed in bank safe-deposit boxes. The a...
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Tackle this Task Right After the New Year to Protect Your Property
No one likes to think about the possibility of fire, flood, storm damage, or theft. But should such a disaster occur,...
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Buyer's Guide: Doorbell Cameras
When it comes to home security, doorbell cameras have definitely arrived. They clearly show “who’s there?” and most c...
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11 Holiday Mistakes That Bring Burglars to Your Door
While you’re busy shopping, decorating, and getting ready for holiday festivities, burglars are preparing for one of their busiest times of the year as well. Acco...
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Leaving These 10 Things at Your Front Door Could Keep You Safe
Living a safe and happy life means protecting your home and family, and one of the best places to start is right at your front door. Learning how to protect yours...
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12 Mistakes That Make Your Car Vulnerable to Break-Ins
It’s no secret that Americans practically live in their cars, treating them as a home away from home. But cars are typically much easier to break into than the av...
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The Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights for Home Security
Strong outdoor illumination is an excellent deterrent to nocturnal crime, but leaving lights on all night is a costly...
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Bob Vila Radio: How to Protect Your Home When You're Not There
Heading out on vacation? Ensure that your home remains safe and sound while you're away. Here are some crucial items ...
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10 Ways to Keep Your Car From Getting Stolen
A well-trained thief can break into your car in less than 10 seconds, and it takes only a minute to hot-wire it and drive off. A car is stolen approximately every...
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The 17 Coolest Gadgets We Saw on Kickstarter in 2017
Of all the weird and wonderful gadgets that debuted on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter in 2017, the cream of the crop dazzled us with their daring designs a...
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10 Things Your Local Fire Department Wishes You Knew
When it comes to fire safety, who is more qualified to offer up tips and reminders than firefighters themselves? Stay safe this season (and every season) by adher...
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10 Low-Cost Ways to Improve Your Home Security
If the cost of a high-tech security system is beyond your means, consider these low-cost options to keep your home safe.
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7 Surprising Items Burglars Want to Steal from You
An estimated 3.7 million burglaries occur every year in the United States, each resulting in an average loss of more than $2,000. You can minimize your loss, shou...
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7 Documents You're Probably Forgetting to Shred
To shred or not to shred? This is an especially vital question in these days of identity theft, when access to your personal details makes you vulnerable to attac...
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Video: 7 Things Burglars Don't Want You to Know
 You probably consider your home to be a safe haven from all the danger and mayhem in this crazy world, and most of t...
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15 Household Items That Could Save Your Life
The only thing you can expect in life is that the unexpected can and eventually will happen. So, it’s worth making sure that you and your household are prepared f...
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Buyer's Guide: Door Locks
Good home security starts at your front door. A home burglary occurs approximately once every 18 seconds in the Unite...
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11 Ways You May Be Inviting Burglars Into Your Home
Despite taking every precaution, some homeowners unwittingly attract burglars to their property. According to the FBI, the average financial loss from a burglary ...
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Prep for Disaster: 10 Things You'll Need in a Home Emergency
When disaster strikes, how prepared are you to handle the fallout? It pays to prep for all manner of calamity—from power outages and house fires to extreme weathe...
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So, You Want to... Rekey a Lock
Key rings can get crowded (and heavy!) fast, when you consider all that you load up on them: keys for your car, front...
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10 Mistakes You Make Every Time You Leave for Vacation
During the holiday season, hordes of people pack up their bags and embark on extended vacations. But in the excitement of planning a trip, homeowners often neglec...
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3 Tips for Smarter Security in the Digital Age
Once upon a time, the only type of theft a person had to worry about was the old-fashioned kind, in which someone mig...
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Beyond Security: 3 More Reasons to Install a New Floodlight
Where I live out in the country, the nights can be very dark—no city lights down the street, and nothing more than th...
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10 Ways to Burglar-Proof Your Home for Under $100
A safe home is a happy home. Locking the front door is just the start when it comes to protecting your nest. There's a wealth of security systems, add-ons, and tr...
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8 Ways to Make It Look Like You’re Home When You’re Not
The holidays are a time for visiting family and friends near and far, but it can also be a prime time for break-ins since it’s easy for burglars to recognize the ...
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14 Bad Habits That Could Burn Down Your House
House fires are more common than you may realize, with potential fire starters like light bulbs, laptops, and lint traps hiding in plain sight throughout your hom...
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10 Things a Burglar Doesn't Want You to Know
Victims of burglaries suffer some $4.7 billion in property losses a year, according to the latest FBI statistics. You may already be protecting yourself with a de...
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Scout: A Next-Generation Home Security System
Joining the ranks of smart-home gadgets and gizmos is Scout, a completely wireless, internet-connected home security ...
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The All-Time Best Kickstarter Inventions for the Home
So, it’s the 21st century and we’re not living like the Jetsons. Fine. But we can get as close as possible to total home automation with these incredible new inve...
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7 Life-Changing New Home Technologies for 2015
With each passing year, our houses are getting smarter and smarter. It's no fantasy; appliances that mix drinks or cook dinner at your command—a simple touch on y...
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Bob Vila Radio: Troubleshooting Tips for Motion Sensor Lights
Motion sensor lights are a must for any home security system, but sometimes they get out of whack, turning on and off...
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Hold Down the Fort: Home Security Tips for Holiday Vacations
Marty Hoffmann of Kwikset, a leading manufacturer of home security products, says that in the weeks surrounding Chris...
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The Most Cunning Secret Hiding Spots We've Ever Seen
When it comes to hiding valuables in your home, you don't need a massive safe bolted to the floor in the bedroom—you just need to stay one step ahead of would-be ...
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How To: Install a Deadbolt
Automated security systems are nice to have, but the easiest and least expensive way to improve the security of home ...
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New & Notable: 8 High-Tech Home Security Gadgets
In our high-tech world, keeping your home fully protected is easier than it's ever been. Vastly more sophisticated than those blaring door alarms of yesteryear, t...
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Welcome to AT&T Digital Life: The New Smart Home Security Solution
When it comes to home security, we've certainly come a long, long way from hanging signs that caution "beware of dog"...
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Bob Vila Radio: Lights on Timers
You may think that putting a timer on your lights is a waste of time—what burglar worth his salt would be fooled by a...
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Bob Vila's Guide to Home Security
It wasn't so long ago that when an intruder broke into a house, the home security system would sound an alarm and, if...
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Home Security 101
It wasn’t so long ago that when an intruder broke into a home, the home security system would sound an alarm. If it w...
Tag icon article
Bob Vila Radio: Burglaries
Here’s something you probably don’t want to think about this summer: Most burglaries happen in warm weather, during b...
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Building a Redwood Deck and a Redwood-and-Cedar Fence
Bob helps carpenter Bob Ryley build a redwood deck. Carpenter Danny Ruffini installs a custom-made redwood-and-cedar fence on the perimeter.
Tag icon video
Touring a Neighborhood in Melrose
Bob meets with a local real estate broker and with homeowner Sarah Monzon, whose basement will be finished to create additional family space.
Tag icon video
Installation of a Home Security Lock System
Bob meets with representatives from both MacLock and Wizard Industries, both of whom demonstrate the installation of this special, high-strength lock system.
Tag icon video
Door Lock Installation
Bob Ryley is installing the new lockset from Baldwin Brass on the front door.
Tag icon video
Steel Bulkhead, Cedar Siding and Metal Flashing, and Standing Seam Steel Roof Installation
In a progress report, Ted Riley shows Bob the pre-primed red cedar siding , the heavy-duty metal Bilco bulkhead installation, and the Quechee home's standing seam...
Tag icon video
Home Technology Update
Bob meets up with Tim Woods (of the Internet Home Alliance) in the basement of the Quechee home to hear about the progress made integrating the connected home tec...
Tag icon video
Networking, Entertainment, and Security Wiring for the Home
Bob Ryley meets with Ken Frankel (from Lucent Technologies) to discuss the new HomeStar wiring system.
Tag icon video
Discussing the Northern White Cedar Picket Fence
A Northern White Cedar picket fence is discussed and installed.
Tag icon video
Wireless Home Security System Installed
Bob learns about the features of the newly-installed security system.
Tag icon video
Installing a Brick Walkway and Porch Lighting, and Milling the Railings and Balusters
Contractors put in the brick walkway. Forester Moulding and Lumber replicates the porch railings and balusters. Also, new security and sprinkler systems are insta...
Tag icon video
Landscaping, Front Column Installation, and Home Security System
Landscaping work continues, as the new security system is installed and the reproduction railing is going into place on the front porch.
Tag icon video
Installing a Fire Sprinkler System
A Grinnell sprinkler system goes into the garage building. Bob gets a brief history of the sprinkler concept and a few tips on installation.
Tag icon video
Discussing the Home Security System
Bob discusses the wireless alarm system being put in the garage. Because the building will often be unoccupied, this system won't just monitor the alarm. It will ...
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