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Too Hot to Sleep? This Bedding Will Keep You Cool at Night
It’s hard to stay comfortable at night when the numbers tick upward on the thermometer. Everything from the mattress ...
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Having Trouble Finding an Air Conditioner This Summer? These Retailers Still Have Them
Even the most ardent climate change deniers can’t deny that this feels like one of the hottest summers in recent memo...
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How To: Change Hydrangea Color
Hydrangeas are one of the only types of flowers that can change color. The change in hue happens in response to the a...
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10 Cool Products That Make it Easier to Garden in the Summer Heat
Temperatures are rising, but you’re still on weeding and watering duty outside. Here’s how to stay cool while working in the garden this summer.
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8 Ways to Save Your Deck From Sun Damage
Maintain your deck’s appearance and prevent graying by using one—or more—of these tried and true methods.
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Can't Find Chlorine Tablets for Your Pool? Here's What to Do Instead.
The COVID-19 pandemic caused waves in the world of shipping and manufacturing, leading to shortages of appliances, lu...
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13 DIY Summer Wreath Ideas to Spruce Up Your Front Door
Craft your own seasonal wreath to boost curb appeal and bring happiness to all who enter.
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The Best Bug Spray for Kids to Keep Pests Away
Protecting kids from biting insects during warmer months is important, especially with the potential for these bloods...
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11 Ways to Stay Safe During a Heat Wave
Try these strategies for beating the heat when temperatures rise.
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15 Summer Activities You Can Do on Staycation
Staying in place all summer long doesn’t have to be boring. Whether you’re stuck at home alone or with your partner, a pet, or your family, break out a few of the...
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10 Ways to Defend Yourself Against Tick Bites This Summer
Summertime sees a surge in tick-borne diseases, so learn how to prevent bites before they occur.
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10 Ways to Travel This Year Without Paying for a Hotel
If you long to travel but are short on funds, don't despair! There are plenty of inexpensive ways to expand your horizons and see the country without draining you...
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12 Ways to Vacation in Your Own Backyard
Stay close to home and have a wonderful time with these creative concepts—no passport or luggage required!
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12 Things You Never Knew About Memorial Day
Celebrate the unofficial start of summer with a dozen fascinating facts about Memorial Day, which has evolved over the centuries, thanks to freed slaves, Southern...
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20 Private Islands You Can Rent
Why head to a crowded public beach when you can get your fix of fun and sun at your own private island? While it may seem like a pipe dream, many of the world’s...
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Quick Tip: Your Plants Can Cool Your House
Watch Where You Plant Your TreesMost people know that planting a tree to shade your house is a great way to keep it c...
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