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In the Breeze: An In-Depth Lasko Wind Curve Fan Tested Review
Fans are great for regulating a room’s temperature, improving air circulation, and providing subtle white noise for a...
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The Best Pool Tile Cleaners of 2023
Pool maintenance can feel like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be with a good pool tile cleaner. Even the cle...
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The Best Pool Timers of 2023
Pool timers are a convenient and efficient way to automate the operation of pool filters, pumps, and other appliances...
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The Best Over-the-Sill Air Conditioners of 2023
Over-the-sill air conditioners have some huge benefits. These units have upside-down, U-shaped designs that saddle th...
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The Best Garage Air Conditioners of 2023
Capable air conditioners can transform sweltering garages into comfortable spaces. Whether you simply want a temperat...
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Save $260 on Our Favorite Cordless Pool Cleaner This Labor Day
Pool time means playtime, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t still work to be done. To keep a sunny disposition and de...
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The Best Patio Umbrellas for Windy Conditions of 2023
In breezy outdoor areas, it’s important to use a suitable patio umbrella for windy conditions. These extra-sturdy umb...
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The Best U-Shaped Air Conditioners of 2023
U-shaped air conditioners are becoming more and more popular these days. That’s for good reason, as these units are e...
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30 Summer Hacks You Need in Your Life ASAP
Summer is a season of sunshine, adventures, and relaxation, but it also brings its fair share of challenges, from sco...
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20 Plants That Thrive Even When Temperatures Rise
Extreme weather was in the news again recently when the average worldwide temperature hit new highs, day after day. I...
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12 Ways to Travel This Year Without Paying for a Hotel
If you’re eager to break free from your daily routine and embark on a new adventure, you’re not alone! However, explo...
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12 Ways to Stay Cool When Your Car’s AC Gives Out
There's a lot to love about summer: cookouts, pool parties, vacations, and family time come to mind. One thing no one...
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15 Clever Hacks to Help You Beat the Summer Heat
When temperatures really rise, summer fun can start to fizzle, especially indoors. It's a good thing that great minds...
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14 Ways to Help Your Garden Survive a Heat Wave
It’s no secret that heat waves are becoming more common around the globe. Summer 2022 saw fires throughout Europe (in...
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Score $388 Off Our Favorite Robotic Pool Cleaner During the October Prime Day Event!
Nothing takes the fun out of taking a dip in your pool like stepping in tree debris or slimy algae. Cleaning a pool c...
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Midea U-Shaped Air Conditioner Review: Can This Unique AC Keep a Room Cool Yet Quiet?
The biggest drawbacks of window air conditioners are their noise level, rather unsafe installation, and the fact that...
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Whynter Air Conditioner Review: Does This Portable AC Cool Effectively?
Our home isn’t equipped with central air conditioning, since we have oil and a wood stove that serve as our heat sour...
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The Best Gardening Hats of 2023
Gardening is our way of connecting with nature, growing healthy produce, and cultivating beautiful landscapes. Howeve...
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The Best Lawn Fertilizers for Spring of 2023
All lawns require nutrients to grow and thrive, but often there isn’t enough occurring naturally in the soil. The bes...
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The Best Oscillating Fans of 2023
Unlike stationary fans that blow air in one direction, oscillating fans sweep back and forth, distributing air over a...
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The Best Fans of 2023
When the mercury climbs, staying cool is a priority. While an air conditioner is typically best, sometimes a quality ...
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The Best Neck Fans of 2023
Unlike conventional fans, a neck fan can keep you cool when you're on the go—when a more conventional room fan simply...
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The Best Smart Ceiling Fans of 2023
While any ceiling fan can help cool things off when the indoor temperature rises, a smart ceiling fan takes that comf...
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Solved! Here's How to Treat a Drought-Stressed Lawn
Q: It’s been really hot and dry where I live, and I’ve noticed brown patches in my yard. Do I have a drought-stressed...
Tag icon article
Solved! Why Is My Grass Turning Yellow?
Q: I’ve been watering and mowing my lawn regularly, but I still see patches of dead grass. Why is my grass turning ye...
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The Best Sunscreens of 2023
Using sunscreen daily provides an array of benefits, protecting skin from sunburn, sun damage, and, most important of...
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What Are Signs of a Heat-Stressed Lawn, and What Can You Do About It? We Talked to An Expert to Find Out
Q: It’s been unusually hot in my area this summer, and I think the heat might be killing my lawn! The grass has stopp...
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Late Bloomers: 25 Summer Flowers to Keep Color in Your Garden
The glory of midsummer flowers is celebrated in poetry and song, but there are plenty of late-summer flowers that can...
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Bob Vila's 10 "Must Do" Projects for August
It's August, which probably means that—depending where you live and whether you have air conditioning—you're spending...
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12 Ways to Cook Outdoors Without a Kitchen
Whether your goal is to keep the house cool and free of cooking aromas or to have fun with friends while manning the ...
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This is Why Your Backyard Barbecue Will Cost More This Summer
As summertime and backyard barbecues begin in earnest, the specter of price inflation hangs in the background, ensuri...
Tag icon article
Bob Vila’s “Must Do” Projects for July
July’s longer days and warmer weather mean there's plenty of good reason to be outside, and no shortage of tasks to t...
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14 Black-Owned Etsy Shops to Support All Year-Round
A go-to destination for home decor, personalized gifts, and handmade jewelry, Etsy makes it easy to support talented ...
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18 Weirdly Awesome Summer Vacation Rentals on Airbnb
When the travel bug bites, look beyond the big chain hotels. Forget about too-close-for-comfort bed and breakfasts, w...
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How to Organize an Epic Block Party That Will Have Everyone Dancing in the Street
Summer’s here, and the time is right… for dancin’ in the street! Our toes have been tapping to the beat of that iconi...
Tag icon article
Bob Vila's 10 “Must Do” Projects for June
The first day of summer is almost here, and memories of the long, cruel winter have all but left our collective consc...
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The Best Pool Alarms of 2023
Swimming pool alarms detect and notify nearby adults of unwanted entry into a pool or pool area. A reliable and simpl...
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7 Types of Fans You Might Need in Your House
When most people think of a fan, the first thing that comes to mind might be a window fan or the old style with butto...
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The Best Personal Air Conditioners of 2023
Air conditioners can be bulky energy hogs, with even the smallest versions weighing upward of 50 pounds. Taking them ...
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Too Hot to Sleep? This Bedding Will Keep You Cool at Night
It’s hard to stay comfortable at night when the numbers tick upward on the thermometer. Everything from the mattress ...
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Having Trouble Finding an Air Conditioner This Summer? These Retailers Still Have Them
Even the most ardent climate change deniers can’t deny that this feels like one of the hottest summers in recent memo...
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How To: Change Hydrangea Color
Hydrangeas are one of the only types of flowers that can change color. The change in hue happens in response to the a...
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8 Ways to Save Your Deck From Sun Damage
Maintain your deck’s appearance and prevent graying by using one—or more—of these tried and true methods.
Tag icon article
Chlorine Shortage Continues in 2022: What to Do Next
The Covid-19 pandemic made waves in the world of shipping and manufacturing, leading to shortages of appliances, lumb...
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The Best Whole-House Fans of 2023
Central air, window air conditioners, and split AC units aren’t the only ways to keep a home comfortable during hotte...
Tag icon article
The Best Evaporative Air Coolers of 2023
Anyone hoping for an economical way to beat the heat may wish to consider buying an evaporative air cooler. These dev...
Tag icon article
The Best Quiet Fans of 2023
Strategically placed fans help reduce home energy costs as they circulate air, reducing dependence solely on air cond...
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The Best Small Window Air Conditioners Tested in 2023
Those who live in older homes without the comfort and convenience of central air conditioning understand just how har...
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The Best Through-the-Wall Air Conditioners of 2023
While window air-conditioning units are a fine option for cooling a room in the summertime, they require sacrificing ...
Tag icon article
The Best Ductless Air Conditioners of 2023
Suffering through a hot summer may seem inevitable to those with basements or garage workshops not serviced by a cent...
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The Best Bedroom Fans of 2023
A bedroom fan is a must-have for hot sleepers and anyone living in a warm climate. They’re especially vital for those...
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The Best Pergola Kits of 2023
A pergola is an attractive and functional architectural structure for residential and commercial outdoor spaces. Cons...
Tag icon article
The Best Smart Sprinkler Controllers of 2023
If you have an inground sprinkler system and don't have a smart controller, your sprinklers could end up watering at ...
Tag icon article
The Best Above-Ground Pools of 2023
Above-ground pools let you lounge, laugh, and splash to your heart’s delight. They’re easier to install than inground...
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The Best Robotic Pool Cleaners Tested in 2023
Few people enjoy vacuuming their swimming pool, but it’s an important maintenance task that limits the growth of alga...
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The Best Fly Traps of 2023
Controlling flies may seem like an impossible battle. They reproduce quickly, and they’re extremely challenging to el...
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The Best Programmable Thermostats of 2023
Saving money has never been more important for most Americans, yet many forget how much they inadvertently waste thro...
Tag icon article
The Best Portable Air Conditioners Tested in 2023
True to their name, portable air conditioning units are, well, portable—especially when compared to virtually all oth...
Tag icon article
The Best Drip Irrigation Systems of 2023
Keeping up with watering your garden can be a challenge. Vacations, busy schedules, and changing weather conditions c...
Tag icon article
The Best Tower Fans of 2023
Many people use a fan to assist in circulating indoor air and increasing comfort. Of all the different types of fans ...
Tag icon slideshow
12 Things You Never Knew About Memorial Day
Celebrate the unofficial start of summer with a dozen fascinating facts about Memorial Day, which has evolved over the centuries, thanks to freed slaves, Southern...
Tag icon slideshow
20 Private Islands You Can Rent
Why head to a crowded public beach when you can get your fix of fun and sun at your own private island? While it may seem like a pipe dream, many of the world’s...
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How to Replace a Window Screen
Window screening is there for a purpose. If it gets a snag, a tear, or a hole, it is much less effective at keeping i...
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