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Quick Tip: Treating Termites and Preventing Rodents
Termites and other pests can cause expensive damage. Here's what to look for.  The sawdust-like accumulations of fras...
Unsound Sounds: 7 Noises You Don't Want to Hear From Your House
Homes make strange noises. They’re built of many different materials — glass, concrete, wood — that expand and contra...
Be Nice to Mice: How to Build a Humane Mousetrap
None of us loves the idea of little Mickeys and Minnies scurrying around our homes. Some people insist they're cute, ...
How To: Detect Termite Damage
Here's how you can tell if your house has termite damage. First, examine obvious areas of wood rot for termites. Some...
Bob Vila Radio: Wood-Eating Bugs
There are more than 2,000 species of termites, and chances are some of them live in your neighborhood. The most commo...
INFOGRAPHIC: DIY Pest Prevention
Fighting pests at home? The best offense is a clean, dry, and air-tight defense. The importance of sanitation cannot ...
Bob Vila Radio: Tickscaping
The Tick-Borne Disease Alliance reports that as many as three-quarters of all Lyme Disease cases are caused by tick b...
The Gross, Scary, and Entirely Truthful House Pest Quiz
Are you an amateur exterminator? Test your knowledge of these common house pests to find out!
How To: Fight Off Termites
Preventing and treating termite infestations is a top priority for many homeowners. Termite control is not a do-it-yo...
How To: Rodent-Proof Your Home
While Ratatouille might have been a runaway blockbuster film, no one wants rats in the house — or mice or squirrels o...
10 Plants Sure to Stop Deer in Their Tracks
If your backyard and garden have become a buffet for deer, these 10 Bambi-resistant plants will encourage them to forage elsewhere.
Keep Ticks at Bay with 9 Smart Landscaping Tips
Strategic landscaping choices can help you keep your family and pets safe from the danger posed by ticks in the backyard.
Attract Owls for Rodent Control
Every creature has its place in nature—I firmly believe that. But if that creature is a rodent, I want its place to b...
Save the Bees, Save Yourself: The Anti-Allergy Virtues of Local Honey
Do you suffer from seasonal allergies? A natural remedy waits in your backyard: locally produced honey. To date, scie...
Pests, Be Gone! 10 Natural Ways to Make Your Home Critter-Free
No need to use chemicals—instead, use these herbal, fruity, or soap-laden solutions for problems with pests like ants, mice, and mosquitos.
The Complete Natural Guide to Apartment Pest Control and Prevention
Living in the city has its perks. But it also has its pests. From mice to roaches to bed bugs, dreaded pests can and ...
Termites! Now What?
The advent of spring is generally welcome, but warmer temperatures also bring out unwanted pests, namely termites. Of...
Bob Vila Radio: House Pests
We’re all drawn to the warmth and shelter of a cozy house, so it’s not surprising that critters like squirrels, oposs...
How To: Combat Garden Pests (Part 2)
Most people react to deer, groundhogs, and rabbits with a smile acknowledging their adorableness. But gardeners know ...
How To: Combat Garden Pests (Part 1)
It’s the time of year when garden pests become especially irritating. Your ripening harvest might be snacked on by ap...
Bob Vila Radio: Bee & Wasp Control
Late summer’s when you see ‘em, but now’s not  actually the best time to mess with a bee or wasp nest. The queen esta...
Bob Vila Radio: Integrated Pest Management
To control garden pests without using toxic chemicals, work with nature, not against it. LISTENListen to BOB VILA ON ...
Bob Vila Radio: Natural Pesticides
Encouraging birds and bats to visit your yard is a great way to keep BUGS down without spraying. LISTENListen to BOB ...
Top 10 Ways to Deal with Bees
Bob Vila recently contacted me because he had a bee infestation in his attic. I've made several visits to his house s...
How To: Protect Your Home from Carpenter Ants
Carpenter ants damage wood by hollowing it out for nesting. Unlike termites, wood damaged by carpenter ants does not ...
Fixing a Rotted Deck and Columns on the Porch
Carpenters replace a rotted deck, and a rotted porch column is reconstructed with concrete.
Replacing Sill, Repelling Insects and Rot, and Installing Sliding Doors With Custom Trim Molding
Damaged sill is replaced, the house is protected against insects and rot, and sliding doors with custom trim molding are installed.
Sustainable Planting for Florida Landscape
Ken Micklow and Trent Culleny talk with Bob about native, storm-resistant gardening. Then Carm DiBella shows Bob an environmentally friendly termite protection s...
Fighting Carpenter Ants and Repairing the Porch
The restoration of the front porch continues with workers putting the decking down and replacing the old columns. In addition, anti-termite control stations are p...
Restoring the Front Porch
The front porch is undergoing full restoration, due to excessive water and pest damage to the columns and other structural elements. Demolition begins and repair ...
Termite Prevention and Pouring the Concrete Floor
Bob and contractor Bob Ryley join exterminator Dean Bailey (of Fowler and Sons) to discuss termite control in and around the garage. Also, concrete contractor Sha...
Dealing with Termite Damage
Bob reviews termite damage at the Naples project house and looks on as exterminators cover the home with a tent to enclose the space prior to fumigation.
Termite Damage and Dry Rot
Bob confers with contractor Al Stouse about the termite and dry rot damage on the roof overhangs. Next, Bob helps build and install new roof brackets, or outriggers.
Deck Framing with Pressure-Treated Lumber
Rick Kleiner (from the Southern Forest Products Association) joins Bob to talk about using pressure-treated deck members. Such lumber resists fungal growth, termi...
Painting your front door a striking color is risky, but it will really grab attention. Picking the right shade (and finish... Built on a rocky island in the Drina River, near the town of Bajina Basta, Serbia, this wooden house was cobbled together ... Large steel-framed windows flood the interior of this remodeled Michigan barn with daylight. The owners hired Northworks A... Edging formed with upside-down wine bottles is a refreshing change. Cleverly and artistically involving recycled materials... A Washington State couple called on BC&J Architects to transform their 400-square-foot boathouse into a hub for family bea... Similar to the elevated utensil concept, hanging your pots and pans from a ceiling-mounted rack keeps them nearby and easy... For windows, doors, and mirrors that could use a little definition, the Naples Etched Glass Border adds a decorative flora... The thyme growing between these stepping stones adds a heady fragrance to strolls along this lush, low-maintenance garden ... Decoupage is an easy way to add any paper design to your switch plate, whether it is wallpaper, scrapbook paper, book page... Twine lanterns add pops of crafty—but sophisticated—flair to any outdoor setting. Wrap glue-soaked twine around a balloon ... When securely fastened to a tree or the ceiling of a porch, a pallet and some cushioning make the ideal place to lounge. V... Reluctant to throw away any of those unidentified keys in your junk drawer? Hang them from a few chains attached to a simp... A stripped-down model, sans screened porch, starts out at $79,000. Add the porch, a heated floor for the bath, and all the... Salvaged boards in varying widths and colors make up the dramatic accent wall in this attic space. The high-gloss white of... This garden shed has been decked out to the nines. Designer Orla Kiely created the intimate home for a flower trade show, ...
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