Quick Tip: Replace a Toilet

Try this simple DIY project to install a more reliable, cost-effective toilet.

Replace a Toilet

The Case for New Toilets
Because it’s one of the things we use the most, there are lots of reasons to replace an older toilet. Even if you don’t mind that outdated shade of avocado, you are probably paying for twice the water you need for each flush and Old Faithful will inevitably fail when you least expect it. But never fear: Toilet replacement is usually a simple job for the do-it-yourselfer with basic skills.

Shutting Down the Water Supply
First, close the water supply valve, then flush, bail and use a sponge to completely empty the toilet and tank. Uncap and remove the nuts from the base of the toilet. Then, detach the water supply line, starting with the tank end.

Removing Old Toilets
If your toilet is a real antique, you may need to unbolt the tank from the bowl. Lift the old toilet off its bolts and check that the waste line is still attached to the floor flange.

Repairing Damage
Make sure to repair any water damage to the subfloor. Clean out the remains of the old wax ring. And don’t scrimp on a new one because that wax ring is what seals and stabilizes your toilet.

Installing Your New Toilet: Read the Instructions
Your final step is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to install your new water-saving toilet.