The 10 Best Amazon Deals on Gardening and Lawn Care Products Right Now

Save on top-rated products for your lawn and garden with these deals on Amazon.

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Whether you love to garden or simply appreciate a perfectly manicured lawn, you’ll want to stock up on a few outdoor essentials before spring officially starts at the end of March. Gardening tools and lawn care can add up fast, so it’s smart to shop pre-season sales while you still can.

Amazon is a haven of great deals on everything from grow lights to garden hoses to plant stands. Below are 10 of the best Amazon deals on garden and lawn products you can add to your cart right now.

1. Bypass Pruning Shears


A good pair of pruning shears is a must-have for any gardener of any level. This pair features a durable steel blade that can cut a stem or branch up to 3/4-inch thick. The shears have nearly 14,000 reviews from Amazon shoppers who love how efficiently they work and how comfortable the padded handles are.

Get the gonicc Titanium Bypass Pruning Shears on Amazon for $27.95

2. Expandable Garden Hose

Aterod Expandable Garden Hose
Photo: Glenda Taylor

For anyone in need of a quality garden hose, our experts recommend this expandable one from Aterod. We chose it as the best garden hose out there, thanks to its high water pressure and nine spray functions on its nozzle, from mist to jet. Plus, it’s easy to store—it winds up to just 17 feet but can expand up to 50 feet when turned on.

Get the Aterod Expandable Garden Hose on Amazon for $30.99 (Save $19)

3. Glass Watering Spray Bottle and Plant Mister


Who says watering cans have to be bulky, plastic eyesores? For a chicer alternative to keeping your houseplants hydrated, consider this elegant glass spray bottle and plant mister. Made of thick, hard-to-break glass and available in four gorgeous colors, it’s received more than 10,000 glowing reviews on Amazon.

Get the OFFIDIX Glass Watering Spray Bottle and Plant Mister on Amazon for $12.66 (Save $1.23)

4. Bamboo Plant Stand


As a proud plant parent, you’ll want to display all your greenery. This trendy bamboo stand is the perfect way to do that. With more than 4,000 rave reviews, it comes with three spacious shelves for your potted beauties and a sturdy rod for your hanging plants. You can use it either inside or outside, and Amazon shoppers say it’s very easy to assemble.

Get the COPREE Bamboo 3-Tier Hanging Plant Stand on Amazon for $43.99 (Save $46)

5. Rooting Gel

The Best Rooting Hormone Options: HydroDynamics Clonex Rooting Gel

If you’re trying to grow plants from cuttings, you might need a little assistance in the form of a rooting hormone. Our experts chose the HydroDynamics Clonex Rooting Gel as the best one because it contains an active ingredient (Indole-3-butyric acid, or IBA) that stimulates root growth, and it can be used on almost any type of cutting, from flowers to fruit trees.

Get the HydroDynamics Clonex Rooting Gel on Amazon for $19.88 (Save $5.75)

6. Lawn and Garden Pump Sprayer


Now is a great time to snag a pump sprayer like this 1.3-gallon one, which has a variety of functions, including killing weeds and fertilizing your lawn. It comes highly recommended by more than 2,000 Amazon reviewers and has a comfortable carry strap for toting around the yard and a long spraying wand that can reach basically anywhere and everywhere.

Get the VIVOSUN Lawn and Garden Pump Sprayer on Amazon for $25.99 (Save $3.00)

7. LED Grow Light


An LED grow light will come in handy for anyone who wants to grow plants inside, whether you’re raising an herb garden or trying to bring pretty flowers to life. This one received high marks from nearly 5,000 Amazon shoppers. They like that the flexible gooseneck allows you to easily adjust the height and angle—especially handy as your plant grows!—and that the LED bulbs provide both light and warmth for your seedlings.

Get the GooingTop LED Grow Light on Amazon for $24.60 (Save $12.35)

8. Indoor Fly and Mosquito Trap


One downside to summer is the return of gnats, flies, and mosquitoes. To prevent winged pests from invading your home, set up one (or a few) of these mosquito traps. Nearly 22,000 Amazon shoppers are obsessed with it, saying that it works very well at catching all kinds of flying insects, even fruit flies. They also like that it’s compact enough to put anywhere.

Get the FENUN Fly and Mosquito Trap on Amazon for $31.99 (Save $14.81)

9. Propagation Kit with Heat Mat


If your plan this spring is to start seeds indoors, you’ll want to add a propagation kit to your list. Our experts chose the Super Sprouter as the best starter kit for beginners. It comes with a seedling heat mat, grow trays, a clear dome, and even a grow light. Right now, it’s almost 25 percent off on Amazon.

Get the Super Sprouter Propagation Kit with Heat Mat on Amazon for $56.66 (Save $18.08)

10. Gardening Tools Set


While you can load up on gardening tools one by one, you can also snag all the essentials in one fell swoop—or rather, one click—with this deal. The 83-piece set includes almost everything you could need to get started, like a trowel, gloves with claws, plant tags, and a weeder. It has a high 4.6-star rating from more than 2,000 reviewers.

Get the Tudoccy 83-Piece Gardening Tools Set on Amazon for $29.99