The Best Big and Tall Office Chairs to Make Your Workspace Work for You

If your body type is above average in size, finding proper support and comfort in an office chair can be a struggle. We’ve found some excellent solutions for all budgets.

Best Overall

The Serta Fairbanks Big and Tall Executive Office Chair on a white background.

Serta Fairbanks Big and Tall Executive Office Chair

Best Bang For The Buck

The Latitude Run Genie Mesh Task Chair on a white background.

Latitude Run Genie Mesh Task Chair

Upgrade Pick

The Steelcase Gesture Office Chair on a white background.

Steelcase Gesture Office Chair

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Savvy furniture manufacturers understand that a certain percentage of consumers are larger or taller than average and introduced the big and tall office chairs category to satisfy that demand. No longer do we have to try to fold ourselves into chairs that are too low or squeeze into seats that are too narrow.

However, quality varies considerably, and some models have been upsized without proper attention to ergonomics. This can result in chairs that are no more—or even less—comfortable than standard versions. The goal of this guide is to determine which factors separate the good seating from the bad. After researching dozens of models from 30 different manufacturers, we have the information you need to make an informed decision. We also spoke to Brent Wells, chiropractor and president of Better Health Alaska in Anchorage, to find out what to look for in a high-quality chair. Our research also led to this carefully collated selection of some of the best big and tall office chairs available today.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Serta Fairbanks Big and Tall Executive Office Chair
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Latitude Run Genie Mesh Task Chair
  3. UPGRADE PICK: Steelcase Gesture Office Chair
  4. BEST GAMING: Fantasylab Big and Tall Gaming Chair
  5. BEST MESH: Gabrylly Ergonomic Office Chair
  6. BEST 400-POUND: Colamy Mid-Back Mesh Office Chair
  7. BEST RECLINER: Efomao Desk Office Chair
One of the best big and tall office chairs in a contemporary yet rustic office space.

How We Chose the Best Big and Tall Office Chairs

We have investigated various categories of the best office chairs on several occasions, from general-purpose models to those with advanced ergonomics that can reduce back pain. We drew on that previous research to find high-quality ergonomic office chairs that will suit the big and tall demographic but also meet the particular challenges this category presents.

Most trade sources list standard office chairs as rated for up to 250 pounds, so a primary factor in selecting the best big and tall office chairs was the ability to exceed that weight limit. We also wanted to avoid cheap office chairs that lacked the necessary durability, in addition to office chairs without arms. According to our research, while the latter offer more freedom of movement, they can lead to poor posture and increased pressure on the lower back.

Wells adds some interesting points: “A larger chair often provides more adjustability and support. It can accommodate a wide range of body types, ensuring everyone can achieve a comfortable and healthy posture.” However, he also cautions that careful choice is important. “A chair that’s too large can lead to awkward postures, so good adjustability is vital.”

Our Top Picks

Our top picks feature a variety of sizes and styles to provide options for a range of preferences and budgets. Keep reading to discover a selection of the best big and tall office chairs on the market today.

Best Overall

Serta Fairbanks Big and Tall Executive Office Chair

Product Specs

  • Weight supported: 350 pounds
  • Seat height: 21.5 to 25 inches
  • Seat width: 22 inches


  • High back and generous width provide spacious seating while remaining relatively affordable
  • Combination of faux and real leather with padded armrests delivers an attractive, executive-style chair
  • Reclining mechanism has tension adjustment, and large casters make for easy motion


  • A variety of fault reports suggest quality control is inconsistent

Choosing the single best big and tall office chair is no easy task. However, the Serta Fairbanks office chair nabbed the top spot because it is one of the few executive office chairs that combines style, comfort, and functionality with a relatively affordable price tag.

Faux leather office chairs are a popular choice because they’re easy to keep clean. This model features a real leather seat to provide breathability, plus 3 inches of nontoxic foam. The headrest is designed to offer taller individuals solid neck support, and both the headrest and the chair back have sculpted body pillows with a contoured lumbar region. The sculpted armrests are also upholstered and padded.

This big and tall office chair will recline to 122 degrees, with a tension control knob to hold the chosen position. It is available in four stylish colors.

Get the Serta big and tall office chair at Amazon, Wayfair, Walmart, or Best Buy.

Best Bang For The Buck

Latitude Run Genie Mesh Task Chair

Product Specs

  • Weight supported: 300 pounds
  • Seat height: 13.8 to 17.7 inches (to seat base)
  • Seat width: 20 inches


  • Good general-purpose office seating at a remarkably budget-friendly price
  • Curved mesh back provides airflow for cooling and reduces lumbar discomfort
  • Available in 6 colors to match different business or home office decor


  • Seat might be too firm for some buyers
  • Seat height is modest compared to some other models
  • Some buyers struggle with assembly

Big and tall individuals can often find it difficult to source low-cost chairs for office use. The Latitude Run Genie task chair provides good support for this category of shoppers while remaining budget-friendly. The chair’s mesh back follows the spine’s natural contour and allows cooling air to circulate, while the soft padded seat is upholstered in durable, antibacterial polyester fabric.

Unusually, the manufacturer provides the seat height specification as the base of the seat. This is perhaps because the foam cushioning is not particularly dense and will compress to different levels depending on the weight of the occupant. In use, the seat height is likely to be slightly higher than specified, and potential buyers may wish to take this into account. The Latitude Run Genie task chair is available in six colors to suit different office decor.

Get the Latitude Run big and tall office chair at Wayfair.

Upgrade Pick

Steelcase Gesture Office Chair

Product Specs

  • Weight supported: 400 pounds
  • Seat height: 16 to 21 inches
  • Seat width: 20 inches


  • Exceptional range of adjustment allows for customization to the individual user
  • 3D Liveback follows the spine’s natural curvature to provide unrivaled support
  • Offers 3 recline settings, task-specific 360-degree arm motion, and 8 color options


  • Significantly more expensive than other models

If you’re prepared to invest in outstanding standards of construction, support, and adjustability, take a close look at the Steelcase Gesture office chair. The manufacturer is renowned for ergonomic seating, and this model illustrates why. It is designed to conform to the individual’s body with a contoured back that fits the natural shape of the spine and a unique Core Equalizer feature for lumbar support.

You can control the seat height and depth via easy-to-use knobs on the right-hand side of the chair. Choose from locking the chair in an upright position or selecting from among three recline settings. You can also rotate the armrests a full 360 degrees so your arms are supported whatever the task. An adjustable headrest is an option (at extra cost). The chair is available in eight vibrant color choices.

Few big and tall office chairs offer the quality, versatility, and precise fit of the Steelcase Gesture, but the price tag may put it out of reach for many users.

Get the Steelcase big and tall office chair at Amazon.

Best Gaming

Fantasylab Big and Tall Gaming Chair

Product Specs

  • Weight supported: 440 pounds
  • Seat height: 18.1 to 20.5 inches
  • Seat width: 22 inches


  • Ergonomic design creates the ideal environment for extended gaming sessions
  • Rocking and reclining options paired with Work, Relax, and Sleep modes as well as 4D adjustable armrests provide optimal versatility
  • Thick, sculpted seat with memory foam padding offers plentiful support and comfort


  • Casters may be a weak point

Ordinary gaming chairs might look cool, but their standard back wings and seats are often too narrow for individuals with a larger build. While the Fantasylab big and tall gaming chair might not feature the full racing look of some competitors, the faux leather and fabric combination still makes for a stylish addition to your gaming setup.

This chair is roomy yet supportive, with a sculpted back and subtle seat bolsters to help keep you in place when the action gets hectic. The armrests adjust in multiple directions to suit precise user preference. When not actively in use for gaming, the Fantasylab chair is versatile enough for work or rest: It offers a 20-degree rocking function and can recline to 130 degrees for relaxation or 155 degrees for sleeping. Two neutral color options are available.

Get the Fantasylab big and tall office chair at Amazon.

Best Mesh

Gabrylly Ergonomic Office Chair

Product Specs

  • Weight supported: 280 pounds
  • Seat height: 17.7 to 21.6 inches
  • Seat width: 18.9 inches


  • Full-mesh chair allows total body air circulation to avoid overheating
  • Headrest provides added support and reduces neck strain in taller users
  • Armrests are height adjustable, and the seat can recline to 120 degrees


  • Some customers report durability issues

While high-back office chairs can be very comfortable, a lack of airflow around the body means perspiration is often a concern. Full-mesh models like this Gabrylly ergonomic office chair are a popular solution, providing better cooling whatever the room temperature. The mesh is abrasion-resistant and easy to wipe clean.

This chair may look delicate, but it offers strategic support and plenty of room for larger bodies. In addition to a headrest, this model features separate shoulder and back, waist, and seat sections—plus adjustable armrest height—to provide total ergonomic support. You can also flip the armrests up and out of the way if preferred. The Gabrylly office chair reclines to 120 degrees. Two neutral color options are available.

Get the Gabrylly big and tall office chair at Amazon.

Best 400-Pound

Colamy Mid-Back Mesh Office Chair

Product Specs

  • Weight supported: 500 pounds
  • Seat height: 20.47 to 24.40 inches
  • Seat width: 23.62 inches


  • Heavy-duty components meet Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer’s Association standards
  • Extra-wide seat features high-density foam and pocket springs for lasting comfort
  • Padded armrests adjust in 4 directions for proper arm support


  • Complaints aren’t common, but the occasional customer reports manufacturing defects and missing parts

The Colamy big and tall office chair delivers on two major advantages of heavy-duty seating. First, it offers excellent support to users who are well above average dimensions with its 500-pound weight limit. Second, the chair’s rugged structure should ensure long-term durability. Especially given the reasonable price, this model is a very good value for the money.

The extra-wide seat not only provides plenty of room, but the high-density foam fitted with pocket springs—much like on quality mattresses—offers lasting comfort. The mesh back provides ample ventilation, while the 4D padded armrests are adjustable in multiple directions for proper support. The chair comes in black.

Get the Colamy big and tall office chair at Amazon.

Best Recliner

Efomao Desk Office Chair

Product Specs

  • Weight supported: 400 pounds
  • Seat height: 20 to 23.25 inches
  • Seat width: 20.875 inches


  • Reclines up to 135 degrees, with a slide-out footrest for complete relaxation
  • Features luxurious contoured arms, wings, and back, including a lumbar pillow
  • Solid shod casters are superior to most plastic versions on different floor surfaces


  • Some customers note the minimum seat height is too high and that padding could be thicker

Recliners aren’t just for relaxation;

reclining office chairs for back pain

are also quite effective. By changing the body’s balance, these types of chairs can minimize spine discomfort, sore shoulders, and more. The tall back and thickly padded headrest, wings, and arms make the Efomao desk office chair one of the top ergonomic office chairs with lumbar support on the market today. The chair reclines at any angle up to 135 degrees, and a pull-out footrest provides for a full, laid-back experience.

A separate cushion offers extra lumbar support while allowing the user to tailor the comfort level to their individual preference. The wide seat features a soft sponge for initial padding with an underlying high-density foam layer to ensure it doesn’t sag. The polyurethane (PU) leather upholstery looks stylish while remaining easy to clean. It is available in up to 10 colors.

Get the Efomao big and tall office chair at Amazon or Walmart.

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A person working on a computer while sitting in one the best big and tall office chairs.

What to Consider When Choosing a Big and Tall Office Chair

Many of the factors to consider when choosing a big and tall office chair are the same as for any seating: comfort, support, durability, materials, and more. However, unlike casual or zero-gravity chairs that offer good support but are purely for relaxation, comfortable office chairs need to be dual-purpose, allowing the user to sit for long periods while focusing on the task at hand. Especially when it comes to being appropriate for larger users, some features of big and tall office chairs demand greater attention.

Seat Height, Seat Width, and Weight Capacity

Seat height has a major impact on comfort. Optimal seat height allows the user to place their feet flat on the floor, with the knees bent at 90 degrees. Most quality office chairs allow you to adjust the seat height, but it’s important to check that the height range for any given chair is appropriate to your height.

Seat width is a key factor for users who are broader in the rear and hip areas. Many of the best big and tall office chairs take this consideration into account with more space across the pad and between the armrests.

Weight capacity isn’t just about supporting an individual’s body mass; it also has an impact on a chair’s overall durability. An office chair with a higher weight capacity is likely to be well constructed and strong, making it more able to cope with general wear and tear.


Materials impact style, comfort, strength, and durability. Much of the decision will be about personal preference, but a few considerations are worth noting. While the underlying frame of an office chair is almost invariably steel, the use of certain plastics and fabrics can vary widely.

Mesh office chairs provide breathability that can help to reduce perspiration, but they may be too hard and uncomfortable for some users. Chairs with a mesh back and foam seat are a popular compromise. By contrast, the deep, luxurious cushioning found in some executive office chairs may be too soft for other users. However, it’s worth investigating not just the amount of foam in a heavily cushioned office chair but also the type of foam. High-density foam tends to provide greater support, while memory foam adapts to your body shape, reducing pressure points.

Finally, consider the amount of maintenance you’re willing to invest in an office chair. Real leather may look high-end, but PU or faux leather is less expensive and easier to keep clean.

Additional Features 

Ergonomics and adjustability go hand in hand when it comes to big and tall office chairs. The more adjustability available, the more likely you’ll get the perfect fit for your frame. We’ve already mentioned seat height as an important consideration, but having the ability to tilt the seat can be beneficial as well. An adjustable headrest and lumbar support also help maximize comfort.

The ability to move armrests out of the way can be convenient. Users who have the chance to take a break from time to time might appreciate an office chair that can recline or that incorporates a footrest. Finally, check the quality of the casters as these are a common failure point.


The focus of this guide has primarily been on the individual features of the best big and tall office chairs. During our research, we noted several questions of a more general nature that crop up quite frequently, so we have answered those here.

Q. How tall should my chair be for my height?

Experts recommend that the seat height allow you to put your feet flat on the floor, with your knees bent at 90 degrees. Armrests should allow your forearms to be parallel with the desktop.

Q. What type of chair is best for long sitting?

The best type of chair for long sitting is an ergonomic design that supports the pelvic and lumbar regions and offers ample adjustability to suit your body type. However, medical experts recommend changing positions every 30 to 60 minutes—even just to briefly walk around the room—as opposed to remaining stationary for long periods.

Q. Can the wrong type of chair cause back pain?

Absolutely. The wrong type of chair can cause back, shoulder, and neck pain that can also lead to headaches. It’s worth spending time to find the right chair for your particular body type to provide optimal comfort and support.

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