The Best Bungee Cords for Securing Just About Anything

The simple and versatile bungee cord can help secure, haul, or store a wide range of items.

By Jasmine Harding | Updated May 6, 2021 9:10 PM

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The Best Bungee Cords Options


Bungee cords are practical and versatile helpers around a home. They are simple to use and can handle a variety of jobs beyond just strapping furniture to the top of your car or in the bed of your truck. Household uses for bungee cords range from clever storage solutions to quick repairs, and they’re affordable enough to keep a few at home or in your car.

There are a range of bungee cord types and sizes available. Mini bungee cords are made for light jobs, like securing your garbage bin or storing tents and other camping gear. Heavy-duty cords and longer options are designed to secure large items.

Bungee cords can have either plastic, metal, or carabiner-style hooks or a ball at the ends. Metal or metal-core hooks are a good pick for extra security and strength. For outdoor use, there are UV-, water-, and friction-resistant bungee cords. The best bungee cords are strong, durable, and keep their elasticity over time.

Our Top Picks

Since a weak bungee cord can be a safety hazard, durability is important when choosing a bungee cord. Beyond that, high-quality options are trusted to stay in place. Our picks for some of the best bungee cords are tough and built to last.

Best Overall

The Best Bungee Cords Option: Kotap MABC-32 Light Duty Adjustable Bungee Cords

Kotap’s set of bungee cords is a budget-friendly option for home and recreational use. Each bungee cord in this 10-pack is adjustable. The maximum length is 32 inches (including the hook) and they adjust down to 10 inches. This simple set offers flexibility for household and light-duty jobs. The cords have a lighter tension compared to heavy-duty cords, so they are easier to stretch to fit a variety of tasks.

Each cord is 8 millimeters thick with a hook on either end. The metal hooks are covered in a non-scratch coating to protect them from scrapes. This set is an affordable and useful pick for everyday tasks, from household storage to securing gear to your hiking backpack.

Best Heavy Duty

The Best Bungee Cords Option: SGT KNOTS Marine Grade Bungee Cord with Hooks

This marine-grade bungee cord is made to withstand tough conditions. The cord cover is a high-grade dacron polyester sheath. This sheath is resistant to UV rays, abrasion, moisture, chemicals, and oils. The dacron polyester is a low-stretch and high-strength synthetic fiber. This sheathing allows the cord to perform well during prolonged use outdoors.

This cord meets the safety standards set by the Cordage Institute, which monitors safety and technical standards for rope, cordage, and twine. At 48 inches, with included metal hooks, the SGT KNOTS bungee cord is great for hauling, camping, backpacking, and other outdoor activities.

Best Mini

The Best Bungee Cords Option: KEEPER 06052 10-Inch Mini Bungee Cord

This affordable set includes eight mini bungee cords. Each cord has a premium-grade, long-lasting rubber core. The woven outer sheath is UV resistant to withstand outdoor conditions and repeated use. The 10-inch cords include strong dichromate steel hooks that are resistant to warping under tension. The cords come in a range of bright and eye-catching colors, combining utility and visibility to suit a variety of household jobs.

Use these bungee cords around the home for everyday jobs like organizing, securing, and performing other small tasks. They can be used indoors for storage, such as organizing a garage or workshop. Since the bungee cords are UV resistant, they can also be used outdoors for camping, securing a tarp, and more.

Best Carabiner

The Best Bungee Cords Option: KEEPER 06158 48-Inch Bungee Cord with Carabiner Hook

This KEEPER bungee cord features two steel carabiner hooks with a wide-mouth design. They’re much stronger than conventional bungee cord hooks and establish secure attachments. Once attached, the spring-loaded closure keeps the hook in place and latches. This prevents the hooks from accidentally releasing, making this bungee cord a particularly safe pick. The base of the hook has a molded grip, which adds strength and security to the user.

This bungee cord is 48 inches long and designed to withstand UV rays and weather damage. It features premium rubber that remains elastic for repeated use. Use this bungee cord for home, work, and recreational use when you want an especially reliable hook.

Best Adjustable

The Best Bungee Cords Option: SPIDER Heavy-Duty Bungee Cords with Hooks

This two-pack set from SPIDER aims to replace multiple length bungee sets. Each cord has an impressive range from 7 to 70 inches in length, and an abrasion-resistant cover that surrounds a premium rubber core for long-lasting use. The adjustable hooks are fiber reinforced, UV stabilized, and include a finger grip for safe handling.

The hooks have a patented locking design that is easy to adjust on the go. You do not need any knots, ties, or mechanical ratchets to adjust the hooks; just slide them to the desired length, then pull the cord to lock it into position. You can also change the length while the bungee cord is in use. These bungee cords are suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Also Consider

The Best Bungee Cords Option: XSTRAP Heavy Duty Bungee Cords 10PK

These bungee cords have been designed with a comfortable plastic finger hole for safe handling. The finger grip allows you to stretch the cord without the cord slipping, a common safety concern with bungee cords. Each hook has a strong metal core and a plastic coating to prevent scratches.

This set includes 10 cords ranging from 32 to 48 inches long. The cords are made from a UV-resistant, cross-woven rubber and latex blend that’s designed to not become thin or brittle over time. The cords are tough and suitable for indoor and outdoor use in different climates. This set includes a zippered carrying case for easy storage and portability.