The Best Dog Food Storage Options to Keep Your Pet’s Food Fresh

Find the best storage container to keep your fur baby’s food fresh and easy to access.

By Deirdre Mundorf | Updated Feb 26, 2021 7:27 PM

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Best Dog Food Storage Options


Dogs are family. Dog owners don’t want to deprive their dogs of any of the supplies they need, including toys, a dog bed, a dog crate, a dog door, a dog house, a leash and collar, or anything else required for their care. But is a special storage container for dog food really necessary?

While it may seem OK to just leave Fido’s kibble in the bag it comes in, this is not a good idea for a few reasons. Dog food left in an open bag will go stale—the best dog food storage containers prevent that. Storage containers also offer protection against an over-eager pup who may try to sneak a snack between meals. They keep dogs from overeating and from getting their head stuck in a dog food bag and potentially suffocating. From a convenience standpoint, a storage container is often easier to open, reach into, and scoop food from than a bag. Containers also look nicer and neater than a torn-open paper bag in the corner. Wet food storage containers will keep food fresher and be more sanitary in your fridge than a half-open can.

With the abundance of food storage options on the market, it may be a challenge to select the best dog food storage container for your pup. Take a few moments and read through the guide below to identify some key considerations to keep in mind when shopping for the best dog food storage container.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Richell Pet Stuff Tower for Food Storage
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: IRIS USA Airtight Pet Food Container
  3. UPGRADE PICK: simplehuman 30 Liter, 32lb/14.5 kg Pet Food Storage
  4. BEST FOR TRAVEL: Kurgo Kibble Carrier for Dogs, Dog Food Travel Bag
  5. BEST FREEZER-SAFE: Prep Naturals Glass Meal Prep Containers
  6. BEST FOR TREATS: IRIS USA 3 Piece Airtight Pet Food Storage Container
Best Dog Food Storage Options


What to Consider When Choosing the Best Dog Food Storage Container

Dog food storage containers come in different sizes and designs. Some are better suited for wet food, others for dry. They also come in a number of different materials. When shopping for the best dog food storage container, think about which preferences and priorities are most important.


Plastic and stainless steel are two of the most common materials used to make dog food storage containers. Plastic containers are see-through, which makes it easy to keep track of how much food is left. They are also less expensive than stainless steel containers. However, plastic may crack or break more easily, and some canines can even chew through it. If you go with plastic, choose a BPA-free product to protect your pooch from the potential dangers of this industrial chemical.

Stainless steel containers are more durable and tend to last longer than plastic. They also tend to look more attractive than their plastic counterparts.

You may also come across a few wooden containers. Wood can be very durable and looks nice, but unless the wood is sealed, it’s not a good idea to use a wood container to hold loose kibble. It may lead to the growth of mold or bacteria. Wood containers generally don’t offer an airtight seal unless they come with a sealable container as a liner, so the food could still get stale.

Some travel dog food storage options may be made out of fabric to allow for more flexibility in transit. These options don’t offer a very large capacity, though.


A container needs to be large enough to hold an entire bag of dog food, but not so large that it takes up unnecessary space in the home. Many container manufacturers indicate the bin’s capacity in quarts or liters as well as pounds, so be sure that it matches or exceeds the amount of food in the dog food bag.

Dry vs. Wet Food Storage

The best dog food storage container for dry food likely isn’t the best for wet food. Dry food storage containers should hold an entire bag of dog food. Wet food containers should hold at least the contents of one can.

Dry food storage containers live on the floor of a pantry or elsewhere. Wet food containers go in the refrigerator or freezer to keep opened wet food fresh. When freezing wet food for future use, be sure to get a freezer-safe container to keep the food fresher and protect it against freezer burn. Also consider how much food is necessary to freeze at one time in order to choose an appropriately sized set of storage containers.

Ease of Cleaning

It’s important to regularly clean a dog’s food storage container. Selecting a product that is easy to clean will greatly simplify the task. When looking for smaller storage containers, consider choosing options that are dishwasher safe.

Larger storage containers can be too big to fit in a dishwasher, so take note of the manufacturer’s cleaning and care instructions. Consider the overall shape and design of each container to assess how easy it will be to reach inside to clean or wipe it out before refilling it with a new bag of food.

Additional Features

Finally, decide on any additional features. Some larger storage containers are on wheels so the container can roll in and out of the pantry with ease. Some containers are divided into two airtight sections, a good option for separating treats or different food for different dogs.

Food bowls or scoops sometimes come with new storage containers. Finding a product that includes these accessories can eliminate the need to make a separate purchase and reduce overall costs.

Our Top Picks

The top picks represent some of the best dog food storage solutions on the market. With the above shopping considerations in mind, the following choices represent a variety of product types to address the needs of each pet owner. Read on to find the right storage container to keep your dog’s food fresh.

Best Overall

The Best Dog Food Storage Options:Richell Pet Stuff Tower for Food Storage

The Richell Pet Stuff Tower offers two BPA-free plastic storage bins to hold dog food, treats, toys, and anything else Fido needs. Each bin is 12 inches wide, 9 inches deep, and 15 inches tall, and holds up to 8 pounds of dry kibble. A snap-lock lid covers each bin to keep food fresh and dust-free. Pull down on the upper bin to access its contents, or use the convenient foot pedal to open the lower bin.

Each side of the tower has a hook to keep leashes, poop bags, or other necessities within easy reach. A 1.5-cup scoop for dry food is also included.

Best Bang For the Buck

The Best Dog Food Storage Options: IRIS USA Airtight Pet Food Container

This inexpensive airtight pet food storage container from IRIS USA is made of FDA-compliant BPA-free plastic and comes in four different sizes. Choose from 8 quarts (6 pounds of dry food), 12.75 quarts (10 pounds of dry food), 32.5 quarts (25 pounds of dry food), and 65 quarts (50 pounds of dry food).

A snap-lock lid makes it easy to access the contents and reseal the bin. The larger 32.5- and 65-quart bins are on wheels for easy transport.

Upgrade Pick

The Dog Food Storage Options: simplehuman 30 Liter

The simplehuman pet food storage container is made of an attractive fingerprint-proof stainless steel to complement the living space. The 30-liter bin holds up to 32 pounds of dry dog food. A removable BPA-free plastic liner bucket helps keep food fresh and slips out for easy cleaning, and the silicone gasket and ergonomic lever create an airtight seal to prevent food from getting stale.

The included scoop mounts inside the lid. Wheels make it easy to store this bin out of sight until feeding time.

Best For Travel

The Best Dog Food Storage Options: Kurgo Kibble Carrier for Dogs

The Kurgo dog food travel bag can make road trips and long hikes with Spot much easier.

The wide opening makes it easy to refill and serve food. After mealtimes, simply roll down the top to seal in the food. This PVC-free fabric bag features a durable hex-weave to ensure that food stays dry and fresh. This travel bag holds 5 pounds of food.

This handy bag includes lots of travel conveniences. The buckle closure makes an easy-to-carry handle. A zippered pocket on the side is suitable for holding smaller items such as treats, doggie bags, or personal items. The base of the bag includes a second zippered pocket for a collapsible food bowl. Choose from chili red or coastal blue.

Best Freezer-Safe

Best Glass Food Storage Containers Naturals

This Prep Naturals set includes five 36-ounce glass containers, each with a locking lid. They’re freezer safe, watertight, and leakproof. These containers are great for saving leftover wet dog food or meals made for your pup at home. Their uniform size is suitable for your dog’s single-serving meals.

The stackable lids and bodies allow you to securely organize the fridge or freezer. The containers are built to nest inside one another for convenient storage. When they’re not full of dog food, you save cupboard storage space.

Best For Treats

The Best Dog Food Storage Options: IRIS USA 3 Piece Airtight Pet Food Storage Container Combo

This storage container from IRIS USA includes two BPA-free stacking storage containers. The 33-quart base container stores up to 25 pounds of food, and the 12-quart top container holds up to 10 pounds of food or treats. Leave the containers stacked, or remove the top container and store separately. Each container features a snap-lock latch with an airtight seal to ensure dog food and treats stay dry, fresh, and protected against pests.

Four rolling casters on the base bin make it easy to roll the container out from storage when it’s time for dinner or a treat. The clear bins come with a scoop included and a choice of nine color options for the lids.

FAQs About Dog Food Storage Containers

Read through these common questions to identify a few other key considerations when choosing the best dog food storage container.

Q. What is the best way to store dog food?

Ideally, dog food should be kept in its original bag, and the entire bag should be put in an airtight container. This offers an additional layer to keep the fats and oils in the food sealed in to keep it fresher. Keeping the bag also makes it easier to confirm the food’s expiration date and allows owners to view the lot number or UPC code in the event of a recall.

Q. Should dog food be stored in plastic containers?

Plastic storage containers are safe for storing dog food as long as they are BPA-free. BPA can leach into food and may lead to brain damage, an increase in blood pressure, or other health concerns.

Q. What’s the right temperature for dog food storage?

According to the FDA, dry dog food should be stored at less than 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The food’s nutrients may begin to break down if it is stored at temperatures higher than that. Dog food should also be stored in a dry environment to maintain its freshness and keep it from getting stale.