The Best Bed Risers for Sturdy Support

Give yourself extra storage space and sturdy support for beds and furniture with the best bed risers.

Best Overall

The Best Bed Risers Option: Utopia Bedding Adjustable Bed Furniture Risers

Utopia Bedding Adjustable Bed Furniture Risers

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Best Bang For The Buck

The Best Bed Risers Option: Honey-Can-Do STO-01136 Stackable Square Bed Risers

Honey-Can-Do STO-01136 Stackable Square Bed Risers

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Best Upgrade

The Best Bed Risers Option: E- Bed Risers with Power Outlet and USB Ports

Bed Risers with Power Outlet and USB Ports

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Bed risers offer a stable base to lift bed frames, couches, and tables to put them at a more comfortable height or add storage space underneath. They come in heights that vary from 1 to 8 inches, including some customizable models with stacking risers. Different shapes and designs work better for some bed frames over others. The best bed risers add stability, don’t slide across the floor, and snugly fit furniture legs. We’ve included our top picks along with a shopping guide to help find the best bed risers for your needs.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Utopia Bedding Adjustable Bed Furniture Risers
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Honey-Can-Do STO-01136 Stackable Square Bed Risers
  3. BEST UPGRADE: Bed Risers with Power Outlet and USB Ports
  4. BEST ADJUSTABLE: Home-it Adjustable Bed Risers
  5. BEST HEAVY-DUTY: iPrimio Aluminum Bed Riser
  6. BEST 3-INCH: iPrimio Bed and Furniture Square Risers
  7. BEST 5-INCH: Home Solutions Premium Adjustable Bed Risers
The Best Bed Risers

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Bed Risers

There are a few considerations to make when deciding on the best bed risers. Type, height, and weight capacity are among the most important considerations. You also have to think about the shape of the bedposts. Some bed risers are round or have grooves to secure casters. The furniture with which you’d like to use the bed risers can help you narrow down the choices.

Bed Riser Types

  • Screw-in bed risers actually replace the legs on the bed frame. They come in varying heights and materials, including wood, metal, and plastic. If adding several inches to the height of the bed, make sure that the risers have a wide, stable base and are made of a secure material like metal or wood. Not all bed frames work with screw-in bed risers, so give the bed frame a good once-over before committing to this type of riser.
  • Stackable bed risers usually come in packs of eight to 12, with each riser being 1-inch tall. They let you adjust the bed’s height in 1-inch increments by stacking the bed risers on top of each other. As part of the design, the bed’s weight presses down on the risers, securing them in place. These types of bed risers are often made of plastic or rubber and come in 1- or 2-inch increments. If you opt for plastic, make sure it’s thick and sturdy so it doesn’t break and compromise the bed’s stability.
  • Adjustable bed risers usually come in sets of eight rather than the traditional four. Four of the bed risers are typically 2 to 4 inches high, and the others are 4 or 5 inches high. They can be used separately or with the shorter set stacked on top of the taller group, offering three height options.


Bed frame leg widths vary from model to model, so not all bed risers fit every bed. Most bed risers have a recessed center that fits furniture legs between 2.25 and 2.75 inches in width. If the furniture legs are wider than the 2.75-inch average, you may need to look for oversize models that hold furniture legs up to 4 inches in width.

You’ll also need to consider the bed riser’s base width. Some splay out to a 7-by-7-inch base, while others have a narrower base. A wider base may take up more floor space, but they’re usually more stable.


Bed risers come in heights that vary from 1 to 8 inches. If storage is your main concern, measure the bin, basket, or item height of the items you’d like to store under the bed. Then, look for bed risers that offer at least 0.5 inches of clearance.

Ease of entry and exit to the bed is another common reason to use bed risers. Do a test using a bed or chair that’s a comfortable height. Measure the distance from the floor to the seat or top of the mattress. The bed riser height plus the height of your mattress and bed frame should equal that number.

Weight Capacity 

Bed riser weight capacities vary from around 1,000 pounds to up to 10,000 pounds or even more. That’s plenty of weight for most people. However, that weight includes the weight of the furniture as well as those who sit or lie on the furniture. If there’s a chance that children might jump on the bed, consider looking for heavy-duty bed risers with a higher weight capacity to take the forces of bouncy children. Of course, heavy bed frames need sturdier bed risers with higher weight capacities as well as couches, tables, and other furniture that tip the scales on the high end.

Our Top Picks

Out top picks include bed risers that offer flexible stacking options and adjustable heights, as well as models meant for heavy-duty use.

Best Overall

Utopia Bedding Adjustable Bed Furniture Risers

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The Utopia Bedding Adjustable Bed Furniture Risers are an adjustable set that includes a four-piece set of 3-inch risers and a four-piece set of 5-inch risers. They can be used separately, or can stack the 3-inch set on top of the 5-inch set for a total lift of 8 inches. You get great height options and a sturdy build that stays in place even with heavy use. They come in three colors to blend with your furniture.

They’re made of heavy-duty plastic and fit legs up to 2.75 inches in diameter. The only downside with these risers is the 1,300-pound weight capacity. While most bed frames and mattresses along with occupants fit within that range, if you happen to have a king-size mattress and heavy bed frame, these may not offer a high enough weight capacity.

Best Bang For The Buck

Honey-Can-Do STO-01136 Stackable Square Bed Risers

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The Honey-Can-Do Stackable Square Bed Risers fit bedposts up to 2.75 inches and add 5.25 inches of height. They include a deep 1-inch recessed pocket that securely holds bedposts or casters. Each riser has a 300-pound weight capacity, taking the set’s maximum capacity to 1,200 pounds. While these bed risers are advertised as stackable, they are only stackable when in storage, not when in use.

Best Upgrade

Bed Risers with Power Outlet and USB Ports

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The Holdn’ Storage Bed Risers with Power Outlet and USB Ports provide excellent access and flexibility of use. It makes sense to include a power outlet and two USB ports in a bed riser. Beds often cover an electrical outlet. This way, you can still charge your devices or plug in a lamp without crawling behind the bed. These risers also offer 7.25 inches of lift and have a 1,200-pound weight capacity.

Best Adjustable

Home-it Adjustable Bed Risers

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The Home-it Adjustable Bed Risers include two sets of four risers, with one set standing 3 inches tall and the other standing 5 inches tall. Use them at either height or stack them for 8 inches of lift. The 5-inch set has a broader base to add stability when the risers are stacked. Recessed cups in both sets hold either bedposts or casters. They offer a 1,300-pound weight capacity.

Best Heavy-Duty

iPrimio Aluminum Bed Riser

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The iPrimio Aluminum Bed Risers are made of durable aluminum with a 9,000-pound weight capacity per riser, for a 36,000-pound total weight capacity. A wide 7-inch base gives stability to the 5.5-inch risers. The square tops hold 2.75-inch legs but have soft padded tops, so they don’t damage your furniture. Rubber plugs on the bottom also prevent the screws in the riser from damaging hardwood floors. These are the risers for the heaviest of furniture, yet they are built to protect both your floors and the furniture they lift.

Best 3-Inch

iPrimio Bed and Furniture Square Risers

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The iPrimio Bed and Furniture Square Risers have a padded top and bottom to prevent sliding, rolling, or scratching floors or furniture. Casters and bedposts stay put in the recessed top. The risers offer 3 inches of extra height on a wide base that’s secure enough for heavy daily use. This set supports up to 6,800 pounds, which works for large beds, couches, and tables.

Best 5-Inch

Home Solutions Premium Adjustable Bed Risers

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The Home Solutions Premium Adjustable Bed Risers include a wide-based 5-inch set of bed risers. Their wide base adds excellent stability when the furniture is in use. However, this set also includes a 3-inch set allowing you to stack them on top of the 5-inch risers or use each set separately. The 5-inch set fits bedposts and furniture legs up to 2.75 inches in width. A maximum weight capacity of 1,200 pounds makes them a better choice for lighter bed frames and furniture.

FAQs About Your New Bed Risers

Bed risers offer extra options in the arrangement and use of beds and other furniture. However, there are a few practical considerations you may not have thought of. We’ve answered a few common questions to provide a better idea of what to expect.

Q. Are bed risers sturdy? 

Bed risers are sturdy as long as they fit the bed frame legs or castors and are made of high-quality materials. Usually, bed risers with a wide base offer better stability, while materials like heavy-duty ABS and metal can hold the extra weight. Rubber or felt bottoms are another stability feature worth looking for because they prevent furniture from sliding while in use.

Q. How much weight can you put on bed risers?

The maximum weight capacity varies based on the materials and design of the bed risers. Typical weight capacities range from 1,000 to 10,000 pounds. However, some can hold well over 30,000 pounds.

Q. Can you stack bed risers?

Some bed risers are labeled as stackable, but they are designed to be stacked while in storage, not in use. However, the majority of stackable or adjustable bed risers can be stacked while in use.

Technically, adjustable bed risers are a subtype of the stackable model. Stackable models often come in 1-inch increments on which to stack several bed risers until you get the right height. Adjustable models come in sets of eight with two sets of four bed risers in different heights. The shorter of the two sets stacks on top of the taller group.

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