The Best Platform Bed Frames for the Bedroom

Add a simple yet sophisticated base for your mattress with one of these top platform beds. 

Best Overall

Best Platform Bed Frame Zinus

Zinus Joseph 10 Inch Metal Platform Bed

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Best Bang For The Buck

Best Platform Bed Frame Zinus14

Zinus Moiz 14 Inch Wood Platform Bed

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Best Budget

Best Platform Bed Frame 45minST

45MinST Reinforced Platform Bed Frame

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Platform beds offer a strong, simple bed frame design. They typically sit closer to the floor than traditional bed frames, making them easy to enter and exit. Unlike standard beds, platform beds do not require a spacer in the form of a box spring. They come in solid wood, metal, or upholstered wood, allowing them to suit different styles and preferences. Taller versions of these beds feature convenient under-bed storage with some including built-in drawers. Some platform beds mimic traditional beds and include a headboard and footboard.

If you’re in the market for the best platform bed, it’s good to do your research so you can invest in quality that lasts for years to come. Read on to learn about what factors you should consider when shopping for a platform bed, and don’t miss this list of some of the top models you can buy.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Zinus Joseph 10 Inch Metal Platform Bed
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Zinus Moiz 14 Inch Wood Platform Bed
  3. BEST BUDGET: 45MinST 14 Inch Reinforced Platform Bed Frame
  4. BEST METAL: Mellow Metal Platform Bed Frame
  5. BEST WOODEN: KD Frames Nomad Platform Natural Poplar Bed
  6. BEST UPHOLSTERED: ZINUS Shalini Upholstered Platform Bed Frame
  7. BEST WITH HEADBOARD: ZINUS Suzanne Metal and Wood Platform Bed Frame
  8. BEST WITH DRAWERS: Novogratz Kelly Upholstered Storage Platform Bed
Best Platform Bed Frame

Types of Platform Bed Frames

Platform beds consist of a base made of wood, metal, or upholstered wood. Ahead, learn more about these three basic types of platform bed frames.

Metal Frame

Metal platform beds offer durability and strength while also delivering a vintage look. With a metal platform bed, the mattress sits on slats made of metal or, in some cases, wood. Look for metal platform beds made from steel or iron, which are much stronger than cheaper, more brittle metals such as aluminum. Metal frames use thick sheets or heavy-gauge tubing, which is strong yet relatively lightweight. Metal frames, with their tendency to squeak, do tend to be the noisiest of the three options. Metal frames are often more durable than other bed types, but only if they have solid welds. They can also be prone to rust in humid climates.

Wooden Frame

Wooden beds offer strength and a timeless rustic look. They are available in solid wood and particleboard. Although more expensive, solid wood is stronger, more durable, and more attractive than cheaper wood frames that use particleboard covered in veneer. A wooden platform frame will be heavier and more expensive than other materials but will also be more stable due to its use of thicker material and wooden slats.

Upholstered Frame

Upholstered frames are made of a lower grade of wood, such as plywood or particleboard, which is covered in a layer of padding and fabric. Upholstered frames offer a softer and warmer look than wood or metal bed frames. Upholstered frames have many different patterns and colors to choose from, creating numerous options for matching your bedroom’s interior design.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Platform Bed Frame

There are a few factors to consider when shopping for a platform bed, including the system used to support the mattress, the design of the bed, and its weight.

Slats vs. Solid

Platform beds rest either on wooden or metal slats or a full sheet of wood. Slats consist of multiple strips of wood that span the width of the bed. They provide airflow for the mattress and offer a slight amount of flex, which adds a degree of cushioning when laying in the bed. Some slatted bases even allow you to adjust the firmness of the bed by adding or removing slats. Slats can handle any size mattress and are generally more affordable than solid bases. Quality slat beds feature a center rail on larger bed sizes to provide more support in the middle.

Slatted beds offer superior airflow, helping to release heat and moisture in the mattress while preventing the build-up of allergens. Slat-style bases won’t accommodate all mattress types. For example, some memory foam mattresses will conform to the shape of the slats, damaging the mattress. Beds with wide-set slats are only a suitable option for innerspring and hybrid mattresses that have rigid undersides.

A platform bed consists of a solid piece of material that serves as the base for the mattress and is usually made of plywood or wood laminate. Platform beds provide a solid base for foam mattresses that require added support. Some platform beds even extend beyond the mattress, providing a place to sit or step when entering and exiting the bed. A solid base is very rigid, making the bed feel more firm. If using a platform bed with a solid base, it’s crucial you have a thick mattress capable of providing enough support for the user on its own. Solid platform beds also lack the airflow of slatted bases, which can cause heat and moisture to build up resulting in the growth of mold and bacteria.


Platform beds come in diverse designs. Some feature open spaces underneath, while others offer built-in storage. Models that are fully enclosed give the bed the feel of resting on a low pedestal just above the floor. Some feature platforms that extend beyond the base, giving the platform bed the appearance of floating.

Platform beds range in height from just 7 or 8 inches to more than a foot off the ground. Lower beds can make a room feel larger by increasing the distance between the ceiling and the bed, and taller platform beds allow the user to enter and exit the bed more easily, while creating more space for under-bed storage.

While the classic platform bed consists of a platform only, some models incorporate standard bed features, including headboards and footboards.


Platform beds vary in weight depending on the material; however, they generally weigh around 60 pounds.

Additional Features

In addition to including a platform to support your bed, some platform beds offer other attractive features, including headboards and integrated storage drawers under the bed. Some even feature enough under-bed space to store a trundle bed.

Our Top Picks

The platform beds below are solidly built with durable materials. They feature high weight capacities and are made from a variety of different materials. This list represents some of the best platform beds in their class from some of the most reputable bed manufacturers in the business.

Best Overall

Zinus Joseph 10 Inch Metal Platform Bed

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With its minimalist looks and well-engineered construction, this metal platform bed is a worthy option for various room styles. This bed offers a broad range of heights to suit those who want plenty of under-bed storage or those in need of a low platform height for a thick mattress. It comes in heights of 6, 10, 14, and 18 inches in twin, full, queen, and king sizes.

Sturdy steel construction with a reinforced frame means this bed has a high weight capacity. A support rail with three dedicated feet provides plenty of support down the middle, while wood slats spaced at just 3.5 inches apart give ample support to different mattress types, including memory foam, innerspring, and hybrid mattresses. Simple instructions make assembly easy.

Best Bang For The Buck

Zinus Moiz 14 Inch Wood Platform Bed

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If you can get past its veneer and softwood construction, this platform bed is an attractive option for those on a tight budget. Though it may not feature the hardwood of more expensive models, this is a sturdy bed. Thanks to its stout 8-inch legs and a steel center rail that’s supported by three legs for increased stability, this bed can handle loads of up to 500 pounds. Its 12 slats with 3-inch gaps provide adequate support.

Though the finish is veneer, the pattern is high-quality enough to closely mimic real wood. Its simple lines evoke the Scandinavian roots of platform beds. In addition to being affordable, the Moiz is also quite easy to assemble. It’s lightweight at less than 60 pounds and comes with plenty of stickers that make identifying each part a simple task. The included ratchet wrench is all you need for assembling the bed.

Best Budget

45MinST Reinforced Platform Bed Frame

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When spending hundreds of dollars or more on a platform bed frame just isn’t in the budget, this model from 45MinST is a suitable option. It features strong construction with 4-inch-thick steel rails, a stout center rail, and large square slats, at just a fraction of the price of other platform beds. The corner joints feature four bolt connections to prevent swaying, while no-slip connections between the slats eliminate squeaking. The frame’s 14-inch height provides ample under-bed storage.

Since the slats are further apart on this bed than higher-end frames, make sure to use a mattress with a rigid base that won’t conform to the gaps. Most of this bed comes pre-assembled, allowing you to set it up in just minutes. This platform bed weighs about 60 pounds and is available in twin, full, king, queen, and California king.

Best Metal

Mellow Metal Platform Bed Frame

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A relaxed design with curved corners gives this metal frame a minimalist yet sophisticated look that meshes with a variety of room styles. It features a durable build with a broad steel base and thick metal slats. Additional supports run from end to end and side to side to provide added support in the middle and prevent sagging.

Rubber-lined overlapping joints at the corners eliminate annoying squeaking as you toss and turn at night. This bed comes in two height options: 12 inches for easier entrances and exits and more under-bed storage space and 9 inches for a lower profile and thicker mattresses. With its toolless Clip2Lock connections, this bed frame sets up quickly. It’s available in twin, full, queen, and king sizes and weighs 64 pounds.

Best Wooden

KD Frames Nomad Platform Natural Poplar Bed

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This bed may be a little pricier than some of the other platform beds on the market, but that’s for good reason. It features solid hardwood poplar material, making it stronger—it will hold up to 600 pounds—and more attractive than platform beds that use softwood and veneers. Two supporting rails run the length of the bed’s spine to provide unparalleled support. A set of 16 2-inch by 1-inch slats runs horizontally between the rails from head to foot with just a 2.8-inch gap between them, ensuring you won’t feel wobbling or wiggling when you’re changing positions.

For DIYers, this unfinished bed gives you the option to either seal it for a natural look or stain it to your desired color. At 15 inches tall, this model has ample under-bed storage, and KD sells rolling drawer accessories that fit in this space.

Best Upholstered

ZINUS Shalini Upholstered Platform Bed Frame

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With its attractive tufted headboard, durable steel frame, and affordable price, this upholstered platform bed is a beautiful and sturdy option. The upholstered frame consists of fabric-wrapped foam padding, giving this bed a soft yet elegant feel. Wood slats spaced between 2.7 inches and 3.2 inches apart (depending on frame size) combine with the steel frame to provide plenty of support while also offering flexibility for comfort.

This bed can handle 350 pounds as a single or up to 700 pounds as a full, queen, or king. This platform bed sits higher than other platform styles at 14.2 inches from floor to the top of the base. Its large headboard is 41 inches tall. This bed comes in three earth tones, including dark gray, sage gray, and beige and is available in twin, full, queen, and king sizes.

Best With Headboard

ZINUS Suzanne Metal and Wood Platform Bed Frame

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This attractive platform bed features a metal and wood look that fits the popular industrial, minimalist, or farmhouse looks. Along with a stylish look, it features a burly tubular steel frame that provides strong support for the bed, allowing it to handle up to 700 pounds. Stained pine boards provide an accent that nicely contrasts with the black-painted metal.

This low platform bed sits about 8 inches off the ground with a 37-inch-high headboard. A dozen 2.8-inch wide slats spaced less than 3 inches apart provide ample support for the mattress, while nonslip tape keeps the bed from sliding and helps eliminate squeaking. It weighs about 90 pounds. Labeled pieces and one-tool assembly make putting this bed together easy.

Best With Drawers

Novogratz Kelly Upholstered Storage Platform Bed

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With four large drawers, Novogratz’s platform bed offers plenty of under-bed storage for clothes and bedding. These ample drawers measure 35 inches long, 23.5 inches wide, and 6.5 inches deep and feature wheels that allow you to pull them in and out of the bed easily. The base sits about 13.5 inches off the ground and features a clean modern look with a 39-inch-high upholstered headboard and wood frame.

A wood slat system with a steel center rail forms a sturdy rib cage reinforced by three support legs. It can handle a maximum capacity of 500 pounds. The bed weighs 117 pounds and is available in a twin size with two drawers or in queen or king sizes with four drawers.

FAQs About Platform Bed Frames

If you still have questions about platform beds, read on to lay those concerns to rest.

Q. Do you need a box spring with a platform bed?

You do not need a box spring with a platform bed. Platform beds are meant to be used with mattresses only. With that in mind, make sure to buy a mattress that can provide enough support and spring on its own to suit your preferences.

Q. Can you attach a headboard to a platform bed?

Most platform beds are compatible with headboards; however, when shopping for one, you should check the design to make sure the model will support a headboard.

Q. How much weight can a platform bed hold?

While this varies from bed frame to bed frame, most platform beds can hold about 500 pounds. Make sure to check the bed’s specifications before making a purchase.

Q. Can I put a foundation on a platform bed?

You can put a foundation on a platform bed. Just keep in mind that the foundation plus the mattress could make your bed significantly taller and heavier. A standard box spring is 9 inches tall and will add 50 to 100 pounds of additional weight to the base. When combined with the weight of the mattress and occupants, this could push your platform bed close to its capacity.

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